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I'm hoping they will have one of the screen used EMFs there I can take some reff pics to use to build a better EMF. It's an Arduino base that controls the LEDs, possibly any sound, and the small little pointer in the meter part of it.
If the prototype was built from an old walkman I suspect some of that would have carried over to the newer one. Actually quite surprised as cool of a prop as it is, with looks, sounds and lights, someone hasn't jumped on the project and nailed a dead ringer run of them.
Calibration: During the manufacturing process strict calibration procedures are followed using only high end, calibrated measurement instruments. When Jo was first introduced, she acted confident yet reserved when subduing Dean Winchester. On Jo's eighth birthday, Bill gave her a bow-and-arrow set and taught her how to use it, while Ellen gave her a diary to write in, which she later turned into a hunter's journal. In No Exit, eager to go on her first hunt, Jo complied research on a case in which six young blonde women vanished from the same apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for over eighty years. Ellen refused to let Jo go out of fear that she would be killed, and instead passed the case onto Sam and Dean.
When the group found no reports of a violent death that could explain a spirit's presence, they split up to search for EMF, with Dean accompanying Jo to watch over her and urging her to pursue a normal life rather than that of a hunter's. Jo realized that criminals from a prison that was later destroyed had been executed on the grounds that the apartment building was built over. Jo left home weeks before Hunted in order to become a hunter when Ellen continued to refuse to allow her to do it.
In Born Under a Bad Sign, the demon Meg, while possessing Sam, tracked Jo down to the Sandpiper, a bar that she worked at in Duluth, Minnesota.
In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, Jo had already left the Roadhouse months before demons burned it down, killing everyone inside, including Ash and many hunters. After Lucifer's release from Hell, the Harvelles went to River Pass, Colorado to help Rufus Turner fend off an apparent demonic siege, but got separated in the chaos, with Jo joining up with Rufus and some other townspeople.
Jo and Rufus fought Ellen and Sam, both sides perceiving the other as being possessed by demons due to the presence of War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. After a brief struggle, Ellen and Dean managed to convince Jo and Rufus that all of the supposed possessions were hallucinations created by War to pit them against each other. At Carthage, Missouri, the Harvelles, the Winchesters, and Castiel split into two groups, with Jo looking for survivors in the abandoned town with Ellen and Castiel, who left to investigate after detecting a large gathering of reapers and instead got captured by Lucifer.
Meg arrived to capture the Winchesters and set a pack of hellhounds upon the group of hunters.
Dean carried Jo into a nearby convenience store while Sam and Ellen fended off the hellhounds. Tragically, Jo died in her mother's arms before she could activate the explosions, not even able to finish saying, "I love you," back to Ellen, who blew up the store, killing both herself and the dogs. When Sam and Dean's souls end up in Heaven in Dark Side of the Moon, they asked Ash about the Harvelles. In My Heart Will Go On, the alternate timeline created by Balthazar, the Harvelles were still alive. In Defending Your Life, when Dean Winchester was put on trial for his guilt by Osiris, Jo's ghost was summoned as a witness. Supernatural series creator Eric Kripke initially described Jo as an "innocent girl who wanted to be a hunter" and who tends to look before she leaps; she is also "enthusiastic" and very "girl-next-door in her approach" to hunting the supernatural. In early drafts of the Everybody Loves a Clown script, Jo was named "Alex" and was already a hunter. Although Jo was created to be a major recurring character, she was widely disliked by fans for most of her appearances due to a perceived immaturity. Her first name ("Joanna") means "grace" and could be a reference to Joan of Arc, a French folk heroine who was famous as a female warrior who was executed and later declared a martyr. Jo's Blog documented her life, her desire to become a hunter, her first relationship with Rick, and her tutelage by Gordon. According to the original version of Jo's Blog, she knew John as early as 1994 and called him "Uncle John". All the men she was known to have feelings for (Gordon Walker, Rick, and Dean) were hunters. She carried one of her father's knives, which was pure-iron and had his initials engraved on it. Meg's account of how Bill died was similar to how Jo died: both Harvelles were fatally wounded by creatures from Hell as a result of their partnership with a Winchester. Is there any way to get the RPF forum to send me a notification by email when I get a responce to a topic I have posted in? Doubt they'll have anything actual from the show, going with the theme of the other conventions anyway.

