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LA County firefighters called for support in stopping 86 cell towers on fire stations.   County supervisors voted to suspend the construction at the hearing on Tuesday.
In a recent study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) by 27 scientists from 14 different countries in conjunction with World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to cell phone radiation may bring in more types of cancer than people can imagine.
As of 2013, nine types of cancer have been associated with exposure to cell phone radiation.
Studies suggested that cell phone and Wi-Fi connection provides the strongest source for these types of cancers.
New research findings on the correlation of cell phone radiation to cancer can hopefully prompt everyone to look into cell phone radiation protection strategies to protect themselves and their loved ones.
In an event organized by the Electromagnetic Health in Connecticut, various experts from top universities discussed the reality of cell phone radiation and Wi-Fi use.
Previous scientific experiments suggested that children who have been exposed to cell phone radiation and Wi-Fi have shown poor attention span, decreased motor coordination, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder and impaired concentration. Despite Krusse’s dismissal of the issue, the Austrian Medical Association and European Council Parliamentary Assembly acknowledge that EHS is real. Even though the recent studies still have a long way to go as far as establishing EHS as a health problem, at least more and more people and organizations are acknowledging this possibility.
According to Frank Clegg, the whole debate with Michael Krusse is not to pin technology as the bad guy. Electromagnetic radiation is becoming more real and evident based on the recent science researches suggest, and Los Angeles school districts are not taking this lightly.
The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) proposed a $500 million budget plan to perform Wi-Fi installation in classrooms and to give children laptop or tablet to get them up to date with technology use and increase their chances for learning efficiently.
The appeal involves the need for public schools to notify the National Education Association (NEA) for any changes in school environment that can pose health hazards to children and employees.
This current issue between the school district and UTLA Union highlights the ongoing concern for EMF radiation from technology use. Imagine yourself working as a veterinarian then you suddenly find out you are allergic to dogs and cats. According to CNET, Phil Inkly used to work around technological gadgets, until he finds himself experiencing various symptoms, such as nosebleeds, massive headaches, sleep disturbances and blackouts.
In order to protect his health, Inkly had to go out and settle in the woods, as far away from anything that emits technology as possible. Though Inkly’s medical condition seems rare, there are two other similar cases that have happened before him.
Electrical companies in the North America have recently been implementing the installation of smart meters in every home and commercial establishments. Between the dangers of smart meters in people’s privacy and health, the health is a more pressing issue.
What makes this whole issue interesting is the reluctance of officials from electrical industries to give out information when they find out that the film is about going into depths of smart meters and its effect on the community. However, with the advent of electricity followed by mass production and acceptance of electrically powered devices (e.g.
That’s why it is very important, especially for people with electro sensitivity conditions, to shield themselves from the sources of EMF radiation, particularly in the bedroom at night when the human body is supposed to rest and allow DNA to rejuvenate itself. No one is suggesting that people should simply stop using all the useful and entertaining devices available in the 21st century. There are many products on the market that promise varieties of solutions and remedies to EMF and cell phone radiation exposure. According to World Health Organization reports cell phone radiation may deliver a very bad impact on the human brain.
Our usual day to day life products whether it is cell phone, refrigerator or light bulbs, emit harmful EMF radiations that causes harmful effect on human body. Searching all day long on the internet about the radiation and the protection service I came across “AdrProVita”, the best source that offer excellent products for the protection from emf radiation. Their product are like an umbrella and plays a major role in minimizing the risk factors and conditions creating electrosmog pollution. National Safety Month is just around the corner and that only means one thing: increased awareness and appreciation for our health and how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from health hazards that can harm our health and our lives.
We cannot completely alter our DNA makeup and how it responds to electromagnetic radiation but we can control our exposure to this harmful radiation by being knowledgeable about EMF radiation and radiation protection products. Cell phones that we hold in our hands and put against our ears and head emit harmful radiation. The RF from smart meters doesn’t exceed those limits, they say, therefore you can’t be harmed by it.
The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was never supposed to look after your health; it’s just not their job. Nonetheless, this is the government agency that has set the upper limit for how much radio-frequency (RF) radiation you can be exposed to from radio transmitters. The history is a long and sordid one, beginning with the military’s increasing use of radio technology, especially radar, in the 1950s.
Power density is not the same as the power of the transmitter, but a stronger transmitter will create a larger power density.
Congratulations, if you read and understood this section, you now know more about RF power density than 99.9% of the government officials who rubberstamp the wireless industry’s endless applications for more cell antennas. The FCC says the transmitter in a smart meter is supposed to be limited to 1 watt, but we’ve learned in the last year that the antenna pumps that up to an effective power of 2.5 watts. How could the FCC—whether or not they have doctors on staff (they don’t)—approve the RF used in medical devices, and then not wonder about what is happening in the bodies of the untold numbers of people being exposed to fields that are several thousand times stronger? Time-averaging is how PG&E hides the true peak levels of RF pulses produced by their smart meters.
This engineer then set out to find what the maximum allowable peak pulse is, according to FCC standards, and particular, what power density would a smart meter pulse be permitted to peak at?
Are you an electrical engineer who can tell us what that upper limit on the peak pulse of a PG&E smart meter is? The time-averaging issue shows up an important point: patterns of exposure—like these sharp spikes—are not part of the FCC’s considerations concerning the effects of RF on humans.
