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See the testimonial from an Arkansas man who survived a tornado in a FamilySAFE storm shelter. Our shelters not only bring peace of mind from storms, but our commitment to our customers will bring peace of mind to you during the rebuilding process. Recently a member of the Family SAFE Family lost their home to a tornado in Velonia, Arkansas. If you are looking for a storm shelter, please look to FamilySAFE Storm Shelters. Quality, reliable, and fully-certified storm shelters since 1998.
A residential safe room is designed to protect families or small groups of people (up to 16) while a community safe room is defined as a shelter designed and constructed to protect a larger group of people from a natural hazard event. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. Storm shelters are a piece of kit you should not be without, although they don't fit into the essentials category they are close.
Storm shelters are sometimes called mountain shelters, bothy bags or group shelters, but all names refer to the same piece of kit. On a very wet day whilst walking around the Angletarn Pikes area of the Lakes, I’d started to become hungry, but the last thing I wanted to do was stop and get even wetter.
Stopping for lunch in a storm shelter is actually not as silly an idea as it sounds (check out the video below). You may think that carrying a storm shelter is a bit excessive, but once you've used one you'll wonder how you managed for so many years without one, and that assumes that you've not had a long wait to be rescued or an enforced overnight stop in the middle of nowhere, 2,000 ft up a hill! Even if you have a storm shelter to house everyone in the group (and you should), each person in the group should still have their own personal survival bag, which the can use within the storm shelter, or alone should they be separated from the group. July 23, 2014 by Amy VR 15 Comments It you live in an area that is vulnerable to tornadoes, you have undoubtedly heard the advice to head for your shelter or basement as a severe storm approaches. For an entire week prior to the April 2011 storms and tornados that devastated parts of my town and Northern Alabama in general, the local weather forecasters gave us warnings. They saw the emerging weather pattern as it traveled across the country and how dangerous it would likely be.
When you create your emergency binder,  include a list of community storm shelters in your area. Some public spaces like churches, libraries, malls, large stores, and government buildings have storm shelters or “safe areas” built in for their employees and customers. Go to as close to the center of the structure as you can so you have as many walls between you and the outside as possible. Common places in many homes that fit these criteria are bathrooms, closets, and under stair storage areas. If you own motorcycle, bicycle or football helmets, get them and put them on to protect your head from flying debris. Stage the location with emergency supplies like bottled water, protein bars, a first aid kit, flashlights, battery or crank powered weather radio, a blanket to cover your body, and a hatchet to help remove debris if needed.
The reality of tornadoes, especially the stronger EF-4 and EF-5 varieties, is that anything above ground that is not a specific tornado shelter is unlikely to survive a direct hit.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. There is a new construction technique that involves a huge inflatable balloon that is used to form the concrete roof . Perhaps municipal building codes may be the reason as to why igloo shaped buildings are not being build in tornado prone locations. There is a mobile home park in my area that has a large dome-shaped concrete building that was built to be a tornado shelter for the resident.
I was reading about this couple, a few years ago, who lived in a mobile home on the in-laws property. The comments above in regards to staying in a mobile home are why I include plenty of pictures during the storm safety lesson. A After spending weeks searching the web and endless Youtubes I could not find not one sliver of useful information on DIY underground shelters.
I want to give a very special THANK YOU for akgirl sharing this project and herA experiences. I would love to hear from readers that have been able to build their own underground shelters – especially inexpensive ones. Not only have they passed all rigorous tornado impact testing at Texas Tech University, our storm shelters have also been through numerous actual tornadoes, including over a dozen EF4 and EF5-rated storms. They never budged or buckled, stayed firmly in place, and protected the people inside from the forces of these deadly storms.