And if this has been said, before, forgive me, I don't have the time to go through a 6 page forums searching for replies. And if for any reason I'm not right, I don't care because that's how I'm going to make a controllable version of this prop with working lights, meter, and sound.
Saw the last one on Ebay, was wondering on how and if the little tweeks had been done and if they worked. When you flip the bottom switch, the needle swings all the way to the right, all the LEDS light up, and a push-button switch activates the sound. I missed the last auction he did, which stated it would be his last one, and begged him to make one more so I could have one for the con, lol. This guarantees that every ME3030B meter made by Gigahertz Solutions has been individually calibrated to a traceable standard. She had brown eyes and long wavy blonde hair which appeared to have darkened slightly between the second season and the fifth season. She gradually revealed more of her personality to the brothers as they got to know each other, revealing her enthusiasm, a sarcastic sense of humor, and an intelligence that surprised Dean when he realized that she had put together a comprehensive file on a case. She was also quick to call people out on their behavior, such as Dean on his perceived chauvinism and her fellow hunters when they refused to admit that she could not be saved. Her grief over Bill instilled in her the desire to become a hunter, and she became so upset once she learned of John's association with his death that she unjustly held a grudge against Sam and Dean for it.
Because she lived at the Roadhouse, Jo grew up around hunters, including John Winchester and Bobby Singer, whom she and her parents regarded as family. Thinking they were intruders, she held Dean at gunpoint while Ellen apprehended Sam; Dean disarmed Jo, but she punched him in the face and took her gun back.
Jo, however, enlisted Ash's help in creating a paper trail to convince her mother that she was going to Las Vegas, Nevada while she actually went to Philadelphia to investigate on her own. She felt the spirit try to grab her and they found EMF and a bloody clump of hair from one of its victims within a wall vent. With Ash's help, Sam identified the ghost as America's first serial killer, Henry H Holmes, whose remains had been buried and encased in concrete.
She did not initially realize Sam was possessed and was uncomfortable about his presence from their last encounter and because of the strange shift in his personality: he mocked her about her crush on Dean and tried to seduce her.
However, he refused to kill his brother to protect Jo and instead revealed that Sam was possessed. Jo and Rufus captured Sam to exorcise him but were confused when all of their anti-demonic measures failed to work on him.
Jo helped Sam and Dean break into Crowley's home and retrieve the Colt in order to slay the Devil. Jo and Ellen confirmed that all the buildings in town were empty before re-joining Sam and Dean.
Jo saved Dean's life from a hellhound when she saw him knocked to the ground, but it cost her hers; she was injured to the point that she could not walk and bleeding heavily. They salted the entrances to the store and bandaged Jo's wounds as best they could, but she interrupted when they tried to figure out how to save her and pointed out the reality of the situation: she was dying.
Although the brothers left the building via fire escape, Ellen planned to stay behind and die with her, saying that someone needed to let the dogs in and that she would not let Jo die alone.
Dean wanted to avenge Jo and her mother by killing Meg in Caged Heat, but the demon fled before he could.
Although Osiris failed to make her testify against Dean, Dean was pronounced guilty and she was compelled against her will to try to kill him in a manner reflecting her death: she turned the gas on the stove on, broke the window to blow away the ring of salt he was protecting himself with, and took his lighter to ignite the gas and kill Dean in an explosion.
However, Jo grows throughout the season as she rebels against her mother by running away to be a hunter, which Kripke felt made her harder and tougher.
Having found out the hard way that "banter doesn't always work", she becomes quieter and "not as mouthy". It was part of the Hunter's Blog section on the Official Website which was first made accessible with the release of the Season 1 DVD. Although she fulfilled her dream, she died while saving Dean and Sam from a hellhound sent upon them by the demon, Meg Masters. However, after she learned that their father had got hers killed, she became closed-off once more. Her crush on Dean was strong enough that she still had feelings for him (as Meg noted) despite her anger at him over her father's death.
She also began wanting to become a hunter herself, to feel close to her father and be a "hero" like her father and save people.
