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Marine Lance Corporal Jason Rother is left by his unit in the middle of the 29 Palms desert.
He tries to walk his way back to safety, making 15 miles before dying in the desert just 8 miles short of the town of Amboy.
Notice the "fellow marine" is absolutely RIGHT, yet a lot of stupid American go around proclaiming the USMC is "great" when its really a crap bureaucracy composed of lying narcissist tyrants and wannabe lemming victim door-mats easily defeated by mere Mother Nature long before even confronting any enemies.
In the wake of the accident, Rother's company commander and platoon leader have been relieved of their commands. LEAD: The marine corps said today that an officer had been formally charged in the case of a lance corporal who was abandoned and died in the California desert last summer and that technicalities had been cleared away so that courts-martial of two sergeants could proceed. Lieutenant Lawson has been accused of willful disobedience of a lawful order, dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming an officer. It could not immediately be determined what sentences could be given to the lieutenant and the two sergeants if they are convicted. The battalion commander, battalion executive officer, company commander and platoon leader who were the leaders in Corporal Rother's unit are being relieved of their duties. While the USMC still wants lemming robots, the other armed services have at least taken some steps to get some basic survival skills in its members and have even changed the acronym term from "SERE" to "Survival, Evasion And Recovery" (SEAR) which is what USAF survival school graduate CPT Scott O'Grady did in 1995 though the dumb marines almost got him killed. After the Rother fiasco, I published an article in the Marine Corps Gazette (March 1989, pages 31-32) describing how to make a solar still and how to create a mini-survival reference that can be laminated, folded and carried in the pocket of every Soldier to overcome the FIRST BATTLE which is against the earth itself; (TBATE). Equipment: implements, chipping stone, cordage, sinew, bow and arrow, pottery, weaving, rafts, snowshoes, pitch, wooden knife, more.
Techniques: dressing game, rawhide, tanning, cooking, roasting, drying meant, pemmican and jerky, cooling food. These flexible SERE cards can be pulled out of the pocket for classes in the field during dead time to hone SERE skills of the men. Another good, though heavy pocket reference is John Wiseman's SAS Survival "Flick Book" available from Harper Collins books depicted below. They would be connected to real world combat reality instead of parade ground drill & ceremony and equipped with the SERE skills to pass on to their recruits. The Way Back is Peter Weir's epic movie of a real life story of how a group of men and women escaped from Communist Russia's Gulags in Siberia and then walked their way to freedom--4, 000 miles away! The Way Back makes an excellent book-end to the survival story Defiance with Daniel Craig since the latter details how a Polish survival group in the west prevailed against the Nazis who took over that part of the country while the former describes what happened to those in the east captured by Stalin--thanks to the evil Non-Agression Pact caused by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's absurd promise to somehow defend Poland.
Survival Kit, Individual NSN 654-00-139-3671 costs $12.46 and is available in the supply "system".
There is an excellent Survival Fishing Kit, NSN 4220-00-244-0764 in the "system", that weighs 6.5 ounces and fits inside a M16 magazine pouch. There is a small SERE kit that comes with parachutes that assumes you will use the parachute canopy for tent and suspensions lines for lashing, rigging, snares etc..
Most Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape experts state emphatically you must have a survival kit on your body that will be with you no matter what, even if you dump or lose all your outer gear.
REMEMBER -- THE PURPOSE OF THE KIT IS TO KEEP YOU ALIVE WHILE YOU SIT OUT A STORM OR NIGHT OUT UNTIL YOU CAN BE RESCUED! We've all watched for now collectively over 31 YEARS folks telling everyone to "go get a pouch, assemble a SERE kit", DIY--IT DOESN'T HAPPEN for the Type B personality lemmings that populate the USMIL. Our reasoning is that the neck doesn't give you enough "storage" for the larger items needed to make survival possible in the desert: a space blanket and a solar still plastic. Bigger and with more pockets (8 in all), to accommodate those who believe that you not only can, but should take it with you!