Many observers trying to reckon with the sheer number and consistency of smart-meter health complaints have seriously wondered whether this particular under-regulated and unaccounted-for factor might be at the heart of the harm done by wireless utility meters. Smart-meter pulses aside for a moment, there are many other exposure issues that lay outside the FCC guidelines. Why isn’t there an effective limit on the maximum peak level? I admit it is very unlikely that the FCC will address these kinds of questions in the near future.
There has been no review of the matter at the FCC despite massive changes in technology and consumer behavior. Has the FCC followed up, as remarkable technological changes have resulted in substantial increases in personal RF exposure? Some who support wireless proliferation say RF transmitters have been with us since the first days of radio, when a few high-power transmitters dotted the country. Last year in May 2011, the IARC, part of the World Health Organization, finally decided, after years of wrangling, that RF radiation can possibly cause cancer (Class 2B). RF effects that fall below that FCC limit are called “non-thermal.” But it turns out “non-thermal” does not mean harmless, it just means not cooking you. One of the more disturbing effects is a marked increase in permeability in the blood-brain barrier (BBB).
But the stakes are high for maintaining RF limits where they are now—unprotective, unreviewed, barely enforced, and sky-high. Every elected or appointed local public representative is thus prevented from acting to protect public health.
So you can be made sick, or sleepless, or get cancer, from your local cell phone tower, and there is nothing, as of now, you can do to legally stop it or get compensation for your injury. Government regulation is a long way behind the science, and even further behind the so-called “precautionary principle”—the basic notion of protecting people from a pollutant until safe levels have been assessed. Invisible and silent, RF can be scary to contemplate because it can’t be sensed by most people.
The current mass addiction to smartphone connectivity has been compared to cigarette smoking. Having a device to measure RF is the only way for most people to know quickly that they are in the presence of RF, and how much.
Changing your exposure to these four devices can make a big difference in your total exposure; better sleep can be an immediate benefit for some.
Individual precautions are not enough, because the very nature of RF is that it penetrates bodies and structures—ultimately, it doesn’t respect your “personal choices.” One person’s actions are not enough to address the issue for EMF-sensitive persons who suffer with very low exposures, and for the vulnerable among us like children, pregnant women, and the aged. The lack of meaningful regulation means you may not have any way to avoid the RF radiation you are exposed to at work, or from your local cell phone antenna or your neighbors’ smart meters, or on public transportation. The FCC guidelines for radio-frequency emissions must be changed to protect the public from both harmful incidental exposures and personal consumer-device exposures.
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I agree with being an avid consumer and I believe we are bombarded with waaaay too much RF and I believe the FCC never considered the proliferation of RF devices when they set the original Class A and B limits but as an electrical engineer and as an RF designer and as a former smartmeter radio designer (to which i have zero allegiance) get the facts right. I did want to add that the EPA itself admits that the FCC doesn’t cover non-thermal effects.
Also, the study that the power companies cite, the CCST Report, that they say proves how safe these devices are, vis-a-vis the FCC guidelines, is next to useless.
At any rate, thanks again, and I will be posting this info far and wide, because it is quite clear and compelling. Through time averaging, one is able to hide the fact that spikes can occur that go high above the FCC limit. My evolving understanding of the wifi smart meter is that analog meters functioned perfectly and safely and involved employment of meter readers,Smart meters allows for the utilities to lay off the meter readingemployees and that saves the utilities money However, the smart meters cost billions of dollars which the rate payers nor utility shareholders will be forced to pay in higher monthly utility bills The smart meters unlike the perfectly functioning analog meters have many functional problems such as misreading the amount of energy consumed as higher than it actually was but leaving no basis for the rate payer to prove what he knows to be true; the end result is frustration and wasting of time of rate payers while utilities gain financially from the malfunction.
There are reports of spontaneous fires caused by the smart meters, and an inability of the smart meters to secure sensitive customer information; I saw there was an apparent requirement for utilities to correct this or perhaps to just lessen the problem. A slow mass curtailment of the lifespan of the California utility companies will occur while the CPUC mandates that those rate payers must pay the billions of dollars in costs incurred in replacing the safe smart functioning analog meters with meters that are smart only as slow mass population kill machines. The truth is, no matter how plausibly legal the commissioners calculated their designation that the wifi smart meter devices are safe, they in reality had in their possession compelling comprehensive documentation that the devices are not safe.
Amazingly, the CPUC disregarded and ignored the Expert opinion of the AAEM and the CPUC DID NOT REQUEST THE DOCUMENTATION THAT EVIDENCED THE FACT THAT THE WIFI SMART METER DEVICES USED A TECHNOLOGY HARMFUL TO HUMAN AND ANIMAL HEALTH AND ARE TOO DANGEROUS TO DEPLOY ON PEOPLE’S DWELLINGS. It is hard, nigh impossible, for me to view the actions of the CPUC commissioners whose mandate is to protect the public’s interest and safety from actions of private monopoly utilities, as other than the actions of five morally insane people.
Ultimately, were reason to prevail, this episode of deployment of weaponlike utility meters indicates there is no place for private utilities in California; but for now we must reckon with the fact that these utilities are DEPLOYING devices that will harm our health. You are correct, the SmartMeters have no ability to collect sensitive information about customers.
All the SmartMeters do is transmit cumulative total electrical use of the meter since it was first turned on, once every 4 hours to the utility in data packets that nobody could ever glean any information out of except the utility. The second reason for the SmartMeter project is to starting in 2014, create an experimental time differentiated pricing scheme. The whole program is designed to increase profits and eliminate good paying union jobs, nothing more.