When she was 16, he manipulated her into accompanying him on a hunt and unwittingly acting as bait for a rawhead. Despite this rocky start, they became friends when Ellen realized they were John's sons and the Winchester brothers paid irregular visits to the Roadhouse. In the guise of a potential buyer, Jo encountered Sam and Dean at the apartment and later convinced them to let her join them on the case.

When he manifested to attack her, she escaped, and the brothers trapped him within a ring of salt and sealed him into the chamber using cement. War, disguised as one of the townspeople on Jo and Rufus' side, made it appear as though Sam had attacked him and said more demons were coming.
In desperation, she suggested that they construct bombs out of iron and salt and escape, leaving her alone to detonate the bombs and kill the hellhounds.
Jo was distraught by the idea of her mother dying as well, but tearfully accepted her decision. Whether this means that Jo and Ellen's souls (as well as those of John and Mary Winchester) are not in Heaven or merely that Ash had yet to encounter them remains to be seen. Like Sam and Dean, she was investigating the freak deaths caused by one of the sisters of Fate, Atropos. Sam Winchester temporarily incapacitated Osiris, however, freeing Jo from his control and causing her to vanish, but not before she tenderly touched his face. Regarding her character's capture by a vengeful spirit in No Exit, actress Alona Tal felt that Jo was a "badass" who handled the situation well.
The character "called the shots" in her final appearance, and was the "bigger person" by forcing everyone to accept the reality of the situation. The character development she displayed in the fifth season increased her popularity dramatically. I have most of the parts needed to make the EMFs just haven't had the time to get the other parts and to get them put together.. She briefly broke down into tears when trapped to die in No Exit but then quickly pulled herself together in order to comfort fellow abductee Teresa. She became frightened and fled, running right into her mother, who had figured out what they were doing and tracked them down.
He stopped contacting her in the middle of a hunt, which worried her; whether he was killed or merely wanted to end their relationship was not revealed. The next morning, she bonded with Dean; his attempt to give her one of his knives to replace the one she was carrying (which had belonged to Bill) led to them talking about their fathers and her revealing her reason for hunting to him.
While separated from Dean, Jo was abducted by Holmes and imprisoned in a torture chamber in an abandoned sewer system beneath the apartment's foundation.
Having learned that her daughter went against her wishes to hunt in Philadelphia from Ash, a very angry Ellen took Jo back to the Roadhouse. Jo saved Dean's life by bandaging his wound after Meg shot him and left him to drown, having found him using his cell phone ringtone. When Rufus set pipe-bombs to slow down the "demons", Jo worried about her mother's safety, but he reassured her that he would help her save Ellen from her "possession".
She then joined the group photo and became unsettled by Castiel's grim prediction that they would likely die the next day. Castiel was forced to reset the original timeline when the Winchesters were threatened by Atropos, resulting in Jo and Ellen having died back in Carthage once again. After years of hunting together, the relationship between Jo and Ellen also develops; Tal came to view them more as equals rather than daughter and mother.
After Jo got into a fight with a bully who was bothering her at school, Shawn started training her in hand-to-hand combat. Furious, Ellen forbade them from meeting again but her daughter secretly kept in contact with him online. She, Dean, and Sam learned that Teresa Ellis, another blonde woman, had gone missing the night before. When Jo tried to defuse her mother's temper, she realized that there was something Ellen wasn't telling her and she learned that John Winchester had been Bill's partner for his last hunt: John caused his death when he exposed them to the creature they were hunting. Meg forced her to recount Bill's death, but claimed that what Ellen told her was not the truth: what really happened, Meg taunted, was that Bill survived with horrific injuries and John shot him dead to end his suffering.
Remembering what Meg had said, she asked Dean if demons occasionally tell the truth as well as lies but did not reveal what she'd been told.
In Defending Your Life, she wore the outfit she'd died in: her green jacket over a gray shirt and jeans and boots. She attempted to break out of the chamber and slashed Holmes' hand with her father's knife when he groped her. Hurt and upset, Jo confronted Dean and Sam with this knowledge, blaming John, and by proxy, them, for her father's death. She believed that Jo resists her urge to "go crazy [with him]" due to the dire circumstances, which "gave it a little more meaning".

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