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Should you feel adventurous, desperately wanting to escape the suburbia and head to unspoiled nature, leaving anything to do with civilization behind, we would advise you to first learn something about the skills you would need to survive in the backcountry. We have featured a couple of survival books so far but what sets Bushcraft 101 apart is the fact that it is as comprehensive as it gets (it has an incredible 256 pages), it is beautifully and meticulously illustrated, and written by the man who really knows what he is talking about – Dave Cantebury. The advanced and slick user interface features a music jukebox with music video clips and live performances, there are streaming films and lectures, as well as video clips that entertain as they inform. Aside from the dazzling digital format, the content is also a breakthrough and covers many of the leading edge approaches and thinking on consumers, technology, marketing, advanced tools and approaches for building a change oriented successful business.
Throughout this book are many of the creative case studies that were created under his direction at Agencies Desire, Brand Entertainment Group, Branding and the Branding Establishment Group.
The book pays special attention to the changing nature of marketing communications through new technologies, and devices.
On the second week of August 2012, three days of continuous rain plagued Metro Manila and submerged most of its roads and homes under several feet of floodwaters.
While flood water will eventually seep into electronics, transmissions, oil sumps, and car interiors, this takes time to happen.
Water is nearly incompressible, and an engine trying to squeeze it inside a closed cylinder will stop dead.
Common amongst modern sedans and crossovers, the air intake tube is situated behind the bumper or headlight. In some trucks, the intake sits under the hood above the grill with a splash shield under it. But more often, tall SUVs and pick-ups have the tube pointed into the fender and have a separate air pocket from the engine bay.
When faced with a flooded roadway, ask yourself the following questions: (1) How deep is the water? While off-roaders tackle river crossings for fun, driving into uncontrolled flood conditions is like jumping off a foreign cliff to practice rock climbing. Stay close to the center of the road, as it's usually higher, and there’s less chance of hitting an open gutter or canal.

If for some reason you spawned in the plains or desert, you NEED to find a biome with trees ASAP. And here is a book that will teach you all you need to know about feeling comfortable and safe in the wilderness – Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival. It is based on 5C’s of survivability – covering, cutting tools, containers, cordages and combustion devices. Many of the advanced marketing practices and consumer analytics covered in the book were pioneered by Roberts and his teams working with the most sophisticated marketing corporations and ad agencies in the world.
This edition was first published by the Brand Entertainment Group for worldwide release in 2005. It is shielded from water splashing over the front of the car, but not from water inside the engine bay. However, bow waves that go over the hood and stopping are still a danger, so it is still best to proceed with caution. If there is a moderate current and the water reaches the bottom of the car, stop right there. When the car breaks down, better to climb out a window than to open the door and let water in.
Do not accelerate, stop, change gears, slip the clutch or do anything that will cause water to slosh into the engine bay or seep into the transmission. Check all fluids for water contamination, and make sure that your radiator fans are turning freely.
Look for cows especially for leather and beef, but if you are planning to farm some, keep some cows (at least two). It might even be a good idea to have one on the bookshelf just in case that zombie apocalypse actually happens.Buy HereVia Bless This Stuff. Inside the book, you will find a wealth of information about collecting and preparing food, shielding yourself from the elements, making required tools and supplies, choosing the right items for your survival kit, and generally anything and everything you should know about bushcraft. The secrets to success in using these techniques is explained and illustrated in a lucid and compelling fashion.

The book is compelling from the first to last page with insights that are sure to stimulate ideas and reveal opportunities whether your business is a Start Up, Family Owned or Corporation. Apart from people losing their homes and, worse, their lives, these events also reminded us once again how ill-informed and unprepared motorists are for driving in flooded conditions.
Valves, rods, pistons, and even engine blocks will break long before the water even starts to give. And it takes mere seconds for water to pool up inside the engine bay during a flood crossing.
Whenever possible, find an alternate route, preferably one leading to higher ground or the nearest multi-storey car-park.
Find possible escape routes, U-Turns, and higher ground should the crossing prove too treacherous. On the contrary, driving behind the wake of a truck can help you ford deeper areas than you normally could. Cantebury’s YouTube channel has over 200,000 subscribers while his video clips have been seen by over 34 million people so far.
But most of the cars these days, even some so-called “SUVs,” have air intakes positioned much, much lower and more vulnerable to water ingestion, so here are some tidbits that you need to know about your weapon. Many modern cars these days have electronics located in the engine bay that will malfunction if submerged under water. Make sure you do NOT use all your wood logs for wood planks as you need some for the next 2 steps.
And even if you do have waterproof electronics, your vehicle will start to float and can get carried along with the current if the water gets too high.

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