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This basic portable EMF testing Kit will allow the average home owner to conduct a fundamental basic electromagnetic radiation assessment. This entry was posted in Berkeley, Cell phones, Citizen rebellion, Environmental Concerns, PG&E, Plant damage.
And, at the beginning of the video, it is impossible to hear any signal at all amid all the talking.
This greatly concerns me – I have 9 smart meters about 10 feet away from the head of my bed (a laundry room separates me from the meters).
Question: If you live on a cul de sac, are you also affected by the smart meters on the homes on either side of you. DisclaimerUSE OF THIS SITE DEPENDS ON AGREEMENT WITH OUR DISCLAIMER: This website is intended to help advance knowledge and stimulate further research.
Like many stories regarding diseases and potential cures that are not widely known, I stumbled upon this one due to a friend who had a health condition, cancer, and his search for what was causing it.
Dave Stetzer has been an electrician by training, education and experience for over 30 years.
During this training Dave was given top-secret military clearance, as much of the electronic equipment he worked on was, and still remains, highly classified. In February 1972, Dave received an assignment to go to Vietnam and was sent to KY8-38 Crypto School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where his top-secret military clearance was upgraded to include crypto access. There is much literature in the alternative health field regarding the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from items such as cell phones, but Dave Stetzer explains that the hazards of electrical current generated by power companies are greater than most of us realize, and that electromagnetic pollution is not strictly a wireless device problem. Magnetic shielding is the basically the same no matter where you use it, in your house, office or even inside your car. 1] Start by using a gauss meter to determine IF you have high magnetic fields where the people are.
2] If you do have high fields, use the gauss meter to determine where the sources are located. 3] Shielding involves applying Magnetic Shielding Foil (0.010 thickness) or Giron over the source of the offending field. In order to ensure our health protection from magnetic radiation in our home, we need to look into different types of radiation protection products that prevent us from becoming exposed electromagnetic or radio frequency types of radiation. The GIRON Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film can be applied to almost any part of your home where magnetic radiation is emitted.
For more information on electric radiation and EMF exposure or to look for EMF protection devices, check out AdrProVita store. In a recent study by the Oxford University research team, children who live in close proximity to power lines are at higher risk for leukemia. Nevertheless, government officials are taking precautions, which involve tighter regulations on the distance between high voltage power lines and residential and public places. For more information on electromagnetic field radiation and radiation protection products, check out ADR Provita store. Smart meters have been the subject of debate among many local residents and city officials, according to Hudson Valley News.
Despite the ongoing debate on the actual dangers of smart meters radiation on people’s health, safety precautions from this possibility must already be in people’s top priority. For more information on smart meter radiation or to look for radiation protection products, check out ADR Provita store.
Common household items, such as microwave oven, hair dryer, dimmers and fluorescent lights bring us a lot of convenience at home.
Magnetic Shielding Foil acts as protector from electromagnetic radiation that comes from common household items.
In our current world of technological advancements, electromagnetic pollution is becoming more widespread and it is a threat to our health.
For more information on electromagnetic pollution or to look for electromagnetic radiation protection products, check out ADR Provita store.
In the world we live in today, we tend to be overly dependent on our cell phones in order to function in our day to day lives.
Luckily, there is a way to shield ourselves from electromagnetic radiation without having to completely eliminate the use of cell phones. For more information on ADR Protect or to look for more EMF protection products, check out ADR Provita store. With the potentially harmful sources all around your home, it is important that you take every step to make sure you are safe from your very own home. ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen is placed on walls, floors, ceilings and areas around your home that have potential EMF radiation.
For more information on ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen or to look for EMF protection products, check out ADR Provita store.
ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is a white round gadget that you place directly on certain areas of your body.
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The holidays always provide wonderful and enjoyable vacation time and social gatherings  with your family and friends.
One health aspect that demands for urgent attention but is often overlooked is the availability of electromagnetic field (EMF) protection products that offer protection against harmful radiation that comes from technological gadgets like cell phones, WiFi network, computers and many more. EMF protection is considered to be an urgent matter nowadays because of the heavy use of cell phones and other technological devices. So, this New Year, it is very important that we look after our health and wellness more than anything else.

For more information on EMF protection and EMF protection products, check out ADR ProVita website.
Pro Ghost Hunting KitSAVE CASH With our Discount KitsThe Professional Kit features a great mix of high quality items for Professional-Grade Full Spectrum Video, EMF, Temperature, EVP recording and a case to put it all in. Scientists found that cell phone radiation is classified as a potential carcinogen that is just as potent as other carcinogens that come from pesticides, gasoline, lead, burning coal and dry cleaning chemicals.
These cancers are brain, breast, testicular, eye, thyroid, salivary gland, acoustic neuroma (tumor in acoustic nerve), leukemia and meningioma (tumor in meninges). Children are at great risk for these potential carcinogens as they are commonly exposed to these technological gadgets at school and in their homes.
But researchers suggested that for those who have been constantly using cell phones for at least 10 years are five times greater at risk for developing these types of cancers.
The discussion among experts focused on the harmful effects of cell phone and Wi-Fi especially to children and fetuses.
Devra Davis, president of the Environmental Health Trust, emphasized the alarming effects of EMF radiation emitted from cell phones and Wi-Fi to fetuses and children by penetrating their bodies and altering their DNA, causing impairment in their cell’s natural activities and growth.
Hugh Taylor, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences in Yale University, suggested that cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation cause disruption in electrical signals by brain cells (neurons) that can lead to permanent damage in children.