Uniquely designed compact belt pouch handles most everyday necessities in the three compartments.
You can never have too many pockets and the updated Liberty wallet-sized belt pack proves it.
Nite Ize Pock-Its is designed to carry a mini-flashlight and multi-tool while organizing your smaller items into a single, convenient location. Nite Ize Pock-Its® is designed to carry a mini-flashlight and multi-tool while organizing your smaller items into a single, convenient location. The hook and loop closures ensure safe retention of the contents, regardless of body position or extreme movement. Six compartments and pockets keep cell phones, calculators, small binoculars, sunglasses, tablets, tools, keys, change, business cards handy for instant personal access.
Depicted here is the SKEDCO armored vehicle extraction strap pouch used to carry the Rowe SERE kit.
2 gal ziplock bags; 1 for making above ground solar stills,1 for holding the collected water collection. The Soldier in the day should stay still to conserve body fluids using the Space blanket below-ground shelter. Lightweight essential knowledge, suggest laying cards out on xerox machine and condensing to one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper back to back and heat lamination to a folding, thinner version. Approximately 80% of all infectious diseases are the result of drinking or coming into contact with contaminated water. While water is one of the best things that you can drink, it is also one of the most dangerous. Even water from an apparently clear, fast running glacial stream will contain small particles of rock that will not do your insides any good. When doing some background reading it occurred to me that most viruses are smaller than 0.2. Not so commendable is that some other manufactures try to downplay the risk of viral waterborne disease. Viruses are host specific, so you are most at risk in areas where humans may have contact with the water system. In areas where there is a low chance of viral contamination using a filter such as a Katadyn may be the only treatment needed.
Before leaving the topic of filtration, mention must be made of the relatively new technology of Reverse Osmosis, or Ultra-filtration.
Heat treating water is often preferable to chemical treatment, since fuel can usually be found while sources of chemicals may be limited. The WHO standard for heat treating water is to boil it for ten minutes at a rolling boil (surface disturbed by bubbles).
In the very worse-case scenario without canteens because the LBE has been lost, a survival straw will allow the Soldier to go to a stream, lake and drink somewhat safely direct from the source. If it does not, we should use the McNett Frontier water purifier drink straw because the straw detaches so it will fit inside the BDU SERE kit pouch. Complete pocket purifier more than meets FDA and EPA standards to kill viruses, bacteria and filter disease causing cysts. Removes Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), and eliminates soluble heavy metal toxins such as Iron, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and Arsenic. To mend clothing and can turn one of the needles (Steel) into an improvised compass by rubbing with a cloth to magnetize or bent into a fish hook. As an 101st Air Assault 1SG recently reported from Afghanistan, there were no iodine tablets for Operation ANACONDA! 2 drops of chlorine bleach with 5.25% chlorite for every full 1 quart canteen's worth of clear water. Or carry the two component bottles of McNett's Aqua Mira (better than chlorine or Iodine) in your BDU belt SERE kit pouch.
AQUAMIRA Water Treatment kills odor-causing bacteria and improves the taste of water from rivers, lakes, streams, tap water and more. Place 7 drops AQUAMIRA (Part A) and 7 drops ACTIVATOR (Part B) in clean cup or the mixing cap. IMPORTANT STORAGE INFORMATION: For best results, cap bottles tightly and store away from heat and sunlight.
Realizing this, the Soldier should have a last line of defense of a built-in filter into his Camel-Bak or via a specialty canteen ON TOP OF PURIFYING BY CHLORINE BLEACH OR IODINE TABLETS. When author Sparks was in Korea, he ran out of water and had to fill up from the unit's water buffalo. Although it looks like a GI Canteen, the purification filter will not fit military 1 and 2 quart plastic canteens. To survive, extra cords are needed to make items, insure you have some cords by using 550 parachute cord which has 7 inner strands as your boot laces.