If your home is destroyed or damaged by a tornado, give us a call and we will come and get your Family SAFE storm shelter, inspect it, repair and repaint it, and then store it for you until your new house is ready for it. Family SAFE was there to load up the shelter for cleaning and inspection, and to store it safely until the homeowners are ready for it again. We’re proud of the quality and reliability of our storm shelters, and happy to help where we can in your time of need. Our above ground tornado shelters are fully-engineered, EF5-certified and do what they were designed to do. The dampness can lead to mold and fungus making their way into underground structures, such as basements.
The Moore, OK branch was completely destroyed, but no employees were harmed because they took shelter in the bank vault. Having one or more shelters sufficient in capacity to house everyone in the group would be sound advice, as without such it's unlikely that part of the group will have lunch in the dry whilst the others get wet outside. Having sought shelter in the summit shelter from the violent wintry summit winds, I tried to get into the storm shelter for extra respite and food. Or you may choose to ride out a storm in your own home instead of at a public place with strangers. If you don’t live on the first floor, you need to find out from your apartment manager what the tornado warning protocols are for your apartment complex.
If you are upgraded to a tornado warning, pay very close attention to the advice of the weather forecaster. Mobile homes do NOT have a “safe area.” NEVER “make the best of it” if you have a tornado warning in your area and you live in a mobile home. In each of the nine cities she lived in over the last 20 years, she faced the “storm of the century." She learned early on that being prepared was essential since natural disasters follow her. It has no sharp corners to cause the swirling wind to impose powerful mechanical forces on to the structure.
Construction of such buildings would cut into the earnings of companies that manufacture and sell roofing materials.
There was an aerial view of a city block of homes…or at least what USED to be a city block of homes.
The pic of a small satellite dish standing untouched with mobile home remnants fluttering in the trees in the background always gets their attention! Now that I have finished my lengthy description, is this a safe place to be during a tornado?
We realized the quickest shelter would be to purchase shipping containers and set them into the ground.
Discussions range from material costs, construction, salvaging material from a variety of sources to life expectancy of the shelter. It is our mission to provide affordable, effective EF5 tornado protection to every home in the nation. Pest control in the Tulsa area with the same level of customer service you've come to know from the FamilySAFE brand.
The photos and video taken from the air, though, beg the question: Why are there no basements in this tornado-plagued city? If the conditions are poor - wind & rain - you know the kind - the chances are that you won't want to stop for lunch and would rather press on to get to the end of the walk. The ascent took a little longer than planned, due to the weather taking a turn for the worse, including a strong wind, and I’d already decided that Beinn nan Aighenan was a Munro too far for the day. Heavy rain made the going hard, and I’d walked a long way over three Munros, with at least one more to go before my intended campsite for the night. But it was no good; I was fighting with the canvass so much that I had to abandon the idea and get off the top pronto! Many storms won’t give that much warning, but staying weather aware will give you enough lead time (usually hours at least) to enact your pre-determined tornado plan.
List the rules of the shelter – most don’t allow pets, some don’t allow large bags or bins, and many request that you bring your own bottles of water and snacks. Speak to a manager ahead of time and ask them what their policy is for allowing members of the public to use their location. For whatever reason you decide to stay put, you need to make a plan to stay as safe as possible.
You are more likely to encounter a survivable, less destructive tornado, and the difference between walking away from it and suffering an injury or death can be as simple as choosing the safest place in your home to weather the storm.

The safest place to be anywhere in a tornado is laying flat on the ground wherever you are at the time.. Being in a rural area, and living in a double-wide, the last storm had me under the home in our crawl space. We called them TODAY about Lori’s that just went through the Baxter tornado, because she wanted info on how to move it before they demo her house. The plans include options to include safe rooms located in a basement, in a garage or in an interior room of a new home or small business building. I took a direct route off Glas Tulaichean and had to stop for some energy, and re-jig my map, ready for the assault on Carn an Righ. If you’re invited to stay with your friend, you don’t want to be a burden, so bring enough food and water to last your family a minimum of three days. I have worked too many response and recovery events after tornadoes to be mistaken about what can happen to a mobile home that is hit by a tornado.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t get sucked in, you get pushed in by the incoming wind. If you ask anyone with a construction background they are going to tell you steel reinforced concrete is the only way to go, again time and money is a factor.
The designs also show how to build an exterior safe room either buried underground, attached to an existing building or how to remodel a standing building to accommodate a fortified shelter.Download FEMA Safe Room Plans by Clicking HereThe FEMA guidelines provide information on how to build a shelter to protect families or small groups up to 16.
Another favourite of hypothermia is that your energy levels are depleted as you've not eaten enough, i.e.
I found somewhere out of the wind on the summit ridge leading to Glas Bheinn Mhor and got into the shelter. Sitmat & storm shelter equalled respite, food and a dry map suitably repositioned in the case - as I'd walked off the end.
If you have larger pets, consider having both collars and leashes on them while you are waiting out the storm.
If you hear the words “Tornado Emergency” for your area, that means a tornado is actively on the ground. Laying on the floor increases your chances that the wind will just go over you instead of pushing you out of the way to the inside of the funnel. Not sure if this is actually safer, and I was alone that day, claustrophobic and scared outta my wits. My husband having worked the last 10 years in commercial construction, designed and is building a wood frame structure that is to be covered and earth bermed on all sides.
It also has plans for community shelters for much larger groups.Construction experts say that to build a safe room for a family home will cost in the neighborhood of $4,000. Even better on that occasion was that I had my walking poles, which were used as impromptu tent poles to stop the spare canvas flapping around. Keep in mind that tornadoes can happen in the middle of the night and public buildings are unlikely to be open and available.
You should be bracing for the tornado in your safe place, NOT outside taking a tornado selfie!
Had the tornado’s path intersected with the mobile home like it had the brick home, it would have been gone.
Thus, stopping in a storm shelter not only gives you some time to rest, you can also stay dry in the process and take on calories. It's a win situation all round, and the combination of which will keep you that much safer for the remainder of the day. I’ll man the fort, and if I croak, at least it won’t be because i ran like a scared mouse and abandoned my responsibilities! If it’s damaged, they will fully replace it and they are gonna store it until she has another place.
Their product survived the tornado and having a big tree fall on it, but I am IMPRESSED with their service.

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