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MCFallout is a mature server now in its third year of operation, founded and ran by dedicated trustworthy staff.
Heeey Rawr,Its been a while hasn't it?I've been busy with another server but I've come back! We cannot always update instantly since we have to test out plugins to see if they work with the new build. Make sure that you are not lagging or else the Anticheat system might throw out false positives. I am not aware of this issue, but I will look in the logs for you and see if something can be done.
The pictures look different to what's on the server; the main building is the same but there are no skyscrapers or anything like that. Blockalypse is now running on the latest version, and all plugins (including custom plugins) has been updated to run flawlessly with the new version!With this server update, the map has also been expanded with a radius of 1500 blocks which translates to roughly 60,000,000 blocks of untouched land to venture through to find new biomes! It was a busy weekend as far as code is concerned and we have introduced some sweet features to wasteland to shake it up a bit.
New custom PVP Arenas plugin has been a big hit along with tweaks and improvements to our existing minigames. Our spawn has been updated, together with the tutorial hall!Also, check the new 'Pvp info'! Very good server i havent been on it in a while but it is a good server that has been going on for a couple years and was the top server on! A load of shit to be honest, you keep taking the fun out of minecraft, for instance, protection 4, specific enchants, enderpearls, experience farms.
This is a great community where players from around the globe are able to interact and enjoy the minecraft experience. Been playing on here since the day i bought Minecraft, by far the best server i have seen around.

Like fellow Frost and Blood Death Knights, the Unholy DK has been searching for an identity that is somehow more separated from the other two. Offering many unique servers under the network umbrella, MCFallout is always open to new community members. I tried to use $10000 to promote myself to Archer (I'm a Hunter) but instead, the sign just took my $10000 and promoted me back to Hunter, basically just taking my money. Features a GIANT map, sudden death modes, random chests and more!We have also been hard at work improving our custom Zombie Apocalypse plugin. I was wondering if i could become a staff member by building a cool building or something that i could do to help with the server! As many people know, laws are made on the public morality, we had problems with PVP being too OP and we decided it would be better if we restricted some items to balance out the experience for everyone. Not to mention, this isn't even real survival, you've got warps for food, kits for tools, starter houses.The list goes on, but for now, that'll do.
I highly recommend this server, to all players who have been looking for a place where your builds actually gain recognition, along with new friends, and inspirations for future ideas. Amazing Community, Epic PVP battles, Quality Staff, Zombie Apocalypse, as well as amazing Free Builds. With far too many cross-over skills, the only truly unique ability that Unholy DKs seemed to possess over the others has been the permanent pet that accompanies the UDK into battle. It now features 8 random arenas, leaderboards, improved upgrade system with enchants, multiple mob types, and now it is fight to the death for the last man standing!Stop on by and check out our new stuff! For the people that can read they see that we are majorly into PVP, now who likes to be in PVP when some guy comes in with full protection 4, sharpness 5 knock back 2 fire aspect two sword that he just sat at a spawner (which lagged the server) for hours to get these and just obliterates you.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
With some more potent diseases, the UDK was a formidable force in PvP during much of Warlords of Draenor only to more recently have been replaced by Frost Death Knights as the representatives of the Ebon Blade in the arena.

Biomes such as jungles and swamps have very high radiation, while deserts, oceans and rivers have very low radiation. He then takes your stuff and simply enderpearls right out of the arena and banks all of it i his chest. This means you can use rivers to navigate highly radioactive terrain such as jungles, or recover health in them without being in danger of radiation.'Dissipation' is the amount of radiation you lose every two seconds. This can be increased by wearing armour with the 'Radiation Dissipation' statistic on it.'Protection' is the amount of radiation that is subtracted from your incoming radiation. When the total radiation you are gaining is greater than your Dissipation, your 'Total Rads' will steadily increase. When the 'Total Rads' becomes too high, you will start taking damage and eventually die, as well as experiencing other effects of radiation poisoning, such as blindness.You can reduce the 'Total Rads' by drinking water from water bottles, which you get the first time you spawn.
Trade postsTrade posts are locations across the wasteland which allow you to buy armour, weapons and potions using XP levels. The top row of the trade posts contains basic gear and potions and a guide for new players, the other two rows update every 15 minutes with new armour and weapons, which have randomized prices, enchantments and Radiation Dissipation and Protection on them.BunkersBunkers are structures that can be bought when you are in a leading position of a gang.
Bunkers can be captured using a sword, by breaking the iron block in the middle of the bunker.
Every time the block is broken, the health of the bunker is lowered by one, and a random number of monsters will spawn around the bunker to protect it. It will come back online after a couple of hours, and will slowly regenerate health until it has fully recovered.Other changesPlacing blocks directly below your feet has been disabled, in order to prevent players from easily escaping monsters, and lightning now has a small chance to drop supplies when it strikes somewhere.

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