Note: that the kit is composed completely of high-quality items as Peter Kummerfeldt advises. So Mandrake, if you have neither the time nor patience for "strategic thought"--you cannot or will not put together your own SERE kit by DIY. Always start with the larger items, then put the smaller items in the spaces left and lastly place the flat instructions on top.
We cannot advertise, but SERE items should be HIDDEN in the BDU and around the body in event of capture.
Once we have an overt SERE kit, the Soldier can remove from his BDU belt and place anywhere he finds it comfortable. If your stored emergency water is destroyed in the disaster, you may need to know how to purify water. The new marine uniforms add pocket to the sleeves (great idea) and remove them from the bottom of the blouse (not-so-great idea); let's add a couple of pockets on the sleeves. As far as thermal protection of BDUs is concerned, think about visual camouflage in comparison.
The whole point is, let's examine what we wear every day, and intelligently re-engineer that as well as loading on extra gear that someone may or may be issued or carrying at the critical moment.
If Platoon Leaders and Company Commanders would include an "evasion annex" in every operations order OPORD and occasionally put it into play, Soldiers will learn to use their SERE gear and appreciate it.
Vietnam combat vet and noted author Ralph Zumbro was once a lightfighter, red leg artilleryman and Paratrooper before he became a mech guru. Imagine a gathering of 10,000 preppers at a convention somewhere in the heart of Las Vegas and at that convention every single prepper had brought their own fully stocked bug out bag. The same bug out bags that each person had diligently packed using checklists gleaned from various prepping blogs, YouTube videos and their own personal experience.

I would bet that a high percentage of them, maybe 90% or greater would have one very simple piece of gear in there somewhere along with the fire-steel, water filters, emergency blankets and survival knives.
The survival tin, which is usually the container for the survival fishing kit is I think one of the most discussed pieces of gear in prepper circles.
A quick search on YouTube finds well over 100,000 videos of preppers showing the contents of their tins, opening up the survival tins they receive from internet shopping and discussing the range of life saving implements they have been able to squirrel away in the confines of these small boxes. They are really simple to make, just grab an assortment of items that you think can help you out if you are ever faced with some life or death survival scenarios. All you need, generally speaking are items that many of us already have lying around our homes somewhere. The survival tin is designed to hold this potentially life-saving gear in a relatively compact form that is easy enough to slip in your pocket everyday as you head out the door.
This is a mandatory part of many preppers EDC gear and I agree that if you had this in your pocket and were dumped in the middle of nowhere, next to a river at 0 Dark 30, you would be much better off than someone who had nothing.
At least you could use the flashlight to see your way to using your flint and tinder to make a fire.
Then you could take the survival fishing kit to catch a nice big trout for your sustenance. But for the rest of us who aren’t subjected to the life of a hypothetical Bear Grylls episode and aren’t dropped anywhere, does a survival fishing kit make much sense at all or is it wasting space in our bug out bags, backpacks and pants pockets? I am not a big fish eater to be perfectly honest, but I grew up fishing with my friends in the neighborhood where we lived. I completely understand the rationale behind having a way to catch fish as food and if you get lucky, a decent sized fish or even several smaller fish could provide a nice meal which if you are starving, could save your life.
Along with that survival fishing kit, you need the right bait, a good bit of luck and a small amount of skill and patience. I think that many preppers assume that if they only have that handy little survival fishing kit in their bags they will be bringing a feast back to the campsite with ease. This is yet another one of the myths that I think preppers believe about bugging out to the woods. I think that having the ability to even try your hand at fishing during a survival situation is going to come down to several factors but the top two that come to mind are your location and your availability to fish.
You might argue that the supplies you need for a good fishing kit are so small and insignificant when it comes to weight that they are good to have anyway. I can buy that, but I think that some people are hanging their hopes on their perceived ability to put food on the blanket and simply having some hooks, weights and fishing line in your survival tin doesn’t guarantee you will catch anything or even find a place to fish in the first place.
