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A Bug out bag is basically a large survival kit that’s filled with everything you need to survive after a disaster. Most experts suggest that your BOB should contain enough supplies to last for at least seventy-two hours.A  Since most major disasters often disrupt services and normal life for longer than 72 hours, we think it is a good idea to have a Bag that will allow you survive for an indefinite period of time. Make sure your Bag is built to fit your needs; some people may need items that are not listed on this list.
A disaster plan that includes the location of emergency areas, rallying points, multiple evacuation routes, maps of the area, trail maps, etc.
Professional Survival Book This should be studied beforehand and kept for reference during a disaster. Misc Candles, Safety Pins, sewing needles and thread, Playing Cards for entertainment, Wire for snaring.

This is just my opinion, but the best Bug Out Bag I have ever used and am still using, is the one from Camelback.
Don’t forget binoculars, sling shot, zip ties, magnifying glass, sharpening stone, small bible and work gloves! Great ideas, one thing I bought was the Strikeforce {I think that is the name of it} firestarter and I also went to the local army surplus store and bought some trixane fuel tabs also, I’ve had some for over 15 yrs and they still work great. A highly visible, heavy duty, full sized poly bag printed with survival information covering fire making, navigation and shelter. A Bug Out Bag allows you quickly grab what you need, should you be forced to evacuate during a disaster.
Remember that these are just some general guidelines meant to help you get your bag together.

When putting your bag together you need take into consideration any special needs or items that you or your family might require. Below we discuss some of the items that you may want to include in your Bug Out Bags, as well as some items that will hold up when it really counts. I am talking about the REAL duct tape, not the kind named after waterfowl ( we all know where to find that ) , or the $ 2.99 roll. Put all of that together in a few 30-55 gallon trash bags with a good multi-tool, and you’ve got the start of a good toolkit that takes up very little space in a bug-out-bag.

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