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So this kit isn’t exactly a million dollars, it’s probably more in the region of about 100k! More like the million doller waste of money, no way youll need all that stuff, go read some books on pioneering and camping in the early 19th century. How did you make the picture with all the products on it, looks cool but must have taken a year to make?
Electronic and mechanical components are for giving you a good head start and should not be expected to last forever somtimes low tech can be a beter way to go. When it comes to survival kits and tactical gear, you want to ensure that you have the best that is offered.
Cheaply made products or brands which have not been established as being reputable, will prove to be a waste of money.
Here are the 10 most influential brands for survival gear and what these brands specialize in. As your knife is the most critical tool in your survival pack, it is essential that you chose a knife that will not only get the job done, but one which will last as well. Cold Steel makes it to the top brands as the company not only offers survival knives but also busman bowies and other such knives needed for off grid living and tactical gear.
This brand of knives are sold to manufacturers with extreme use and abuse as the main focus.
In terms of durability and use the 7 to 12.3” blades are ideal for not only hunting and gathering but for survival tool usage as well. You will need to have dehydrated food in your survival pack which can sustain youfor a minimum of 3 days. MREs were designed with the sole purpose of providing food to soldiers which is not only filled with the vitamins and minerals needed to survive, but with durability and longevity in mind.
Ideally, your survival kit will contain only dehydrated foods to ensure the longevity of use. The Sawyer Mini is ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness. The family system can purify up to 12 liters per hour where the individual lifestraw can process up to 264 gallons. It is recommended that you have both in your pack even if you do not have a family in which to provide water for. As water will be your #1 need, ensuring that you can process the maximum amount of water is critical to your survival.
Specifically, the ever ready first aid bag provides you with everything that you could possibly need in a first aid kit. However, the kits do tend to be a bit on the bulky side and may even need to be strapped to the bottom or top of your pack. Phoenix Lazarus offers a great many medical supplies so be sure that you pick the complete survival kit. Where this kit may not have some of the survival gear of the full tactical first aid kit, it does have all the essentials and then a few extras to keep you alive. This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. You do need to bear in mind that this is a 72 hour kit, though since it is designed for 4 people you can probably last a bit longer. Regardless of the brand you choose, you need to ensure that the make and model of the products you purchase are geared to the functionality not to the marketing. It may be appealing to buy the most popular brand, but if that brand does not provide a functional purpose you are really limiting your chances of survival. Remember, the best way to evaluate a product is to find out what others who have field tested the product are saying. At Sovereign Survival, our mission is to provide the best survival knowledge to people interested in prepping. In early 2010, I received an e-mail out of the blue from Julie Decker, the chief curator of the Anchorage Museum, asking if I would be interested in co-curating an exhibition on flight and Alaska. Arctic Flight includes artifacts, archival images, and films from the National Air and Space Museum, Anchorage Museum, Alaska Aviation Museum, the Alaska Heritage Museum, the Carrie M.
The history of Alaska during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is intertwined with the airplane. Collaboration with researchers in Alaska revealed the circumstances behind this color tinted photograph held by our Museum and what it said about how dangerous it was to fly in Alaska. Eric’s photograph of survival gear used by bush pilot Sam White during his long and successful flying career from 1928 to 1964 and now in the collection of the Pioneer Museum in Fairbanks is one of my favorites. The Collections Department assisted with Eric’s photography and prepared the artifacts that traveled on loan to the Anchorage Museum. In the Emil Buehler Conservation Laboratory at the Udvar-Hazy Center, Lauren Horelick, Lisa Young, and Stephanie Spence (left to right) clean a fuel tank from the airship Norge, which made the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean in 1926.
Anthony Wallace from the Collections Processing Unit traveled to Anchorage to assist with the move of the exhibition’s central aircraft artifact, a 1929 Stearman C2B, from the Alaska Aviation Museum to the Anchorage Museum. Co-curating an exhibition and co-authoring a book is a challenging process in itself. You would think trying to do that from over 4,000 miles away, with a few memorable research trips thrown in for good measure, would be nearly impossible, but the collaboration between the National Air and Space Museum and the Anchorage Museum was a grand partnership. Jeremy Kinney is a curator in the Aeronautics Department of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. I live in the Aleutians, on Adak Island to be specific, back in the mid 80’s and spent many hours flying back and forth between the island and Anchorage on Reeves Aleutian Airlines.
It was said that they had some of the best and highest paid pilots in the world because ot the hard weather and conditions that they had to fly and more importantly take off and land in.
I hope someone can help with this , please contact me via this posting site and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To save money and keep the same caliber on the R700 you could switch to a Savage or Ruger American Rifle.
