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In a survival situation food can be cooked by: skewering on a stick kabob, on a sting spit with two y-stick supports, hanging from a stick tripod, bamboo (if in the area), wrapped in green grass or leaves and then caked in mud and cooked on hot coals, over hot rocks, and in boiling water in a container to name some ideas. Disclaimer: The information on the Wild Edibles page(s) or the Wild Edible Gallery is intended to provide general information only.
Easily reproduced – sure, you can buy survival food now, but what if you have no choice but to make it someday? If you don’t have some of the ingredients in the recipe, just adapt it to what you have!
Hi, I made some of your Hard tack from one of your video's and added some spices,cranberries,nuts and they were very good eating. There are essentially two extremes of  wilderness cooking. My  hard-core foodie friends in the Central Oregon Dutch Oven Society take their Dutch oven related gear, find a beautiful spot outdoors and cook gourmet meals. When it comes to backpacking or survival food, most of us want to be somewhere in the middle. Wrap the bars individually and make extras for tucking into school backpacks, survival kits and daypacks. Transfer to the pan and distribute evenly over the bottom, pressing firmly with your hands. Survival food requirements are ease of making and cooking, simple ingredients and good taste! If you ever wondered why we recommend prepping, and stockpiling food and emergency supplies, one look at what happened this weekend Springhill and Mansfield, LA should tell you everything you need to know – and will give you a glimpse at what this country will look like during a nationwide crisis. Over the weekend, the debit system that allows people on government assistance to buy food, temporarily went down. A couple of Walmarts in Louisiana decided to allow people to shop, even though the system was down and they had no real way of knowing how much credit people had on their cards.
When the system went back online, the grocery store found people who had as little as .49 on their Food Stamp cards attempting to steal over $700 in food. A number of people, thinking the government shutdown had affected their food stamps, took to Twitter with threats of violence and rioting.
As we’ve talked about in the past, we now live in a country where almost 50% of the public relies on some sort of government assistance just to maintain their lifestyle. When you consider the fact that most grocery stores only have enough food to last for at most 2 – 3 days, and then consider how people act during an outage that only lasted a couple of hours, what do you think will happen during a crisis that stops the delivery of food for a prolonged period of time?
They have thier priorties,,,car payment-cigs and liquer-gun and ammo-cloths cleaner-something for the girlfriend-food for the other girlfiend baby-what is left take home to wife and ten kids. I am a veteran, and yes I receive food stamps not because I am lazy, or a free loader but because I was injured and i am having trouble finding work.
Dear Vet03, We people bitch and complain about food stamp users they are not complaining about you!
I have a friend whom is a loan officer, one day he showed me a application the women hand listed her two sons as contacts,,,,,no kidding thier names are orangejello and lemonjello,,care to take a guess at what box they check? PatriciaT: What an ignorant statement to so easily surmise that Muslims, which constitute over 60% of the global population, consisting of all colors and walks of life are somehow your enemy.
The only person not casting judgement and placing mislead blame upon others while preaching truth about those that have pitted a nation into a paranoid society that looks to find an enemy within, appears to be Muslim.
When we realize that we should unite against those villains who are insanely wealthy and responsible for creating the struggles in which we find ourselves in, then shall the world be a place of justice and enlightenment. What you have described is the disease that has infected every human being since the first two were created and we are created beings.
Is it a big surprise that a percentage of people on a government aid program would be dishonest? Taking advantage of this EBT problem is as bad as going into a store that accidentally left the doors open and taking all you can get. If a person agrees to work for another for what ever amount, who gives you the right to jump in the middle of it? All the people I know who are on food stamps or need them but can’t get them had gardens this year. Here is the thing most financial challenged people are on food stamps 50 million people are.
So as per usual, government policy to ENRICH the bankers, while creating DEPENDENT, OBEDIENT, SHEEP! Then you, and tens of millions like you, will starve or get shot trying to loot the people who actually know how to take care of THEM SELVES.