The contents of a survival fishing kit are pretty basic and true to the survival tin idea, they don’t need to take up much space. Could you fashion your own hooks with a soda can tab or natural materials and leave the fishing kit at home? Fishing line is hard to replicate in nature and it really doesn’t cost much at all to put these supplies together.
If you don’t know just ask the guy behind the counter at the place you are buying the fish hooks. If you have fishing supplies at home, this should be easy to pull together or if you would rather buy a pre-built kit they have plenty of survival fishing kits online and most are less than the price of a meal out. It would really suck to finally catch a nice fish only to have the hook come off the line as you are nearing shore and your dinner swim away into the deep. It’s the same with snares and traps, they can catch game for you but you have to be incredibly lucky to have an animal wander through the woods to your trap in the first place so don’t bet the farm on these two methods unless you are already living remotely well before the collapse. These make good supplies to have in my opinion, but not realistic food gathering options unless you are extremely lucky in a bug out scenario. Once the dust has settled and you are all living like nomads, then a good fishing kit would be a great idea. You can rest assured that this transaction is secured by the same 256 bit encrypted methods that big sites like Amazon, E-bay and the major banks use. Three more of the lance corporal's superiors face courts-martial for dereliction of duty and other charges.
Christopher Clyde, the platoon sergeant who had charges against him withdrawn yesterday because a court-martial had been convened by an officer who later was relieved of command, will face a new court-martial on the same charges of dereliction of duty and willful disobedience of a lawful order. Thomas Turnell, who was Corporal Rother's squad leader, will be tried on three counts, dereliction of duty, willful disobedience of a lawful order and unauthorized absence. However, in this web page we are not going to go along with the BS Department of Defense (DoD) buzz word band wagon that paints false pictures that all is well and under control and will refer to SERE as SERE. SERE skills can also be enhanced by using the current FM 21-76 Armed Forces Survival Manual and John Wiseman's SAS Survival Manual for instructors to use. Army Drill Sergeant should be sent to SERE school created by legendary Special Forces Soldier, LTC Nick Rowe and the basic recruit training curriculum of the U.S.
Anything less than this handicaps us for the future 21st Century, Non-Linear Battlefield (NLB).
Army should have a designated MOS Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) and SERE school slot for a SERE Subject-Matter-Expert (SME). Note that the Communists INHERITED the death camp Gulag system from the previous monarchy government and as a murderer, Stalin spent time there and later escaped to be an even bigger tyrant. He must have the same resilience as a Russian partisan had during WWII when encircled by the German Army: the ability to live off the land and not be subject to defeat from dislocation. The metal case it comes in can be used to cook the caught fish portions or the lid as a survival mirror.
Ranger Rick Tscherne has taken this ideal to heart and put most SERE items on a neck chain using a plastic drink tube with a wire saw inside. In other words, with Ranger Rick's SERE neck chain in the desert, you could die from dehydration and exposure all things going wrong for you etc. Wallet-sized fanny pack organizes pocket accessories and provides a secure place to put your valuables while allowing easy access to them. At home on a belt, pack strap or over the shoulder, the New Traveler keeps all the necessities at your fingertips and easy to find.
Mounts on pack sternum straps or Load Bearing Suspenders, or as a centrally located, easy to access storage pocket for essential on the move items - food bars, repellent, lip balm, eyegear, camera, compass and more.
The space blanket can cover a hole 6 inches down (temperate is a constant 55 degrees) to shield the Soldier. As he's resting, a hole with a clear plastic stretched over the top with a canteen cup underneath could be collecting the evaporating water from the ground to gain distilled drinking water. At its crudest you may just pour the water through a cone of twisted grass or a couple of folds of bandanna to remove any debris. The polio virus can live several days or weeks in sewage (ie, dirty water.) If there is a host in the area then the levels of viruses will be constantly replenished anyway. These systems use a pore size so small it can actually filter the sodium and chloride ions out of seawater to produce freshwater.