I have both a Remington 700 and a Colt AR15 but the rifle I grab going out the door is a La Rue PredatAR® 7.62. Survival Gear Reviews and Tips, Disaster Preparedness Resources, Survival Skills, Bushcraft Ideas, and more! This entry was posted in Advice and tagged celebrity, expert advice, les stroud, quote, survival kit, survival man, tv by eboz. We would like to thank everyone for their suggestions and have compiled a list of the top 101 pieces of Survival gear our readers carry with them. This is a list of what our readers find most important to them, and is in no way a list of what we think you should or shouldn’t carry. Rounding on somebody simply because they dared to question why somebody might take a Bible with them.
You, my friend, are a prime example of the type of Christian the world has more than enough of.

While I shudder to share any views with you at all, I agree with you however, that every person has a right to look to God if they so choose. Now, I am not sure how someone would find solitude through the Bible or through God, as solitude is a state of isolation. You urged this person to “exercise (his) right to be silent”, might I suggest that you do the same yourself? I dont mind them listing the bible but I think they should just generalize it to books for moral. Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe he is asking because he is that shocked to see a bible on that list!? I’ve packed the pocket edition of the SAS Survival Guide and a book on edible native plants instead as logic would dictate. I agree, in the coming months or years , people are going to need god weather they know it or not? I thought being of christian faith was to openly and willingly reach out to those that are lost, or not found god, not to judge them because they are not the same religion. Or like the first guy said leave the bible to make room for more useful things in a survival situation . Well, from the posts I’ve seen here, folks are interested in truly helping, just bashing. Also, bibles are often passed down and people write things like the dates of births, deaths and marriages in them.
If I was lost in the woods I think I’d find better things to do with my time than sitting and waiting to die reading 1000 plus pages of the bible. Actually, it’s not a bad idea to have a bible in that list because it would give you a heck of a lot of kindling to start a camp fire! I would assume after reading all those who question your concern about bring the Bible, I would think it would be for the same reason that Playing Cards are listed. The Treaty of Tripoli would disagree with you as well as many founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson.
How is it that anyone can voice an opinion and we can encourage it yet the minute they disagree it can turn around to sarcasm or belittling them? We were born a secular nation and must remain one, despite the passion behind our Christian citizens.
Our Constitution does not mention God, Jesus, the Bible, the Ten Commandments, Christians or Christianity. Regardless of faith, I believe that in a scenario that would be extremely traumatizing, it would be beneficial to raise your moral by reading anything preferable to your region.
Yes, you are correct that that a bible wont help you hunt or fight off animals but it can help you survive if you use it correctly. The very reason everyone is making a survival kit and looking at this list, is from the very things that the bible warned us about… Pestilence, Famine, natural disasters!
Why is it that, when people say anything about the bible, or God, people have to say something against it? Personally, I think the Bible would help keep me sane, so yes I think it would be a good tool in a situation like this. Although I do understand you don’t share the beliefs of all others reading this article, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, so during a situation that might require these items, an individual of the Christian religion might consider including their Bible for the sake of holding on to their beliefs and being empowered from reading scriptures and using the word in their hard time. I WOULD BRING THE BIBLE SO I CAN GO TO A VERSE IN THE TIME OF NEED OR PANIC..WHY NOT BRING THE BIBLE? Was that directed to the guy who was um or the guy who was hurt by someone’s comment on atheism or some body else, Sam? The main reason for having a bible is to give the person motivation, feeling of hope and comfort. In either case, we believe this has everything you need to survive the collapse of America and all the turmoil that will surely follow. The knives are perfect for hunting and fishing as well as providing a tool which will not easily be harmed by weather and use.
It is critical that you get an authentic MRE and not just a product that is packaged like an MRE. Generally, I am against such packs as they are more costly and tend to be lacking in one area or another. You will need to add items such as clothing and a modify it to meet your disaster plan, but all-in-all it is a great start.
Once you have made a decision on a brand test it for yourself prior to being in a survival situation. We share blog posts about tips, tricks, tactics and skills for all things related to survival and preparedness.
Her idea was to bring together artifacts and archival materials from different museums into a gallery that told the story of Alaska and aviation during the state’s centennial of aviation in 2013.
McClain Memorial Museum, the National Park Service, the Pioneer Museum, and the Pioneer Air Museum. During the summer of 1935, Wiley Post and the famous American humorist, Will Rogers, ventured north to the territory. Ted Gardeline, on lift, and Anthonyare working to lift the C2B fuselage to the third floor gallery.
We hope that the people of Alaska and anyone enthusiastic for the airplane will find the final product as exciting and worthwhile as we did putting it together.
I know you wont get the same range out of it but most people without training g couldnt make use of all of its range anyway.
It has a sub moa and a .30 cal round so I can shoot deer or pull head shots all day long at 600 yards. Some of these items are great for Bug Out Bags and wilderness survival, while others might be better suited for an urban survival situation.
