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The idea of a battery pack for recharging cellphones and other electronics combined with a solar charger has always been an interesting concept. The Waka Waka Power also hasa humanitarian side to it: For every unit sold, another unit is financed so as to be provided for free where people need it. Besides the solar panel charger that actually charges, the other pleasant surprise was the double LED lantern.
The Waka Waka Power A is a solid unit, works well and the company has a noble social purpose I am happy to support.
2014 West Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day Success When Sportsmanship Trumps Cereal Boxes When Prepping Gets Overwhelming, Here’s Something to Hang on To Fighting Load Contest #9 Archer Garrett Mexican Thug Gets 30yrs & CA Has an APP For That Extinction Level Event 2012 How to Hide Your Stockpile Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends Are You Prepared to Quarantine? After looking at the Make:Mintronics Survival Pack I decided that I wanted to make some changes. To be able to both store power for when needed, and at the same time charge the battery bank with solar power sounded like a dream solution for when dealing with power outages and different kind of disasters, especially those of long term duration. Originally a kickstarter project, the idea was to provide a lighting solution for those that live without electricity or have been affected by disasters.
Thousands of units have been given to Syrian refugees, and disaster victims across the globe such as Haiti and Philippines.

I removed the Mini breadboard and added a half height breadboard that I rubberband to the tin when closed. I already have a good one and like it but how well does the Waka Waka Power actually charge when the sun is all you have? The 2200 mAh LiPo battery isna€™t that big, although it makes sense given that thata€™s the maximum power you would be able to recharge during a full day of sunlight exposure and it is enough for some gadget charging and plenty of illumination. You have a USB port for connecting your phone charger and a micro USB port for charging the battery pack with a normal phone charger. Of course a nice sunny day is ideal, but even during a rainy winter day it would still charge when placed next to the window.
The yellow part in the center that you see in most flashlight LEDs is huge, like a big rectangle six to eight times bigger than a normal Cree LED. It does not include cables or charger, so you need to get those if you dona€™t have them already (though most people with a phone would have them). The solar cell (22% efficiency Sunpower cell) blinks three times when charging at full capacity, two times at medium and blinks one time when charging at low speed. The weird looking LEDs are clearly designed for flood effect, spreading nicely across a room if placed in a corner.

With a rainy and cloudy day I wasna€™t expecting any miracles, but at the end of the day it had charged two out of four lights, between 25% and 50% of the battery, and enough to charge my phone some to make a few phone calls or go online for a while and run the LEDs for several hours.A  Given the bad weather and how well it performed I couldna€™t have asked for more. Thanks to an adjustable plastic lid, it can be used as table lamp using a pile of books or a bottle of water, or hanged in different positions. Since these units are likely to end up where people talk a number of dialects or some dona€™t know how to read A at all it does make sense. In theory you will need a sunny day worth of charging, about 8 hours, to fully charge the battery pack.
With four power modes and a SOS strobe when the button is pressed for 3 seconds it can be used for gral. Although this varies between latitudes and weather conditions, for most practical terms Ia€™d say you need closer to two days for a 100% charge, but what matters to me the most is that even if it is a cloudy day and raining, about half a day worth of charging would allow me to revive a drained smartphone and get to use it during an emergency.

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