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Custom BOB Planning Tool – Select what you want in your BOB and this will calculate its weight as well as email you your list.
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For those unaware , it was reported in December of 2014, in both mainstream and alternative news outlets that the US Treasury Department put out for bids to purchase $200,000 in Bug Out Bags for over 3800 federal bank examiners. Recently, the Federal Reserve put out a job request for Emergency Specialists with experience in emergency preparedness, Homeland Security directives and Hazmat training. A further investigation on the Indeed job website turned up current listings (January 2015) for Emergency Preparedness Specialists for such institutions as the Smithsonian and the Federal Aviation Administration.
One begins to wonder if these anticipated purchases and hirings are not just mere coincidences but preparation of a foreboding event yet to come!
With this in mind, don’t you think it is even more urgent now more then ever, to have a bug out bag ready for when that zero hour is at hand? Because we cannot know exactly when a calamity will occur, one needs to be vigilant and ready to run, evade or escape wherever you are when this tragedy occurs. Typically, those that have a fully stocked emergency bag keep it at home safely stowed away .
For each of the bag types below, I provide a categorized list of emergency items and supplies. The survival items on these lists were selected and chosen not by me but from emergency preparedness and  professional survival experts.
Therefore, the lists presented below are quite unique and more objective then any other bug out bag list found in print and internet . It thus complements and completes your preparation repertoire.  Ideally, this limited but effective gear will provide you with the necessary aid until you able to access your more complete emergency stash or get to safer surroundings. This gear is secured and stored in and among your every day clothing, pockets, purses, simple backpacks, jacket, key chain, wallets, belt and neck chain or lanyard. It is easy to get confused between a Get Home Bag and 72 hour Bug Out Bag.  In fact, they are often used synonymously.
Conceptually a get home bag is meant to be used if an emergency or disaster event takes place during the day or night when you are away from your home or bug out location. Typically the bag or container is kept at work, school or car stored in a safe location (ex.
All of the items contained in the bag should appropriately address all your needs until you arrive to your safe destination (in other words your supplies and gear should last long enough to get you from your evacuation site to your safe designated location).
Keeping it lightweight, compact and inconspicuous is key since your walk home in dress shoes or flats could be long and arduous.
According to some top emergency preparedness experts, a 72 hour BOB is designed to support you and the people who are with you for seventy two hours to get you from point A to point B safely and comfortably as possible.
Therefore, a 72 hour bug out bag would not be a tactical bag which is mostly used in a battle scenario or for a defensive military response.
To provide you with the most reliable, dependable and sensible thoughts, suggestions and information available in the world of survival prepping. I utilize the research of highly reliable and authoritative educational, military, governmental sources, and notable experts in the field of emergency preparedness and survivalism. You have seen my videos on bug-out bags and organization, but what if you only have 5 minutes to gather essentials and get out?
Just imagine for a moment that a major terrorist attack or natural disaster has disrupted our infrastructure (Haiti?). Add to EJ Playlist  This video is the first of a multi-video 'Bug Out Vehicle' series.
Add to EJ Playlist  Survival Expert Explains when it is right time to bug out of your home?
D Scott Standard explains the difficult decision of when to leave your home during a crisis.
In this talk we discuss bug out bag supplies, bug out bag essentials, bug out shelter and survival guide time. Devin goes over the ultimate safelist survival gear, outdoor survival tips, rural survival, ,survival shelters, survival prepping and the best prepping tips. Enjoy the advice about when to bug in.Survival Expert Explains When it is Right Time to Bug Out of Your Home? Add to EJ Playlist  older version of what Eureka is making for Solo tents for the military. Add to EJ Playlist  If you have land where you can build a back up bug out location it doesnt have to be fancy.
Stealth camping, or bugging out is challenging enough in the summer, but what about the winter?

