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Lindsey Williams, Author "Energy Non-Crisis" How Do You Like the High Price of Gas?
The Survival Center's Underground Shelters have the Smallest Foot Print and the Least Exposure Before, During and After Installation. If your Underground Shelter IS NOT Reinforced both Vertically and Horizontally, in a Major Earthquake or Blast event, chances are real good it will fail!
If your Underground Shelter is not Insulated, it will remain at the temperature of its surroundings unless some kind of heat is applied.
Have you ever seen a submarine built out of fiberglass, sheet metal or corrugated sheet metal? The Survival Center Shelters are designed and installed with the least amount of exposure in mind. Underground Shelters can arrive fully stocked with all the food and emergency supplies one would need. The Survival Center is your one stop shop for all your emergency and long term preparedness supplies.
One of these Underground Shelters is Our Utility Shelter that is Solar Powered and will provide Power for all five Shelters. Massive underground battery storage for the power you generate from the sun, or you can recharge them from the built-in generator.
The Survival Center's pre-hung ballistic doors are engineered to protect your shelter from malicious people.
They feature a ballistic steel plate that is capable of withstanding multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO rifle round - UL 752 level 8 protection. These ballistic doors come standard with weld-on wall capture brackets that hold the door frame in place from the inside. We also make custom ballistic doors like this double leaf sliding door large enough to move vehicles through. This is for those who are not concerned about blast protection or hand operation and want to save a few $'s. Mount this hand operated air pump on the wall above the NBC Air Filter at a convenient height and it is operated by turning the handle. Turning the hand crank at 60 revolutions per minute (RPM) will give a blower output of 250 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
Description Fallout Shelters - NWSS is a leader in underground survival shelters and are proud to -deliver the highest quality of disaster shelters, underground bunkers, fallout shelters and many more to families all over North America since 1990. Attention members, Call me paranoid if you like, but we need to be careful about that which we speak, and especially the way we say it. Dubbed RECESS (Resource Exhaustion Crisis Evacuation Safety Shelter), Person's project isn't some wonky, conceptual-art stunt, but a genuine reaction to these uncertain times, just like the growing Prepper Movement. Keep reading to get an underground tour and learn how to make your own robot shotgun sentry.
The first step for Person was to borrow designs from Army and FEMA field manuals, consult trade professionals and, in some cases, improvise from movies.

With no formal background in construction, Person wheeled in 20 yards of cement by hand to pour the bunker's 6-inch-thick, concrete rebar roof. Of course, a shelter is only as good as its front door, and Person went to great lengths to make sure you don't want to knock on his. Inside the bunker, Person has local water and electric utilities hooked up, with solar panels, batteries and 300 gallons of water as backups for when he needs to go off the grid. Finally, Person recognized that even safe rooms need a little cheering up, which is why he painted the space a TLC-friendly color. But by far the coolest -- and the accessory most likely to keep you out of Person's backyard -- is the homemade shotgun attached to the robot sentry.
Then, using an open-source project available online, he created an automated sentry to mount it on.
When I saw pipe gun I was wondering if his home will be for sale to pay his lawyers when ATF breaks down his door! Yep, I'm thinking the ATF gets to him first, and while he's in jail, somebody else will go get all his preps. It comes down to cost of course, and we would need a air filter for radiation and other things. Thanks, it will be weird to sell my 3 story house and move in to a cave but wont hesitate when that day comes.
Actually, it would be easier in the end to put an old Winnebago in the ground and reinforce the outer sides and top.
3-keep it to yourself , dont tell anyone, lest the time comes when all your hard work was in fact for someone with a gun and a map. My idea was to get many army bunks to house more people, I'd bury all food, safely in sealed containers. I thought about the shelter option myself but there are a few things that have kept me from making the leap.
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. This one Utility Underground Shelter will supply the power for an entire underground complex.
These dimensions are the outside of the frame lips that insert into the opening in the wall. It features assault resistant cam latches, an inset deadbolt, a wide angle viewer, and the differential pressure gauge will mount just below the viewer. When attached to the NBC Filter, the bank of filters imparts a resistance to the airflow that reduces it to a complete system output of 60 CFM. Just purely fear," says Person when Asylum asked him why he spends his weekends designing bulletproof doors.
With the addition of some creative landscaping, the shelter completely disappeared from sight. Before you even reach it, you must slide through a hatch-like opening and into an antechamber specifically designed to discourage intruders from proceeding any further.

A hand-crank filtration system cycles air in and out of the room and fiber-optic cabling provides a kind of periscope to gauge outside conditions and draws in UV light for growing plants. The artist has also been getting what would amount to a merit badge in Thunderdome with his DIY survival projects. Person took 12-gauge shotgun plans out of an old Army manual and constructed his using bits of two-by-fours, steel pipe and rubber bands. And while it may be more for his family than his art, he nonetheless wonders how his peers in the gallery will view his latest work. To buy factory standard and keep it that way can be dull and not grasping the potential a shelter can have.
If this were my project, I'd want to know exactly how much money I can budget and then move forward.
But before I spent a cent I would want to figure out how to reinforce & finish the interior and its cost.
Can you not simply build the shelter near the house you are in and have a way to get there undetected? In the event of a catastrophic pole shift or earthquakes caused by same the shelter would be crushed. If flooding became an issue and the structure was not watertight (most are not) it is essentialy useless. You eventually have to come out, if air is toxic or radiation hazard exists all you've done is prolong the inevitable. Its a 4 min download and 256 pages, but about half way through the report it tell you all the information you want to know. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. You need to make your wall opening a little larger that these dimensions - see the manual for more information.
The moderators have been asked to be more diligent about policing what is posted on this site. Person had recently achieved the adult trifecta of wife-baby-house and found his protective instincts kicking into high gear -- so he decided to replace the pool with something a bit more useful. Weighing 300 lbs., the steel door is reinforced with ballistics foam and angled iron, which is capable of withstanding rounds from an AR-15 at close range. A concealed drain pipe allows for flood prevention, capturing rain water and the disposal of waste. Person, doing his best MacGyver, has made everything from animal traps to solar stoves and even a Google map that plots the location of resources in his area.

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