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Truth be told, there seem to be so many survivalist TV shows these days that we’re finding it a bit hard to keep up. Alone has jumped right to the very top of my current favourite survival TV shows list, and dammit I think it’s going to be staying there for a while. Now for most of the TV shows that we do these kinds of lists for (Dual Survival, Naked & Afraid, Dexter, Gotham), we just sit around watching and rewatching the clips of the episode that have the gear featured until we can identify them.
All that’s left, therefore, was to see if it was possible to identify the particular products being used.
And another HUGE thanks goes out to Gary Britton who created the original post on the “Pathfinder School Learning Center” Facebook Group which was later copied onto this Blades and Bushlore thread where I found so much information! Joe Robinet mentioned in this YouTube video that the 10 items each person got to bring along had to be chosen from History Channel’s pre-made list of 40.
Joe also mentions that most of the men ended up with similar items as their 10 – and that a number of the men actually chose the exact same 10 items to use.
Mitch Mitchell mentioned the fact that there was also a banned list on top of the list of 40 items provided. Before we go into the full breakdown person by person, here’s a list of all the gear taken onto the show by popularity (number of men who took the item onto the show in brackets after the item). Sam was kind enough to direct us to a pretty sweet article he wrote up describing the ten items he took along with him. Wayne went over the list of items he chose and why he chose the items he did in this YouTube video here.
We’ll of course be updating this page as new information becomes available, but if you spot something before we do, let us know and we’ll fix up the post! Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here!

I found it interesting that none of the people in the bear country made even a simple sharpened spear for force protection. Living solo can make a few nagging home and kitchen issues even more frustrating than when you have someone around to help. Make sure the wine overflows so the jar is completely filled and no air gets into the wine. Once you’re done with your soda for the day, shake it up before putting it back in the fridge. Once you’ve found the perfect place to hang your picture, press the picture against the wall so the toothpaste leaves a mark. Living alone is a right of passage and it gives you the chance to learn more about yourself and become who you are as a person. In fact, when you employ the right tips and hacks, living alone is something you will absolutely love doing because it does give you the chance to have ultimate privacy. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Just about all the little bits of information, the few that exist, leave a sour taste before we even know anything about the game.
But when an interesting question popped up on our new forum asking us which gear we’d take on the show if we got the chance to go on, we became more than a little intrigued.
I’ve tweeted the vast majority of you and most of you said you would be doing YouTube videos or written entries detailing exactly what you took once you got the chance. He states that this is because there were many items on that list of 40 provided by History that no person in their right mind would bring along with them. If you’re interested in some more depth and explaination, be sure to check that article out here.

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It was the first 3d survival horror game, and those who played it seem to universally love it. As Kotaku points out, there doesn’t seem to be any information or presence for the developer, Pure FPS.
For Alone, however, we luckily managed to find an enormous list of the class of gear each person used right here. Or, mix with water and pour into a spray bottle; spritz rodent-infested areas with the mixture. Second, the license is, as we established above, pretty troubled following its first few titles.
Also let me know if you have any websites or social media accounts you want included on this page so if people want to find you they can.
The love for it is as ancient as the horrors Edward Carnby fought in the original game using only his mustache and a shotgun.

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