Taylor along with other experts hopes to reach out to people in looking into this matter with great consideration. This question seems to be the ongoing debate right now between Chairperson Michael Krusse and Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST). Austrian Medical Association has its hands on development of treatment guidelines for EHS while the European Council Parliamentary Assembly wants to devote special attention to those who have been affected by EHS.
Dismissal or denial of EHS would just make it more difficult for healthcare professionals to diagnose and effectively treat those who have been affected. On March 6th, 2013, the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) Union, which represents about 45,000 teachers and non-teachers, turned in an appeal for electromagnetic radiation protection to protect kids from electromagnetic radiation exposure. Though a written appeal, expressing concerns from possible health hazards brought by EMF to students and employees, from various staff was presented to the board, the initial plan was still approved. The UTLA emphasizes the presence of EMF radiation that threatens the health and safety of the children at school, challenging the LAUSD’s plan for Wi-Fi installation and kids’ access to computers.
At the fast rate of technology taking over our daily lives, nobody seems to be immune, not even children. Or picture yourself a seafood lover then you suddenly realize you’re allergic to fish and shrimp.
It was only a matter of time before he recognized he is allergic to anything that is related to technology.
He may be feeling physically better but he never felt more isolated from the world than now.
They have advised him to undergo some diagnostic tests but given that would mean being around technology, he had to refrain from doing so.
It might not be far from what is really going on with him since every health symptom he experiences likely leads back to his exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
This is in response to his friend who recently fell seriously ill in relation to smart meter installation.
Smart meter is a utility meter that measures energy and electrical consumption of every home and business. There have been complaints from people feeling sick and becoming ill from smart meter radiation. And because of this, a film ‘Take Back Your Power’ is on its way to the public on September 5th. Certainly, more research is needed to really determine the dangers of smart meters to people’s privacy and health. Anything that enters that area will feel a force, and the original object will also feel that force. For instance, the spinning and orbiting of an atom’s nucleus by an electron produces a magnetic field as does an electrical current flowing through a wire.
The electric field is produced by stationary charges and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents). These products release EMF pollution in a form undesired and harmful electromagnetic radiation that creates numerous potential health risk. ADR-Protect by AdrProVita is a registered medical device in the European Union and is supported by clinical and lab research results and international awards (Golden Medal Eureka Inventions, Brussels and Golden Medal INPEX Therapeutics, Pittsburgh). Therefore, it is very important to remain safe from such r4adiations and use products that can offer emf blocker service. Their services will allow you to explore high quality of products such as ADR-Protect and ADR-4 Energy Stimulator.
Offering several potential health protection, their efforts will help you to remain free from radiations coming from electrically powered devices, house and office electric wires installed under flooring or in the walls. In this National Safety Month, it is important to look into EMF radiation, a health hazard that is not visible to our eyes and yet can pose detrimental effects in our health. When our DNA reacts to this radiation, this is when our bodies undergo some negative changes that lead to detrimental consequences like cancer among many other health problems. Besides ADR Mat, the use of ADR TEX – Universal Electro Screen provides a more universal protection from radiation. With constant use of cell phone and WiFi by nearly everyone, including children, it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of using ADR Protect. We cannot eliminate our use of cell phones in this digital age but we can use them safely by blocking their radiation from getting into our DNA with the use of an EMF blocker like ADR Protect.
In conjunction with ADR Protect, it is still in everyone’s best interest to limit the use of cell phones. Last but not the least, there is always so much to learn when it comes to EMF radiation and EMF side effects. In a sentence, they are protected by the very high limits the FCC has set for public exposure to radio-frequency (RF) radiation. Leaving aside the fact that smart meter RF pulses may in fact exceed those limits, let’s look at the FCC “guidelines.” What follows may surprise even those who think they understand the matter…. They didn’t want to kill or maim their soldiers and technicians outright, so they set out to find out what level of RF would injure them.
RF power density drops in intensity off the farther away you are from the transmitter, which is why, for example, people with smart meters near their beds are often the ones to complain of insomnia or waking with headaches.
But many radio-frequency transmissions, it turns out, don’t require a lot of power, depending on how far they must go before reaching a receiver. In addition, smart meters contain a capacitor or a battery that produces, at the moment of transmission, a burst of power.
As biological organisms, we produce millions of tiny electrical signals internally—regulating our heart, our nerves, our cellular metabolism. I’m not sure I can emphasize this point enough: inside that 30 minutes, there could be a great number of peaks at much higher levels—just as long as the average reading comes out below that stipulated limit. Using the same energy as a low-watt bulb, a strobe light produces very intense millisecond pulses of light, several per second, and has been shown to adversely affect the brain, inducing seizures in some people.
Nor are they passing the matter to any other agency which might have authority regarding public health, such as the FDA or the EPA. Formulation of the original standards could not possibly have foreseen how the vast majority of non-military citizens would end up spending all day, or nearly all day, in a substantial RF field. Established in the 1970s based on 1950s science, and firmed up in the Telecommunications Act (TCA) of 1996, (just as cellular networks were going up), the guidelines have not been reviewed since then—even as usage patterns have changed drastically.
This decision was arrived at even though many of their members have heavy-duty wireless industry ties and have not been known for precautionary vigilance in protection of public health. Many things happen to your cellular metabolism, cardiac system, and neurological system, before you get up to the heating point. Admittedly no one wants cancer—but it may be that in the long run, a million people with chronic ill health over several bodily systems may be a more serious public-health problem than a hundred people with cancer. Some scientists have approached the matter by asking how much RF radiation it takes to produce adverse effects in humans. Last year San Francisco passed a cell phone right-to-know ordinance—but it was promptly silenced by a lawsuit from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry (CTIA), then shot down by a federal judge who compared it to warning people about UFOs.
