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Some of them may shock you, others will get you to say: Oh, I never thought if that, that’s clever! If fuel consumption is something you’re worried about when it comes to 4x4s, an ATV may be the right bug-out vehicle for you. You can find plenty of them on Amazon and the best part is, they can give you quite a workout as part of your survival fitness training if you decide to use them while camping. Just when you thought there’s nothing crazier than a tactical vehicle, there it is: the UXL 17-HD from Unicat with its 261 gallon (or 990 liters) tanks, bulletproof cab and windows and even land mine protection. There’s nothing funny about going from an expedition vehicle to a go-kart with our list…but this one may be something you will actually use as a bug-out vehicle. When you look at this list again, you probably realize not all of these bug-out vehicles are crazy. This would be one of my main options, (its good on gas, has two power points for charging things like gps units and cell phones, can haul a 2000lb trailer, with an additional 1000lbs in the bed, its ready to do just about anything that doesn't require a full size truck.) but there are other vehicles like the farm trucks.

A good ol’ diesel Ford F250 is probably the best bug-out vehicle for most of us and you probably don’t need any of these crazy bug-out vehicles. Obviously, you can’t load it up with supplies (except your bug-out bag) but it should be enough for get you where you want to go… quietly and fast. You can bug-out way faster on water than you can on foot and, if you choose a kayak over a boat, you can even carry it in your BOB (a lot of them are under 10 pounds).
Probably not, unless you’re a hardcore prepper with lots of cash on your hand and figured you could use a “mobile bunker”. Probably not, since they’re pretty heavy and you’d need a trailer to take them to the tracks. Inflatable canoes, ATVs, dirt bikes and off-road go-karts are actually viable options and don’t cost a fortune. What I’m trying to do here is stimulate your imagination a little bit and give you a few unconventional ideas on what you can use to bug-out other than your feet.

It’s perfect if you have a bug-out location between 50 and 100 miles away; it could be farther away but then you have to always have extra fuel tied to the back rack. Believe it or not, there are people out there who still make them and even sell them (like this guy, for instance).
Whether you should get one or stick to your car or bike, that’s really depends on the number of people in your household, your budget, your bug out plans, your climate, the landmarks around where you live and, of course, your fitness levels. Although trains will probably not work, all it take is one abandoned locomotive in your way and you’re forced to abandon your handcar and continue bugging out on foot.
Think about it if SHTF there is a Toyota Tacoma, 4 Runner, or older pickup in every parking lot or at least within walking distance.

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