While this is sure to kill anything present, rendering water safe to drink requires less heating.
It also eliminates a wide range of carcinogens, including Pesticides, Herbicides, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Radon, Tri-Halomethanes and other man-made chemicals.
Hefty aluminum small loaf pan or 2 ft piece of heavyweight tinfoil as a lightweight cup to boil water in and in a pinch a poor signal mirror. Infared Phoenix Beacon [IR-15]) and a 9v battery fastened with a retainer band [always kept visible so Joe will remember to periodically change it for a fresh one].
Eyedropper of Chlorine bleach in outer pouchette of 1 quart canteen cover or the two component bottles of Aqua Mira (better than chlorine or Iodine). If we ain't going to see them (like 40mm shotgun grenades for M203) we damn well better be executing "Plan B" and doing the chlorine bleach-in-a-dropper thing.
If water is very cold, cloudy, or if cryptosporidium is suspected, let stand for 30 minutes or more and use 14 drops AQUAMIRA (Part A) and 14 drops ACTIVATOR (Part B) to treat water. Contact with extreme heat or extended direct sunlight will reduce the effectiveness of AQUAMIRA. The Press2Pure Personal Water Filter is designed to clean 200 gallons of water ( California rating- 100 gallons)- a year's supply of fresh drinking water for the average individual. Unless you are in the wild, it is unlikely to encounter virus-laden water in municipal drinking supplies because of the chemicals and treatment. If you want you can buy the BDU Hi-Tac pouch, put your multi-tool in it and as you get the money obtain SERE items and place inside. However, let's get an OVERT SERE kit on the Soldier's body and a SERE mentality in every Soldier's brain housing group and then we can work on a covert one. The point is we need a foot-in-the-door so HE HAS A SERE kit on his person when he needs it! Water, whether cloudy or clear, that has been exposed to the air for a few days should be boiled vigorously for 10 minutes to kill bacteria. Our issue boots are molded - that heel space could accommodate survival gear IF we could get that space utilized. A brightly-colored reflective area on the inside of the blouse could act as a VS-17 signaling panel.
If nothing else, this adds to the number of uniform gigs possible, so it'll get the bored First Sergeant's [petty bureaucratic tyrants who obsess about BS like narcissism--while ignoring important things like COMBAT readiness] votes. If we're trying to keep a Soldier alive with nothing on but his "garrison gear" we can keep him alive a bit longer than he wood be otherwise, but nowhere near what a Soldier wearing even rudimentary webbing is capable of. Do you honestly think that smearing green and black paint on your face makes you invisible, which is why opponents can't spot you in the brush? He suggests that unit commanders assemble their men for field exercises and suddenly inform them that they will only have the gear on them at that second to survive the next few days etc. These Soldiers should also be the unit's Subject Matter Experts on TA-50 to avoid pitfalls encountered in Afghanistan. I think because they are so compact and could give you the ability to catch fish if the right situation presented itself, a survival fishing kit makes a good addition to your bag. This completes the security of your payment information from A to Z keeping your private information secured and private all the way through the transaction. The BN CO, a promising tactician and leader retires early to his farm in NC, where he is killed in a tractor accident.

More than three months after Rother's disappearance, a third search party, composed of 130 civilian and marine volunteers organized by the San Bernardino sheriff's office, comes across the corporal's M-16 rifle, camouflage clothes and ID card. As in the case of Sergeant Clyde, the original charges against Sergeant Turnell were withdrawn and refiled to avoid a conflict over procedure.
Had Rother been trained to be more self-reliant and less as a weak lemming and known to walk only at NIGHT to conserve fluids, to leave more visible signals for searchers to find him, and make a solar still to collect water, he could have made it on his own to safety. The best survival cards are Lee Nading's (POB 1805 Bloomington, IN 47402 (812) 336-8206), but are made of brittle plastic riveted together.