You can’t sue the industry, and you can’t sue your city, state, or federal government, at least not on the grounds of disease. This week Greenwich CT pushed back on the siting of cell towers near concentrations of children, while explicitly citing health concerns as the rationale.
The clause quashing objections on health grounds in the TCA (above) leads this citizen to wonder whether the harm to the public from wireless installations was actually fully anticipated by our government and the big-business interests who pushed the bill through in the 1990s.
Millions use a cell phone all day with no way to assess their total exposure, or sit next to a cordless phone base or WiFi unit without even being aware that it is a constant source of high levels of pulsed RF. But even in the heyday of cigarettes, 25% of people refused to smoke—perhaps because there was always immediate sensory feedback about it—the hot stinky smoke, eyes stinging, coughs, bad breath.
But it’s tedious and somewhat antisocial to always be whipping out a little meter to find out how much pollution is in the air around you (having done it for a while now myself).
However, for electro-sensitive people, these measures are often insufficient, and a normal life is very difficult. We’ve documented how even those working in high tech can become sensitized over time. Mouthing off about “personal choice” has been the devious way that PG&E and other utilities have avoided facing up to the effects their meters have on whole communities, the general public, and those exposed to large banks of smart meters. First and foremost, help yourself or someone you love learn how to avoid unnecessary RF exposure. The jewel in the crown of smart meters relative to the completely safe and in fact by comparison actually smart analog meters is that the so named smart meters, although functionally problematic as utility meters do have a surprisingly smart capacity. The AAEM action in informing the commission of the AAEM expert opinion based on the most current scientific research available was a great gift to the people of California and to the agency, the CPUC, mandated to protect their interest and safety.
But there is no way that any SmartMeter will ever be able to collect any sensitive information.
And the SmartMeters do not transmit customers name, address, account number or phone number, only a meter number that corresponds to the customers account number in the central office, just like the analog meters. We have taken the time to test out much of our equipment and offer only what we consider the best equipment for ghost hunting. The kit contains the Gigahertz Solutions ME3030B EMF meter which will analyze electrical power fields such as AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields. While all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the validity of the information given, no warranty is given of its accuracy.
He was not finding answers from the standard medical community and their treatments for cancer, which seldom, if ever, look for the underlying causes.
But in my friend’s search for causes as to why he was struggling to overcome cancer, he contacted a local resident in their area of western Wisconsin who was an expert on the harmful effects of electricity. He joined the United States Air Force in December 1970 and began his career in electricity when he attended electronics school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi from February through November 1971. Dave completed training as a ground radio communications electronics technician and was assigned to the 676 Radar Squadron, Antigo Air Force Station, Antigo, Wisconsin.
Upon completion of this training, Dave returned to the 676 Radar Squadron at Antigo Air Force Station pending his November port call to Vietnam; his assignment was subsequently changed due to the official ending of the Vietnam War in September 1972.
In a car, the magnetic field profile will be different at highway speed compared to idling. In addition other forms of radiation that come from Wi-Fi, computer laptops, cell phones and other common household items can alter our DNA and impair our cell functions, which lead to wide variety of health problems that range from general symptoms of nausea, vomiting, irritability and impaired concentration up to far serious problems like poor immune system and cancer.
GIRON Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film is one of the most effective radiation protection products (specifically for shielding from magnetic radiation by blocking magnetic fields) worth the investment for our health. Home appliances like microwave oven, refrigerator, vacuum cleaners, and laptop surfaces are great candidates for this radiation protection device. Research studies found out several cases of children with leukemia who share one thing in common; they have lived at least within 200 meter distance from power lines since birth.
Electromagnetic pollution that comes from power lines have been suspected to cause health problems to people.
The presence of smart meters radiation that causes wide variety of health problems on residents has been a popular topic for discussion ever since smart meter installation in residential homes took place. Smart meters are not to be taken lightly even though their clear danger to people’s health is still yet to be fully proven. It is not dependent on electricity so it would not add up on your electricity bills and not interfere with your electronic connections on television, internet and cell phones.
However, they also have the capability to bring us headaches, migraines, poor concentration, fatigue and nausea among many other symptoms. When applied in several layers on places that contain high electromagnetic radiation level, this EMF protection device greatly alleviates the amount of radiation exposure you get around the house.
It can be applied on cell phones, cable wires, microwave ovens and transformers among many more. It is of utmost importance that we keep our homes free from electromagnetic radiation with use of EMF protection devices, so we safeguard our health and wellness.
Our cell phones have become a great tool on how we communicate with each other or with the rest of the world.
EMF shielding product called the ADR Protect is designed as a barrier between you and electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. It is our safe haven, our comfort zone and therefore it needs to be kept healthy and secured at all times so that we can be in peace in it.
There are various EMF radiation protection products that provide protection from unwanted EMF radiation. It releases a unique form of magnetic therapy that alters your body processing, which boosts your energy, stamina and immune system. This energy revitalizing product also has the capability to alter the properties of water that make it healthier for consumption. Now that the holiday season is finally over, it is the perfect time to get to a fresh and healthy start for the New Year. We are constantly bombarded with technological gadgets everywhere we go that emits harmful radiation that affects our body. We would want to start our new year and continue on throughout the year in great health in order to make the most out of life.