Too bad someone did not inventory the full carts that were left behind when the system came back up.
Empress Of Drac, A Frugal Cebuana Blogger A true-blue Cebuana, blogging about Frugal Living, Self-Reliance, Prepping, Freelance Life and of course Cebu. SHTF blog (“Sewage” Hits The Fan blog) offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff.
Please do not engage in these survival techniques or activities without taking proper precautions because these activities may cause serious injury or death.

This recipe contains no preservatives, but you can give it a long shelf life by dehydrating it completely, like hard tack. For best results make a stiffer dough as for hardtack, but I used a sticky batter in the video, and it was delicious. Even with upper and lower dentures I was able to eat them and I have passed on this receipe to many others. Food, like your survival knife,  is one of the  Ten Essentials, and should be included, in some form, in your survival kit.
The resulting chaos is a small glimpse at what I believe will happen, should the government plunge this country into some sort of economic collapse. The resulting chaos had the store’s shelves in Springhill and Mansfield, LA stripped bare, as food stamp recipients attempted to defraud the grocery stores. Local police were called in as the crowd started to turn ugly, and overflowing grocery carts were left abandoned in the aisles. People have forgotten how to fend for themselves, and should this country face a prolonged disaster or crisis, what we seen here is only the tip of the iceberg. Millions of people are on low or fixed income due to retirement or disability who have worked their WHOLE lives but now depend on food stamps to supplement their monthly benefits. RATHER THAN PLACING OURSELVES ABOVE ANOTHER PERSON IS A MISGUIDED AND FAILED MEANS TO CREATE UNDUE DISCORD USING THE ARROGANCE OF THE EGO TO JUSTIFY HATRED TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER AND IT IS IGNORANT.
If only others thought as you do, this world would be one of compassion and love for one another. It should be obvious to all that the ignorance and poverty which are ever increasing is not mere coincidence but a treacherous system of greed designed to fail the majority while profiting a grotesquely small minority. Society has been on a decline for so long that when things go bad I don’t think most of us even realize how bad they will get. If no boby works for what he wants to pay, then he is forced to pay more or go out of buisnesss,,thergo the reason that WE THE PEOPLE want to send all illegals back to from they came. It’s not like you can go out and get a job like you can go out and get a loaf of bread. I’m farming on five acres in the city, and my chicks come from straight from the hatchery, not marked up at Tractor Supply.
A hydroponics system like mine could never provide enough food to survive on, but it can supplement your other food supplies, or provide additional variety such as herbs etc.
Cut or break meat and or fish and or wild edibles into small pieces and work into softened congealed fat. Raw meat has enzymes that are destroyed in the cooking process that are beneficial to digestion.
Wild Woman Outdoors asks that you do not eat or touch any wild edible plants, herbs, weeds, trees, insects, wild game, or bushes until you have verified with your doctor that they are safe for you.
Most of them would never dream of buying cigs and they are not covered on EBT, so where would they get enough $$ for cigs, alcohol, gifts, etc? When I tried to explain to them that she was born here they wanted a copy of her ss card birth cert and id. I shudder to think of the animal behavior they will display when they are permanently cut off! They recieve over $600 a month in just food stamps for the two of them, a 2 month old, an a 6 year old. Ours was in my family since 1850,s So for all of you in the city that are good people and just can,t get out of it and NOT are screwing others over just for yourself! You’re gonna fault them for buying store-brand soda at a dollar for three liters when fruit juice is anywhere from four to eight bucks or more per gallon? Also you missed the point COMPLETELY what I was saying was if they would take 20 dollars out of the food stamps they get and start a food storage then they wouldn’t have that issue. There’s a whole lot more to the mint family of plants than that – for instance, lemon balms are a type of mint.
Place the tepee or tripod smoker over a small fire and add wood to the fire slowly creating a small consistent fire.
No liability will exist against Wild Woman Outdoors or anyone who works for or volunteers for Wild Woman Outdoors; nor can they be held responsible for any allergy, illness or injuries that anyone may suffer as a result of the information and photos given within this website.
