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Before one can begin to discuss the basic items that should be inside an earthquake survival kit, one should first note down several things about it. Listed below are some basic things that one can put inside the earthquake survival kit that he is preparing.
People might laugh at you saying that you’re being paranoid if they see you preparing an earthquake survival kit. The world is a dangerous place and safety is something that should always be in a person’s mind. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, hunting, fishing or camping, you should have an appropriate first aid kit with you at all times. The Prepping To Survive website has a great article on what to include in your first aid kit.
The new SOL Scout takes the critical survival tools and packages them into an ultralight, waterproof dry-bag. Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted.
A video bragging on the thermal properties of Soapstone and ways to use it to stay warm if the power goes out. In some cases, you and your earthquake survival kit may get stuck in a location with very little lighting available.
This probably one of the most important things that you could put inside your earthquake survival kit.
There’s a classic factoid that people usually pass around saying that a person can live several weeks without food but with water but only days without water even with sufficient food. The last thing that you need inside your earthquake survival kit is a few pieces of dried food. However, at the end of the day, fixating on safety is not something that should be faulted.
With an earthquake survival kit, you can sleep more soundly at night knowing that you’ve put yourself in a better position if ever the worst happens. This card has  4 arrow heads, a scraper, saw blade, and knife blade cut into a credit card sized piece of steel.
You will need to pay a small shipping charge of $6.95, but other than that, the Flashlight is completely free.

You have to make a kit that will pack all your essentials, which shall be mentioned later, without reducing your ability to move around too much.
You can still add to the list while minding what was mentioned about not bringing too much. The bag for your earthquake survival kit should be sturdy and durable as you do not know what kind of damage or impact your earthquake survival kit will be facing. In moments such as these, it pays to have a flashlight in your earthquake survival kit to minimize the psychological duress that could be caused by the darkness.
Amidst the chaos, you may incur wounds that need immediate medical attention, without which may lead to infections that could be fatal.
Survival Kit includes: Compass, Mini Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, Slim Rescue Howler Whistle, Fire Lite one-handed sparker, Waterproof Tinder Quik, Heatsheets Survival Blanket, Survival Fishing Kit and Duct Tape.
We have been playing with these great little flashlights in our office for the past week and can vouch for their quality. These things usually sell for around $20, and are way more powerful than anything you will find at home depot.
Some people think that if you hoard in an entire grocery store, it will increase your chances, but doing so will only make it a problem for you to go from one place to another and in a situation where debris can be coming from everywhere, you need to be as mobile as you can. However, always choose material that are more lightweight to reduce the heaviness of your earthquake survival kit. Moreover, you can use the flashlight in your earthquake survival kit to signal out to possible rescuers who may be nearby. While the first-aid kit may not have the medicines that could completely solve the problem, it will serve well to minimize possible complications before you gain access to proper medical care. Keep several bottles of clean water inside your earthquake survival kit, just enough to last you some days but not too many as to make the earthquake survival kit too heavy.
Should the time come, and hopefully it does not, that you will need to use your earthquake survival kit then you will finally realize how truly valuable it was to think a few steps ahead of everyone else. For many people, having this inside their earthquake survival kit spelled the difference between life and death.
Much too much hassle, your modular approach is the way forward.I’ve carried a UK military wound dressing since it was the only compulsory item to carry on the Outward Bound course I was on in 1980. I’ve added a small roll of duct tape, some zip-ties and a Thermarest repair kit to mine for running-repairs.

Only comment is that even with a fire steel fire making can be really difficult so, as always with any skill that you may actually be relying upon to save your bacon…. I have two fire steels, one that I use and practise with and one in the kit to be there in perfect condition should I ever need it.
Knowing that you can use everything (legal) effectively will add to your confidence and positive attitude which could be the difference between success and failure.Reply Paul KirtleyHi BernieAbsolutely. I remember you showing me a little ‘green box’ with a sealable lid in which you carried some sharpening stones ?? I try to spend as much time in the woods as humanly possible and you just never know what can happen.Reply PierreI have been struggling for a few days on the matter of matches. I understand the need for a backup to the firesteel for convenience lighting some kindling. But if you already have a firesteel and a lighter, why bother with matches?Then it finally occured to me. Even if you keep it warm close to your body, once you get it out to use it you might only have a few seconds of pressure.
That’s where, in my rationale, matches have a role to play.Do you see other distinctive advantages of matches? I never tested greased cotton wool in very cold and wet environment.Reply Paul KirtleyHi PierreGood questions! I travel a lot for work and I am interested to know what you would leave or replace had you wanted to carry a kit on an aircraft, obviously a knife is out etc regards DanoReply Paul KirtleyHi Dano Thanks for the comment and positive feedback on my blog. People underestimate the difference made to survival rates by taking full notice of this information. The terrain and mode of travel or situation where such a kit might be of use is a pretty rare event.Any how nice work on the blog.

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