I got sick when I live next to one, I had to sell my house and moved, now I have to move again as more cell towers have been installed close to where I live.
Children under 20 years old who have been using cell phones are also at greater risk than those who are over 50 years old. There is no definitive way for us to determine whether any types of these cancers would really affect us and our loved ones many years from now. Researchers suggested that these alterations in the body’s natural processes are strong risk factor for cancers. Even though people would say that they are not on their cell phones all the time, they have to understand the fact that cell phone and Wi-Fi emit EMF radiation all the time that can cause potentially debilitating effects on them and their loved ones, especially the children.
BioInitiative 2012 Report recently put out compelling studies of increasing number of people who have experienced serious symptoms as a result of radiation exposure from technology.
Also, navigating around the existence of EHS can initiate measures on how to implement EMF protection.
But at least, he believes further attention and research on EHS, minimizing our exposure to technology use and EMF radiation, and obtaining electromagnetic radiation protection should all be done. Even though he lives in the woods, he still experiences some migraines in relation to cell phone radiation he picks up from nearby offices.
Despite their increased in numbers, smart meters are controversial because they are believed to be invasive to people’s privacy and a health hazard. Common symptoms involve nausea, vomiting, headache, irritability, insomnia and heart problems. The film covers the electrical industries’ practice of smart meter installations in homes and commercial establishments and the invasive process and health illnesses that surfaced because of these smart meter installations. However, if there has been considerable number of people who have reported certain health problems they never experienced until the existence of smart meters in their homes, clearly this is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed.
Let’s start with a few simple definitions to setup common understanding of the issues at stake. It’s like a spider (electrically-charged object) sitting at the center of a web feeling when a fly (second object) enters his web.
When put together these two are often described as the sources of the electromagnetic field.
Throughout human existence, the human body had been exposed only to natural produced electromagnetic fields (radiation) created by the earth and the sun.
This electrosmog pollution can affect the functionality of various body organs, the immune system, energy and vitality. In this current situation, a common sense approach for most consumers seems to be appropriate.
After reading article about the emf radiations I came to know that all our home appliances as well as electric and electronic devices emit harmful radiation which scared me. Highly dedicated to serve people with good health, their main aim is to supply high quality, proven and effective EMF Protection, EMF Shielding, Cell Phone Radiation Protection and wellness products at a very affordable rate. They are the best service providers that offer high quality and a variety of proven personal and commercial products for electromagnetic radiation protection. Electrical sources all over the house from laptops, to televisions and wire cables emit radiation that contaminate any space where people lay, rest and sleep.
This product is a non-woven Hydronina (spunlace) fabric that shields from damaging low frequency electric fields, particularly from wires under your floors, inside your walls and under your roof.

Limiting use reduces our susceptibility to cell phone radiation and boosts our natural defenses. The type of oversight they can exercise on “health” matters would be, for example, regulating the frequency of this human-implantable medical-records radio chip.
The science that informed that assessment was anchored in the physics-based belief that unless you knocked an electron off a molecule inside a body—which is what x-rays or the radiation still streaming out of Fukushima can do—you couldn’t induce cancer or other long term harm. That’s because you can fit ten thousand fingernails on a car rear window—10,000 square centimeters inside 1 square meter. This is part of the reason wireless communication is often a cheap way to transmit data; local transmitters can use small amounts of energy.
Think of flash units on cameras, which build up power in a capacitor, then release it all suddenly at the moment of the flash, making an intensely bright light, but only for a fraction of a second.
But the RF transmitters which you come into close contact with every day are in general low power. In medicine, there are procedures that use RF with small amounts of power, to produce distinct changes in the body. We invented an example and calculated the average level using information from the FCC’s own document addressing the matter. Here is a recognized dangerous substance, and there is effectually NO regulation on the upper limit of peak pulses the public is exposed to. RF is an electromagnetic energy like light, but one that penetrates into the surface of our bodies. This is a much better description of the modern public exposure pattern than the brief exposures that radar technicians of the 1950s had to contend with. So searching for definitive cancer effects from RF (though evidence for that is clear) may actually be distracting regulators from reckoning with the larger picture: every person in modern society—from conception onward—is exposed to unprecedented levels of RF, and that may represent the true burden of disease, which leaves cancer as the mere iceberg-tip. That’s about the size of the spread between the FCC “guidelines” and the level that scientists tracking the actual effects on biological life recommend for human exposure. This particular clause is an outright theft of local governmental power to protect constituents, and must be overturned.
Why else would they have essentially muzzled any effective objections by people or communities trying to protect their health and life? Talk to people you know–most people have no idea there is even an issue, so this is a powerful way to change awareness. Though surely not intended as such, smart meters act as super smart high tech anti-personnel or anti-population weaponry!!
The hottest part of the day and when people need to use power to work, do laundry and cook.
The 'Our Picks' section features a handful of ghost hunting equipment we use on every investigation. It is not intended to substitute for medical or legal advice nor as a final statement with regard to possible prevention and avoidance recommendations or potential biological effects. This person came to his farm, and determined that his farm had large concentrations of electrical current passing through it, something those in the power industry describe as “stray voltage.” With the help of this local electrician, he was able to install some some copper wiring as a “shield” around his living quarters.