It is in no way a complete list, or a list of things that need to be included in everyone’s stockpile. But in the same respect people also have a right to choose in what way they look to Him, and indeed whether or not they even want to. We all (for the most part) know right from wrong and you shouldn’t need a bible to tell you what is right and wrong! This nation is made up of many cultures and some of which predate the creation of even of Christianity and older religions in ancient Mesopotamia. So, while you ARE entitled to your opinion, keep in mind that whatever you say could possibly be taken differently than intended and considered offensive to others. Just like some religious people are jerks, like a few weeks ago I was at school and some kids that are in my grade were arguing and putting me down, just because I don’t believe in God. You know some people are religious,(not me but I respect others opinions)and having faith helps them get through a survival situation.

A book is a good way to occupy the mind and can help calm you in an otherwise stressful time. Respect is what is needed and this is a reminder to those of us who see the value of the Bible not to forget it in our packing. But yall should all be worried about survival instead of bashing someone for asking why to carry a bible.
As a platoon sergeant I knew that it was the little things keep your guys together (mail, money, time off, praise and religious reflection. I know that because I have that boat, it can only hold 4-6 people or about 400-500 lbs on the rim of the boat. Many of our posts are for the absolute beginner who is interested in learning about living off the grid.
The idea was great and I jumped at the chance, which quickly developed into one of the best experiences of my career at the National Air and Space Museum. Martin made the first airplane flight in the territory in his Tractor Aeroplane on July 4, 1913.
From left to right, Rogers, famous Alaskan musher Leonhard Seppala, Post, and famous bush pilot Joe Crosson stand near Post’s Lockheed monoplane on a floatplane dock on the Chena River near Fairbanks. Photographer Eric Long documented the artifacts selected for Arctic Flight, which became the basis for the photo essays in Alaska and the Airplane.
We believe in charity but a line needs to be drawn when your own families survival comes at stake. The list of survival gear is presented so you can see what others carry, and to give you some ideas if you’re just getting started in preparedness. I know better than to bring a third of the items listed but inside 2 freezer bags near the top of my pack will be my old KJV. You are a prime example why Religion is the number cause of wars and problems in our society.
Just because people stick up for God doesn’t mean were perfect n dont think your comments are bullshit. When there is a total loss of social control they will need something to keep them subdued.!?! Other posts are more advanced and detailed posts to help the expert further their skill development.
Against Crosson’s advice, Post and Rogers pushed on from there and died in an airplane crash near Barrow.
As for some of the other suggestions, I would recommend that the Grey Man approach be considered.
What I do find concerning, and mildly humorous, is that you think yourself to be less arrogant than this person, yet of more worth.
There are a lot of other things on that list like the kit and laptop that r just down right not worth taking. This country was most definitely founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, whether or not you believe this is irrelevant because this is a basic fact known throughout the world by anyone with at least a second grade education, I can write this in any color of crayon you choose if it will help you to better understand.
Being able to read their bible gives many peace and keeps them from loosing it in a time when they may need to be strong for others. But they are good people, but like every other group in the whole world, some are not good. There is everything from medical information (Old Testament) to relationship and survival information and history. The pioneers of flight used the territory as a byway as they flew around the world, over the North Pole, and expressed their visions of the airplane as a global technology. The gear listed below are pricey, but we feel you should never cheap out on gear when it comes to urban survival because the quality of your gear could mean the difference between life and death. As for slamming on a person that was making a simlpe point is the kind of thing that is braking down Amarica and not the intelegents of the people that live here. It is clear to all by your misrepresentation of the truth that you are as well educated in history as your ridiculous statement presents you to be.
Whether you believe it or not, whether you have all the right things to say to justify your evilness. The portable stove for example; how would you actually pack that in a bag along with every other item listed and why would you need it?
Air-minded Alaskans, embracing their own pioneer spirit, took to the air as bush pilots and started the airplane’s ascendance as the main form of transportation. Keep in mind that this kit is a work in progress and we would greatly appreciate any input you could give us. You may say that you are a christian but are you really a true believer if you are hating on others and telling them that they just got burned by a christian?
Please try to have a clue before you open your banjo-picking cousin dating dope smoking sandal-wearing tree hugging liberal pie hole in the presence of truly educated people. During World War II and the Cold War, world powers fought over the Aleutians, built an aerial bridge to Siberia, and faced each other during decades of nuclear stalemate. If you want to contribute to this site and the prepping community at large, offer your feedback below.
The whole thing of a bible is a load of shit and full of lies that men have made seam like it was to be true but that is just what i think yet again.
If your comments are stated out of plain stupidity then we all understand you can’t fix stupid, but after all liberalism is a mental disordera€¦. He will give you strength and comfort when your supplies run low or you are facing certain death. The bush pilots created aviation empires that connected the rest of the world to an industrialized frontier that served villages, resource developers, and outsiders seeking adventure.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter their race, religion, nor their intelligence level. One thing remained a constant throughout the century of Alaskan flying, the unpredictable weather and rugged terrain remained the great equalizer. I understand it will help keep refuge when you are out in the wilderness alone, scared and afraid of dying. Honestly this whole thing has been blown out of proportion and it all goes back to one simple question of why should i bring a bible.
It could be used for as an archive for people that are trying to recreate the earth if a major disaster happens.

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