One of the things that I did not like about the large molle - it did not have a radio pouch inside the pack like the alice pack does. The desert camo molle pack has very little webbing on it, no pouch on the outside and only one pouch on the outside of the pack. Shelter -- Poncho, Down Sleeping Bag, Wool Blanket, 550 Para-cord (to make tent), the closes on your back (be prepared with a coat or rain jacket). These are the bare essentials, from here you would add extended camp equipment, tactical gear, communication, and creature comforts. Add to EJ Playlist  Here I demonstrate how to make an ovenless bread that is perfect for off-grid and bugout cooking. Add to EJ Playlist  I got home from work on Saturday and decided to "bug out" for the night. A row of sewn nylon hard points in the front allows users to attach other MAXPEDITION pouches and accessories with our "snap and anchor" modular expansion system using TacTie™.
MAXPEDITION's Y-shaped retention strap helps maintain the shape and integrity of the bag and can be used to hold a coil of rope. Hydration pocket can accommodate a concealed firearm using our Hook & Loop Modular Accessories (e.g.
MAXPEDITION's nylon fabric is treated with Dupont Teflon for superb water and grime resistance. Add to EJ Playlist  Find a pack that'll work for you, when you have to strap your house to your back and hump it down the road, with your pack hold up. Add to EJ Playlist  A quick review of what's in my bug out bag ( BOB) This is just part of my bug out kit, so you won't see everything on this video. Add to EJ Playlist  Many people have asked me "what is up with my headlights", well lately I have had duct tape on them because I hadnt figured out how to finish my project of doing a HID retro conversion.
Survivalist and preppers understand that the essentials must be covered in order to sustain them should there be a catastrophic event. Your disaster preparedness plan should have a definitive location for your shelter and your water. Military presence around your location is too strong – There is a theory that the closer you are to danger the safer you will be. Other Preppers have acquired the spot – Yes, you could fight to the death over the area, but this is really not the way that you want to start out your survival. Catastrophic Situations have unpredictably made the area insecure or unyielding – In a catastrophic event you will not be able to predict with certainty how the terrain will be affected.
Where shelter is a priority and will need to be found in order to keep you from over exertion, dehydration, as well as provide the basic functionality of a shelter, water may be the top priority depending upon the conditions. Finally, when you are thinking about your survival plan consider where your plan is located. At Sovereign Survival, our mission is to provide the best survival knowledge to people interested in prepping. If you’re a true urban survivalist but you don’t know the first thing about how to deal with a broken bone or injury… there’s something wrong. The threat of a disaster happening unexpectedly during the normal part of a school, work or play day is very real. A 72 hour BOB is kept at home securely with routine monitoring of expiration dates of perishable supplies in your bag. I have a SIGG bottle, 44 and 58 pattern water bottles with 44 steel mug, telescopic baton, sling shot, sharpening stone, larger and small folding saws, one to keep in the bag and one in my pocket. If you ever need to "Bug Out", having your firearms and ammo together can be vital to you and your family's survival. Using junk you can make a location that you can use to fall back to or to hook up with other preppers in your group. It is high quality and I had a filter crack for no reason and they replaced it for no charge.
Basically taking the old halagen headlights and replacing them with HID projectors from a newer SUV. Sure, planning has gone into making a bug out bag and there have been some skills which have been honed in order to achieve this, but which element should be the top of the top? This may come as a shock to some people, but the reality of the situation is that you have already acquired your water for the first 5 days. The only way that I would say that you should duke out the survival spot is if you have erected a structure such as a bunker and another person has tried to occupy it. Should you find that the area in your disaster plan is unsuitable, you will need to go to another location. As you are looking for an area in which to live, simply finding a spot that has water is not going to be sufficient. Should an event occur and the heat index rise to a substantial level you will need to find water and find it quickly.

If you have to think of water vs shelter and you have a 5 day pack, you need to ensure that you will be able to allot time to finding water.
Preppers and survivalist who have a plan and a backup plan or two should have a few locations selected in various locations which provide ample shelter as well as have a natural water source. Revamp your plan if you find weaknesses in your plan or if the shelter and water desirability change (for example a 4 lane highway is constructed cutting you off from accessing your shelter without compromising your safety).
We share blog posts about tips, tricks, tactics and skills for all things related to survival and preparedness.
Others have said it has too many duplicate or unnecessary items that would add up to too much weight.
Packed with info, this series covers food, water, shelter, guns and defense, and much more.
Whether it's Marshall Law or some other emergency it is YOUR responsibility to be ready to defend and save you and your family, not the governments.
The Vulture 3-Day Assault Pack is your answer with 2810 cubic inches (46 liters) of carry capacity in three compartments equipped with YKK #10 zippers and paracord knot pulls. Granted, this will not sustain you for the long run and you will need to find a water source, but if you have done your prepping and planning strategically (meaning that you have not waited until a catastrophic event has occurred) you already have located a sustainable water source. If your shelter is too close to a military base of operations, you will more than likely be found and seized. You need to ensure that there is a food source, water, a means of getting out quick if needed, tactical advantages, vantage points, the proximity to dangers, egresses, natural lighting, and the condition of the soil (just to name a few). Granted, you will need to find a shelter to keep from getting sunburned and dehydrated, but without water you will die anyway. If after the end of 2 days you have not found s sustainable shelter, you will need to just make do with what is available and seek out some sustainable water. If so, you will need to focus on the shelter first, as water is more abundant in the wilderness (usually).
Bug out bags should be equipped with tarps and water to provide for immediate shelter and water if needed, but these should be understood to be temporary solutions.
Many of our posts are for the absolute beginner who is interested in learning about living off the grid.
Even with some suggestions of what the pack should get rid of or add, it still has more than 130 likes in less than 24 hours.
Comfortable back padding, supple curvaceous straps supported by 1" nylon webbing, a chest strap, and a waist strap (padded and concealable) help distribute the weight evenly throughout the upper body. On some of the phones where the paper will rip I use the "No Pull" and a cover will need to be taken off and the paper removed before it can be used.
Now many people simply put "HID KITS" in there headlights just replacing the bulb,which is a poor excuse for proper lighting. You do NOT want to totally deplete your bug out bags water prior to finding a renewable source of water.
Bags which have water straws and water filters can maximize the time that a person can look for a shelter or a route to their bug out location. Other posts are more advanced and detailed posts to help the expert further their skill development. In the possibles pouch I have matches in a waterproof pot made out of an old shot gun cartridge, carabina clips, water purification tablets (also have them in the first aid kit and my water bottle pouch) and other odds and ends that might be usefull. Removable 1" nylon webbing loops at the bottom can be used to tie a sleeping bag or a tripod. The original housing cannot focus that much light and simply blinds everyone else on the road. Water will be your main priority as there will be plenty of abandon buildings and structures which you can choose to take shelter in. Do not limit yourself to one plan or have your location around one main river (For example: you would not want to have 15 locations picked along the Mississippi River.
Look for residences with external water heaters as a quick way to gain access to stored and safe water.
If the river becomes polluted to the point of not being able to use it you have 15 useless locations). Diversify your locations around several natural water supplies to maximize your potential for one of the locations to be functional in a catastrophic event.

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