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He is a National Board Certified Teacher, and regular speaker at the National Middle School Association conferences. It provides practical, essential, and usable information to help new teachers set up and run a classroom, motivate students, and understand the unique setting that is "middle school".

He is currently department chairman, and instructor of social studies at Georgetown Middle School in Georgetown, Kentucky. The most important lesson a teacher will ever learn Parent conferencing checklist Helpful Internet websites for teachers only! It is gratifying to know that 'common sense' still plays a big part in the field of education." -Dave Shepard, Middle Matters, former vice president of the Kentucky Middle School Association " an incredible blueprint for someone starting his or her career!

Not only that, but a great resource for teachers trying to improve their teaching and classroom management skills needs to be used in college teacher-prep programs." -Tommy Hurt, Principal, The Georgetown Middle School "Dr.

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