Army changed to build a self-reliant, intrepid warrior-lion, not a timid robot herd of sheep. As long as the old men 3-star generals and above run the USMIL, there will always be monies budgeted for their video teleconferencing crap toys for them to play with and nothing left for the lower ranking younger men Soldiers who fight, bleed and die.
Western Armies need to learn from their Eastern counterparts the same hardiness of character that once existed in Sherman's Army during the Civil War to attain amazing 4-7 mph levels of foot mobility that defeated the Confederates. However, this attempt doesn't protect the body in the most challenging survival environment--the desert--because there is the least amount of natural resources to work with. Pock-Its® securely holds these items while allowing them to remain conveniently accessible. Slip driver's license, credit cards, hotel pass card into the front zippered compartment and you're ready to move! The Soldier can place any vegetation and urinate under the still while he's still hydrated to collect more water.
We contacted the Katadyn website about this, and was initially told that the filter would remove viruses attached to larger particles.
Heating water to 65°C for six minutes is sufficient to Pasteurise the water (just kill the harmful organisms). The improved and patented 100% KDF alloy media (not silver or carbon) destroys more than 99.9% harmful microorganisms. The Frontier Filter can be used to drink from any bottle or cup, or directly from water sources.
Let's find a durable bottle no higher than 3 inches high that fits into the canteen cover's outer pouchette use that to carry your chlorine bleach. AQUAMIRAs unique formula works quickly and efficiently by releasing oxygen in a highly active form to kill odor-causing bacteria without unpleasant taste or odor. Turbid water with high organic load should be pre-filtered with a carbon filter before treatment.
You cannot ever ASS U ME that water coming from the unit in a field or combat situation is going to be pure.
The filter will eliminate odors and bad taste in addition to reducing chlorine and particulate matter.
The Press-2-Pure water filtration system has been engineered to retain helpful minerals such as calcium and magnesium while removing harmful inorganic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium. Even in nature the presence of virus in water supplies is limited because of the nature of viruses. PLs and COs should include an evasion annex in every OPORD and occasionally put it into play during field training exercise, Soldiers will learn to use their SERE gear and appreciate it. Also water purification tablets are available at many drug and camping supply stores; follow directions on the label.
Without modification, we can treat our uniforms to serve us better in extremis by adding Camp Dry to aid in waterproofness and reduce weight (water is heavy), as well as treating all uniforms with Permethrin to minimize insect bites. General David Grange used to do this in the 1st Infantry Division and called it "Mangudai Training". Instead of the immoral, back-stabbing on BS TV shows like "Survivor" why not do it for real and build moral character and SERE skills?
You can confirm this by looking at the top left of your browser in the menu bar – where you will see the GREEN lock. The marine corps launches a 1,758-man search, complete with helicopters and jeeps equipped with infrared thermal imaging devices, to track him down. Not far away, they soon discover dry human bones, presumably those of Rother, scattered across the desert floor.
Denying problems and "frying" leaders will not change the realities of the modern battlefield that every Soldier must be self-sufficient and resourceful, not a mindless, weak, dependant robot who must cling to his bureaucracy like a baby. Being a "POW" for a few days would be a lesson in humility for the Drill Sergeants who would then hopefully realize that everyone that wears "U.S.
Water can be drunk from Ranger Rick's drinking tube without having to dismantle the still, or wait until nightfall's movement and drink the water after dismantling it. Since the relation between microbial death and temperature is exponential bring the water to the boil for 15secs is more than enough heat treatment. It also explains why waterborne disease is not more prevalent among campers and cultures that consume a large proportion of their water as tea or coffee.