Then add additional water 1 tablespoon at a time, just until mixture can be formed into two bars. Sad to see that even when your family is the victim of racism, you still manage to keep right on being racist.
This type of selfish finger pointing, entitlement and misconceptions divide humanity from achieving greatness and prosperity for all.
The problem is employers getting away with paying people too little for them to even buy groceries. I do hope that when the SHTF you all in the city have good neighbors,but even if it just a few bucks you can save to buy SHTF gear food etc, do it now!

They expect if they run out the government will be there to hand them their next meal, therefore they feel like they don’t need to help themselves.
The city’s destroyed, lots of people are killed or injured, and the losers are still hungry. Even with ‘pure’ mint, there are various types – spearmint, peppermint, and the like, which all have different tastes and uses. Information provided is not designed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness or injury. An added benefit is that the recipes can be tweaked to your tastes, and there are no mystery ingredients. The enemy is a government that sends people to fight and then starves them when they come home.
Nor does the fact that someone is in an unfortunate situation and has to rely on government aid to assist them. If you’re going to be hostile, how about directing it toward the lowlife cheapskates that are underpaying their workers instead of dumping on the people who are already getting shafted?
When all hell does break loose and the government collapses, you’ll be easy pickings for groups of armed thieves out there all by yourself while we’ll be able to set up roadblocks around our neighborhoods and form community militias to patrol 24 hrs a day) Sounds like you are having some paranoid fantasies Ohio farmer,or you drank some sheep dip!
The tomatoes were heavy feeders and needed a lot of food, while the lettuce were struggling to cope with all the food in the water. They are the kind of people that not only irritate me to no end but will be the cause of Violence due to government idiocy! The enemy is a system that lets companies get away with paying their employees so little that they have to rely on food stamps even when they’re working full-time, maybe more than one job.
Raised to believe that generation after generation until this green house isnt mine, its thiers. I was in the army in the 70,s a peace officer in the 80,s a trucker in the 90,s besides trying to farm too.
What would you do if you had to become dependent on EBT to eat if you have a job loss, short or long term illness, worked for minimum wage with a family or retired on low income???
You cannot group people together because you are prejudiced against all who are on government aid.
We’ll talk about the utility and diversity of options next.Why Do You Need Mint Plants?The various types of mint have almost too many uses to list in a short internet article. The people who are responsible for this are the same low quality individuals who would keep your wallet if you accidentally dropped it in the street or openly attempt to steal it from you.
However, if you’re reading this site, then you’re probably of a survival-mindset, and so we’ll skip some of the more decorative uses, such as pot-pourri and as a flavouring of cheese.Firstly, and most obviously, mint plants are great to eat. If you are on this website, you are probably someone who is prepared for unforeseen emergencies and understand the need to prepare for catastrophic events.
I am both fascinated and appalled at the mentality of some people when life situations change. Mint is easy to grow (we’ll get to that soon) and adds flavour to whatever it is you’re eating. Our forefathers always stored food and had supplies to take care of themselves for weeks or months.
They are particularly good for upset stomachs and for the clearing of sinuses, as well as an anti-bacterial remedy and for general cleaning purposes. If you are a homesteader, then mint offers some additional uses for you; it’s great to plant for ground cover – protecting the soil from the elements.
Because of its speed and ease of growth, it also makes a great plant to prepare the soil for a future season.
How You Can Grow MintPerhaps the greatest reason to grow mint is the ease at which you can grow it. The reason we stated in the title that you should be growing it is that you can grow the plant in almost any circumstance.
From a small herb garden on an apartment balcony to a dedicated plot on a farm for commercial growing, mint can be grown by anyone. It will practically grow itself, so unless you have a dedicated plot, keep it in containers until you know more about the plant – it will propagate itself and spread like wildfire if you let it.
To start, grab some fresh mint from your local grocery store or plant nursery, and leave it in water until it sprouts roots.

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