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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you have absolutely no idea what we are talking about then you will probably find this book very educational.
Pete Guppy's Survival series are a series of books that take teenagers, placing them in dire situations and then providing a moral to the story and a lifeline of hope.
Who honestly knows how to build a thatched building in the jungle or how to keep warm in the arctic tundra? They are designed to encourage reluctant readers to pick up a book by offering a tale that is at the same time believable and relevant, perhaps something that could or has happened to them, or something in the story that they can relate to.Hopefully, though, no one can relate too much to this story.
This pocket sized guide takes you through every single survival situation you could possibly think of from natural disasters to being stuck at sea.
Two friends, Tim and Nick, are from completely different backgrounds, but are thrown together when a drunken Nick insists on stealing Tim's father's boat and trying to drive it. When the engine fails, though, and they drift towards sea, it's a different matter, and Nick maybe wishes he hadn't been so gung ho.The story focuses on the two characters, and takes their financial status as comparison. We learn that Tim's father has lots of money, and Tim has never wanted for anything in his life. We also find out that Nick's dad is ex-army, can't hold down a job and has resorted to alcohol, encouraging his son to do the same thing. The two reluctant companions soon find out that money isn't everything, and as they have to strive to fight together as opposed to fighting against each other, they learn that they're not all that different.I quite liked the way that Guppy approached this.

Putting the two of them in a dangerous situation maybe was an easy way of getting the two characters to pull together and talk - an extreme survival situation that required friendship to rise above conflict.
The characters are believable, and he manages to get some form of character development even though there are only 70 or so pages in this short story. I have read quite a few of the Survival series books, and this is one I'd recommend for sure.
It has believability, is easy to read, and would appeal to reluctant teen readers by making it relevant, even though the scenario is a touch extreme.The book, as with the others, is very spaced out, with few words on the pages. Recommended, although if you're already an established reader, it's unlikely to give you much to get your teeth sunk into. Much too much hassle, your modular approach is the way forward.I’ve carried a UK military wound dressing since it was the only compulsory item to carry on the Outward Bound course I was on in 1980. I’ve added a small roll of duct tape, some zip-ties and a Thermarest repair kit to mine for running-repairs. Only comment is that even with a fire steel fire making can be really difficult so, as always with any skill that you may actually be relying upon to save your bacon…. I have two fire steels, one that I use and practise with and one in the kit to be there in perfect condition should I ever need it. Knowing that you can use everything (legal) effectively will add to your confidence and positive attitude which could be the difference between success and failure.Reply Paul KirtleyHi BernieAbsolutely. I remember you showing me a little ‘green box’ with a sealable lid in which you carried some sharpening stones ??

I try to spend as much time in the woods as humanly possible and you just never know what can happen.Reply PierreI have been struggling for a few days on the matter of matches. I understand the need for a backup to the firesteel for convenience lighting some kindling.
But if you already have a firesteel and a lighter, why bother with matches?Then it finally occured to me. Even if you keep it warm close to your body, once you get it out to use it you might only have a few seconds of pressure. That’s where, in my rationale, matches have a role to play.Do you see other distinctive advantages of matches?
I never tested greased cotton wool in very cold and wet environment.Reply Paul KirtleyHi PierreGood questions! I travel a lot for work and I am interested to know what you would leave or replace had you wanted to carry a kit on an aircraft, obviously a knife is out etc regards DanoReply Paul KirtleyHi Dano Thanks for the comment and positive feedback on my blog.
People underestimate the difference made to survival rates by taking full notice of this information.
The terrain and mode of travel or situation where such a kit might be of use is a pretty rare event.Any how nice work on the blog.

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