Removes contaminates down to 2 microns in size including wide spread pathogens such as giardia, cryptosporidium and large bacteria. It might be some Soldier told to go fill up the M149 water buffalo from a local garden hose. The Press-2-Pure filter is unique in its ability to reduce a wide range of contaminants that are known to cause serious health concerns. By meeting stringent FDA, NSF and ANSI standards and protocols, Press-2-Pure can assure the safest quality drinking water in the smallest most portable mode. We can intelligently populate the lower pockets with survival gear - just because we can't get to them in a hurry while wearing LBE doesn't eliminate their usefulness. However, I wouldn't do so, because velcro is either (1) noisy because it's grabbing well, or (2) quiet because it's not grabbing well, and (3) sure to open when you take opening shock, hit wait-a-minute vines, or hang up on a sharp corner.
In the same vein, thermal dye in BDUs that absorbed and dissipated heat at different rates might leave a streaked, mottled bunch of blobs on your TOW sensors, as opposed to a convenient bipedal man shape. If something is too heavy, find out what 'too heavy' really is and look for something lighter. Struggling for survival in daytime temperatures that reached 120 degrees F, the doughty marine may have made his way almost back to the base in Twentynine Palms.
Rother to help guide a truck convoy at night but failed to have him picked up later, was charged today on three counts. Continuing with the "status quo" of parade ground, Drill & Ceremony instead of incorporating SERE skills into basic training is by definition insanity that will continue to produce future marine disasters and tragedies.
More tedious, though effective would be to copy and compress FM 21-76 SURVIVAL which can be viewed online. Army" on their nametape is FRIEND--not foe ie; some young punk who needs to be harassed and "pay his dues" to the BS bureaucracy. Sherman knew back in 1864 that being tied down to the umbilical cord of rear area supply is an operational and tactical handicap. Larger POCK-ITS includes two elastic loops- perfect for pens or small tools, and a D-ring and an accessory hook- ideal for attaching keys or lanyards. This can be relied on to remove all bacteria, protozoa and larger parasites from the water. Frontier's ultra lightweight and compact package size fits in the smallest day pack, waist pack or pocket.
Retains helpful minerals - calcium and magnesium - while removing toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium. If you are concerned, we recommend pre-treating your water with a disinfection purification product, such as Iodine tablets or other bug-killing product. A space blanket wrapped around a signal mirror in one pocket, a flat survival kit (little tube of antibiotic gel, cleaning [iodine or alcohol] pads for debriding wounds, telfa pads, suture set, iodine tabs, matches, all in a small silvered case with the words "Don't Panic!" printed on the front in.. I put things in pockets so that they'll be there later - stuff I need instantly is in mag pouches.
Among them is Jason Rother, a 19-year-old lance corporal shipped in from North Carolina's Camp Lejeune for a special training exercise. They also discover an arrow, laid out on the ground with stones and pointing southeast, that Rother may have constructed to indicate the direction in which he was traveling. LTC Rowe, SERE school founder was one of the few to actually escape from the enemy during the Vietnam war. When his men learned to become "light fighters" they gained an element of unpredictability and battlefield mobility that the Confederates were unable to match. In older literature you may find claims that these remove all harmful organisms from the water, including viruses, and that no further treatment was necessary. In fact, one of the older distinguishing properties of viruses was their ability to pass through porcelain filters.
The Katadyne is the world class for a purifier pump though Recovery Engineering's ROWPU will purify seawater into drinking water.
Follow the instructions and let the water stand long enough before filtering to effect a kill of potentially dangerous virus and bacteria. While most of the marines directing convoys are posted around the desert in pairs, Rother, inexplicably, is sent out to guide troop movements without an assigned buddy. A month later, a second marine-led search party has no more success in locating the missing Leatherneck.
Avoid the Aztec Two Step with this affordable insurance plan for all travelers campers, hunters, bikers and disaster situations.
Colonel Fred Peck, "is something that's drummed into you from Day One." In the case of the Rother tragedy, it may not have been drummed in quite hard enough. If viruses are suspected, make sure you treat bad water with Iodine purification tabs fowlloing the directions BEFORE filtering.

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