There he diagnosed and repaired a variety of electronic equipment, including PC boards, Klystron tubes and integrated circuits, as well as highly classified military electronic equipment, employing among other things, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and digital frequency counters. Dave’s duties continued as before, with the additional tasks of diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing highly classified crypto electronic equipment. Stetzer has been called as an expert witness in lawsuits against electrical power companies due to his vast expertise on this subject. Much of the research presented here is based on the years of knowledge accumulated by Dave Setzer.
With the increasing use of technological devices like the Wi-Fi, computer laptops, cell phones, oven, refrigerator and more, our home is becoming plagued with electrosmog pollution.
This product is a woven and laminated material that provides layers of protection from magnetic radiation. Electromagnetic pollution can seep into people’s houses putting them at risk for various diseases like cancer, neurological disorders and immune problems. Many residents have reported different health symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia, irritability, poor concentration and impaired cognition. Right now, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones from EMF radiation. Microsurge Meter can also be plugged in any part of your house back and forth so there is that sense of flexibility that you can enjoy.
Most of our common household items release electromagnetic pollution that gives us different health symptoms that can lead to serious health problems.
Magnetic Shielding Foil is guaranteed to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic pollution from any source up to at least seventy five percent. Most people are not fully aware that as much as cell phones are helpful and convenient to us, they pose great health risk that can affect any of us. You simply place the ADR Protect on a smooth surface of your cell phone and it absorbs the radiation that you would have caught otherwise.
Unfortunately, with the increasing and heavy use of various technological devices nowadays, our home becomes poses a threat to our health and wellness.
One of the most popular and practical EMF radiation products is the ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen. In order to keep ourselves healthy, we not only need to protect ourselves from potential harmful substances but to also look for things that would keep us healthy and in great shape. ADR – 4 Energy Simulator serves as a healing mechanism for your body whenever you feel exhaustion, fatigue and restlessness or if you have a weak immune system that leaves you vulnerable to various infections. ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is simply placed under your glass of water, cup of coffee or bowl of fruits and it brings therapeutic healing and relief that keeps you healthy, energized and refreshed.
As a result of radiation exposure, we are prone to get wide array of health symptoms and health problems, such as headache, irritability, insomnia and impaired concentration. At places like ADR Provita store, different kinds of EMF protection products are available for your personal protection against EMF radiation. The full spectrum HD dual memory video camera is everything that was promised and easy to learn how to use. Taylor emphasized that children are more susceptible to EMF radiation caused by cell phones and Wi-Fi because they have thinner skulls, smaller brains, softer brain tissues and faster dividing brain cells. Krusse recently dismissed reports that EHS is real and is to be blamed for the wide variety of symptoms and illnesses that people experience as a result of exposure to EMF radiation from technology use. The closer the fly gets to the spider, the better (stronger) the spider can feel the fly and vice versa. The radiation emitted from the sun only affected living organisms during the day, thus not posing any significant health effects. Human bodies simply are not conditioned to withstand this amount of man-made EMF radiation without any harmful health side effects that may vary from simple headaches and the feeling of being tired all the way to insomnia, leukemia and other serious conditions.
Moreover, EMF radiation waves may also cause a number of illnesses including high blood pressure, unexplained headaches, electo sensitivity disorder, diabetes, lower vitality and even cancer. More that me I care for my children and my husband therefore I decided to look for the service providers who can help me to save my family. You can also purchase ADR-Mat for Bed, EMF detector & EMF Meter and many others effectively. Their services helped me to save my family and can also help you with their best approach, so I truly recommend them. Some people who are interested in small amounts of RF that can affect people use the second, smaller unit. We’d like to know how much power all that adds up to in the smart meter at the moment of the RF pulse, but smart meter manufacturers won’t release the specifications on their products or components. This new treatment kills the malaria parasite with cellphone-strength RF (less than 1 watt), while the researchers blithely state that it shouldn’t be used for the head or torso area.
Today many users are on their phones two or three hours a day, equaling 800 – 1200 minutes a week—while also being exposed to numerous other RF sources in the environment, like WiFi, cordless phones, antennas, GPS devices, and smart meters. Last week, the Israeli Knesset passed a law requiring labels on all cell phones warning users about cancer, and the vulnerability of children. There are even people like me roaming around measuring RF in their communities and talking to strangers.
From what I have read of the health effects that can and should be expected if these devices are successfully deployed -and that is what is going on as I write–the populations expoed to the devices, which we may designate as the customers of the private utility monopolies, or ratepayers, will experience a huge increase in the incidence of chronic illness as well as curtailment of their lifespan. The mission statement of the CPUC clearly mandates that the commission act in the public interest and safety and amazingly even specifies protecting the utility customers from imposition of unsafe machinery infrastructure. Did they contact the AAEM, thank them for their generous letter and ASK FOR THE DOCUMENTATION that the letter indicated would be made available upon request? These spikes indicated by the multi-colors lights at the top of the meter may signify activity or communication from spirits. No liability is accepted by the authors for damages arising from its use or misuse and interpretation by others. Upon completion of his tour of duty, Dave received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force.
Much of how this “dirty electricity” affects our health is based on the research of Dr. Magda Havas [2], who will be introduced below. Although we cannot eliminate our common household items, we can block magnetic radiation emitted from them by using products like Giron Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film. Some experts are doubtful that the incidence of leukemia among children is solely caused by the magnetic radiation emitted from the power lines. While it is quite important to live as far away from power lines as possible, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of taking extra protection from the radiation for your home with use of products like magnetic shielding paper. Some have even associated increased risk for cancer as a result of exposure to smart meters radiation. Some of the health problems that have surfaced from exposure to electromagnetic pollution are immune disorders, mental impairments, respiratory problems and cancer.
