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Duct tape has been around for over 70 years and has become a staple in the handyman's bag of tricks. What we like to call such a thing is a bug out bag, a variation of a survival kit with the sole requirement of getting you through a few days of natural calamity. A misnomer derived from bail out emergency kits military aviators used to carry, a bug out bag contains items desperately required for survival in a time of crises: food, water and shelter along with other necessities such as clothes and first aid kits, tools that can keep you on the move until eventual evacuation. You can find a brand new, readymade bug out bag at most convenience stores these days with all the items necessary for survival. The problem with that however is that such bags are not designed for ‘your’ survival the same way that Big Macs are not cooked according to your health status.
The average amount of water recommended for daily consumption, varies from country to country and region to region. Europe places it at an exact three liters while the US prescribes a gallon or 3.78 liters of water. This quantity of water is recommended for an average person and not a particular individual. Depending on age, physique and level of activity, the amount of water required would vary from person to person.
Imagine being stuck in a wildfire and ruing the additional liter of water you did not bring because the company selling ‘made for you’ bug out bags did not think it appropriate.
Remember that time our soldiers went to Vietnam with a spare jacket instead of an extra pair of socks?

The lack of a windbreaker wouldn’t do as much damage as the lack of spare socks might, even during a snowstorm when snow starts to enter the shoes and melts to leave ones feet wet.
Even a tiny rot in the foot, especially in the case of people with sensitive skin would hamper their mobility thereby increasing the time they will take to reach the evacuation sight.
Accessorizing your own bag would allow you to pack whatever you feel is necessary to cope with the challenges nature throws before you.
Important medical aids no doubt but not more important than insulin injections or blood pressure tablets.
A bug out bag would not be a complete survival kit if a person suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure has to look for his medicines at the last moment especially since shortage of time for is the primary reason why a bug out bag is necessary in the first place. As was the case with medical conditions, every prepper’s level of survival skills is not the same either. Whereas your neighbor might be an expert in lighting huge fires with nothing more than a bunch of matchsticks and dry bushes, you might be in need of hexamine fuel tablets.
The cardinal rule of emergency preparedness is to pick survival tools that you are comfortable with, not the vast majority of people. The apocalyptic conditions that natural or technological hazards create do not leave room for experimenting whether the company guessed your requirements right or not.
Having a family of your own implies you not only have to carry food and shelter for yourself but also for the rest of the household. This might mean a bigger tent instead of a sleeping bag which would replace the extra can of food you had planned to keep.

The can of food now goes into the daughter’s backpack due to its lighter weight and the cycle continues. Preparing your own bug out bag means collective instead of individual survival can be insured. Once you have prepared your own bug out bag, you then have allowance to stuff in things of sentimental value.
Not that they would play a major role in your quest for survival but they surely would be a solid source of motivation for you to keep on going.
According to FEMA, a bug out bag should not weigh more than 25% of an individual’s body weight.
Skip the readymade bag with 9 liters of water for three days for someplace as cold as Minnesota, replace it with food if necessary when preparing your own, or better yet travel light. Yes, I agree bug out bags are an important piece of survival equipment, but then again, I it’s not perfect and those seven things mentioned above are the things I dislike about them. Whether you agree or disagree, tell us about your opinions and thoughts about the bug out bad, we would all love to hear what you think.
For a 150 pound guy that’s around 38 pounds on the back, something he is not used to doing every day.

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