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Glanton helped his family survive by immediately starting a fire, and then transporting heated rocks into their vehicle.
Besides desert climates, winter is the worst to endure, and the military has whole courses designed to teach its people how to survive.
Here are a few tips and some items the Marine Corps considers essential to combating the cold.
Considering you probably won't be "caught behind enemy lines," we can dispense with the war time survival tips and get right to survival. Prep a platform of dry interlocking green limbs to be set ablaze at a moment's notice, and bright pieces of clothing or material could be placed in visible places. Developing and following a schedule is crucial in making life for a family- and career-oriented woman like you easier. Identify the things that you find extra challenging to carry out, whether concerning your family or home-based job. They come from the Winter Survival Course Handbook, which draws reference from the UK's SAS Survival Handbook.

Conserve food:A Given that you told people where you were going, they'll be out looking for you within a day or so.
Improve survival conditions:A This doesn't just mean upgrade your shelter with new additions.
It contains illustrations of every step of the process, and a whole lot of little tips for adding charming details, like window shutters, window gardens and timber framing. Having an organized timetable is important even if you don’t have to set foot outside the home to carry out your job. It can be frustrating to see that you are nowhere near your expectations as the deadline you have set for a particular goal nears. Being a woman who needs to spend equal time with family and work, you will see that having 24 hours a day is simply not enough. Because no one really thinks you’re Wonder Woman, they will understand if you seek outside help from time to time. No matter how busy you get with your family and home-based job, it’s important to remember to take a break and momentarily distance yourself from everything.

If you're on foot, build a shelter, or find one: Finding shelter is the paramount consideration when stuck in extreme weather. Generally, it’s a good idea to spend several hours for your work, and then devote the remaining for the family. Failure to reach goals within the allotted time frame is perfectly normal, so don’t be too hard on your self.
It can be something as simple as a 30-minute coffee break, yoga session, listening to music or a luxurious bath.
As an example, you may spend 4am to 8am seated in front of your computer then switch your focus to your family from 8am to 5pm. Having a very flexible home-based work schedule is definitely a huge advantage for a woman like you.

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