Better protection is achieved when the foil is applied in multiple layers, creating thicker barrier. Cell phones, like many other electronic devices such as computer, laptops and Wi-Fi networks, emit electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate our body and alter our body processes. ADR Protect produces magnetic therapy that improves your energy, immune function and positive response from your autonomic nervous system. Our television, computer, laptops, cell phones, microwave oven and Wi-Fi network all harbor heat that comes from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation that can be harmful to our health.
When you use ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen in your home, it is best to use an electric field meter that accurately tells the hot spots that need to be covered with the sheets. One of the things that would secure our health and protection are energy revitalizing products that improve our energy, stamina and immune system. There are different health advantages that you can get from having ADR – 4 Energy Simulator. Exposure to EMF radiation can also lead to more serious problems like infertility and cancer. Being equipped with EMF protection products can help ensure your health and wellness in the midst of increasing use of technology all around the globe. Headaches, Burning sensations, ringing in the ears, insomnia , fatigue, numbness, and unable to function on a day to day basis. Clegg, on the other hand, as an advocate for safe technology use views the existence of EHS as an urgent matter that needs to be addressed. How can we achieve some form of radiation protection without having to completely eliminate the use of technology? At night, the human body and its DNA had a chance to rejuvenate itself after whatever little radiation it received from the sun. In many places now you can see wireless antennas on pole tops with no wired-in electricity, just a small solar panel for power.
The device’s maker could then claim this constituted only about “5% of FCC limits.” But a person standing in that field would actually be subjected to very high bursts of RF energy, which have been shown to have biological effects. Smartphones produce nearly constant personal exposures for users via automated network connections. They only measure RF emissions at a tiny fraction of wireless installations—they don’t have the staff to investigate.
On one hand, the bottomless coffers of the wireless industry assure them of compliance from politicians who are ever in need of money, and on the other hand, the industry gets little pushback from the general public, who are largely distracted and entranced with consumer techno-gizmos. In other words the captive utility customer population exposed to the radiations from the devices over a long period will slowly and gradually in large numbers sicken and become chronically ill for some period before dying prematurely relative to when they could be expected to die if the analog meters were retained.
All references to smart meters refer to digital, wireless and powerline carrier (PLC) devices, which may vary in their emissions and frequencies. Different health and environmental factors may have played a part on determining the actual cause of leukemia incidence among the children. Magnetic shielding paper serves as barrier between you and dangerous magnetic fields in your home that could come from power lines. Microsurge Meter is considered to be one of the EMF meters that you plug in electrical outlets in order to measure the level of EMF radiation around your house.
While we cannot totally eliminate the use of common household items, we can take steps to improve our health from electromagnetic pollution through EMF protection devices like the Magnetic Shielding Foil.
This can lead to potential problems like headache, impaired concentration, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations and memory loss. ADR Protect is meant to boost your energy level, concentration, memory, blood circulation and immune defenses.
ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is a body revitalizing product that relies on its magnetic field to change our body’s structural and physiologic function.
Having this product in your life keeps your body and your overall home healthy and revitalized.
Starting the New Year with personal EMF protection guarantees you to a fresh and healthy start. We can start devoting more of our time into researching for electromagnetic radiation protection before it physically affects us.
The same goes for the RF levels you get in your own home from consumer devices like cordless phones.
This was written into the Telecommunications Act (TCA) of 1996, § 704, signed into law by President Clinton, and remains the law of the land.
Magnetic shielding paper can be applied to almost any walls and surfaces around the house, which adds a great deal of magnetic radiation protection in your household. EMF meters like the Microsurge Meter can measure the level of radiation that comes from dirty electricity caused by faulty wire and electrical devices at home.
In some cases, electromagnetic radiation can lead to serious problems like infertility and cancer. This EMF shielding product can be also used on other electronic devices, such as computers, laptops and digital watches. A healthy home leads to healthy you and healthy life and you can achieve this with ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen. But certainly, adding Wi-Fi sources and computers that increase EMF radiation is not the solution. Here’s a chart that lines up all the dozens of different units that electrical engineers use (yes, there are more). Additionally, it is the EPA who is supposed to regularly assess overall pollution levels in the environment, but they haven’t touched RF for four decades since an assessment in 1979. The wireless industry has their back covered by these government regulations, leaving the public uninformed and unprotected.
In addition, EMF filters suppress the amount of dirty electricity present in your home electrical wiring and other electrical sources, reducing the EMF radiation in your home and overall environment.
ADR Protect allows you to keep your health intact without having to eliminate cell phones from your life. This bracket attaches directly to the bottom of the camera and has a handle grip on the side for easy carrying.
The solid durable spacious pluck foam case is a must and designed for you to set up your case the way it best suits you and your investigation needs. The older high-power cell phones used to go dead fast because they sucked a lot out of their batteries.
Brief (max 3 sentences) excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific links to the original content. The bracket also has a tripod mount on the bottom so you can mount the entire rig on tripod for stationary video documentation.Digital EMF with ThermometerThis digital meter wears many hats. This is an EMF meter with ambient thermometer with a red backlight for comfortable viewing in the dark and an LED flashlight.
Always get the best sound recording, no matter what your environment, with built-in stereo microphones and the new Scene Select function.
And with 2GB of internal memory, and over 500 hours of recording there is plenty of memory to record and store files.

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