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Erschopfung – Erschopfung tritt auf, wenn ihr unentwegt durch die Gegend rennt, ohne eurem Charakter dabei eine Pause zu gonnen.
Krankheiten – Regelma?ig solltet ihr Vitamine zu euch nehmen, damit euer Charakter gesund bleibt. Bewusstlosigkeit – Wird euer Charakter bewusstlos, farbt sich der Bildschirm schwarz und wird mit einer entsprechenden Bildschirmanzeige begleitet. Stofffetzen – Nicht ausgerustete Shirts konnen zerissen werrden, um damit Blutungen zu stoppen. Food isn't as needed as people think, it was a smart idea for the DEV team to remove the UI and clutter from the screen but some now have no clue how hungry or thirsty they are, and with the new system get tricked into thinking they need to eat. One thing people notice and annoys them is even after getting past the non-colour hunger it will say "I am hungry" or 'I am tired', ignore that. Thirst is the next thing i hear people complain about, but this is the easiest thing to negate now.
To get your thirst sated fast, just spam click drink on fountain because at the moment there is no animation, after 4 taps it should fill to max with green text saying you are satisfied. Energy is a new thing in this game, not only do you have to satisfy your hunger and thirst. There are three different types of bleeding at the moment, the third not as important because it means CERTAIN death due to blood loss amount.
Before I explain basic noob fighting tactics for zombies, I need to explain how to use the item system.
One thing most don't learn right away is in this version of DayZ you have a quick slot function. At night - Move into the light of moon, put away any items in hand using the double press function, yes even if you are holding a gun. Daytime - basically like the night time version, but you can take them to a better area to fight them, like indoors or behind a tree.
With melee weapon, Bat; wrench, crowbar, any blunt type weapon - If you plan on using this horrible set of weapons, you will need to crouch.
With melee pointy, like bayonet and knife - Like punching, you just stab at face using white dot for guide line. With two handed sharp, Axe (not sure is shovel works the same) - Just aim at chest and hit twice, Dead every time.
First Aid Kit: A red container with a white cross, used to assist in carrying medical supplies. Rags: Crafted from unequipped shirts, can be applied to stop bleeding, dirty rags carry a risk of infection.
Usually when people encounter other survivors they start yelling in panic "Friendly!" or "I'm friendly!" which, psychologically, has an opposite effect and doesn't really make the other guy believe you, especially in a game with severe trust issues involved like DayZ. If you are in a weak spot - you are unarmed, the opponent outnumbers you or you don't know where they are hiding.
If you both are in a state of power - if you and the other, be it a group or not, are armed and geared players the only way friendly encounters can work is if someone puts trust first and throws a gamble that it works. Bez, the feature is used for TC's to be able to warn or make a admin message without having to do it on their forum profile or make a post. How to navigateNavigation in DayZ is a key factor, you need to be able to roughly navigate to work your way around the map, one way you can do this is by finding and picking up a map. Firstly I want to say thankyou to Zenith and Vex for helping me with the screenshots, and to all my steam pals for there support, you guys are awesome people!And of course, thank YOU, for taking the time to read my guide, hopefully it will help you as you make your way through Cherno, meeting new people and doing new things, hopefully I will meet you someday, and we can have are own adventures!
Hunting for me is definitely my favourite part of the game, I really hope to see the team expand on it, considering it is a huge part of the apocalyptic world!
Ihr dehydriert deutlich schneller und lauft Gefahr, schneller zu erkranken und euch eine Infektion zuzuziehen. Dadurch sinkt auch die Wahrscheinlichkeit, euch eine Infektion oder Krankheit zu holen um ein Vielfaches. Dazu gehoren vor allem Bandagen, Vitamine, Painkillers und alles Notige fur eine Bluttransfusion. In diesem Zustand konnt ihr weder sehen noch horen und euch nicht bewegen oder Aktionen ausfuhren.
Tienes que encontrar armas, comida, y bebidas con el fin de vivir en el mundo infestado de zombies. Los vehículos son raros, y si encuentras uno, normalmente necesita grandes reparaciones antes de que pueda utilizarse. Tiene una predilecciA?n especial por los juegos de rol de la vieja escuela, los juegos de terror y las ofertas de Steam. You don't always need to eat food and there is a easy way to tell if the message is telling you the truth. The best way to help thirst, is to drink from the fountains (they look like water pumps, hard to miss if you have played previous DayZ mods.

Also, don't drink your cans yet, save them for when you are no where near a town and you are yellow in thirst or orange. But you have to make sure you have enough energy, you have a cap of energy of 1000, most foods, like soda give 100 energy, i don't know the number on all the foods for energy, but just drinking water from pond or clear water sources do not give you any energy. This is easy to see, it happens when you run to much, things get blurry, blur means you are limited on energy. If you're very hungry, you might need to eat several sittings because your stomach will be too full to allow your energy to fill right up.
But the two are - Dribbling (small cut or only been open a short time), and then the player mentioning that it feels warm.
Then put up your fists, once your fists are up punch for the head (chin, aim for chin and you will hardly miss), once the zombie falls over, hit X to crouch (or what ever you set it too) then punch the zombie while it is down, this should take 30-40 seconds or less if you land all your punches. Simple, but remember, like with fists, keep attacking them while they are down on the ground. To find out what blood type you are you need to find a syringe and extract blood from yourself. They may seem like great places for loot but right now the servers need to restart to get loot to respawn. The new apartment buildings are the worst culprit of this, the upper ladder will make you fall once at the top, making you break a leg even at such a small fall. You do not edit these messages, if you edit them again I will remove your rights to edit any posts. I just read Pipas admin thing and then removed it, since it wasn't a warning in the first place. MANY ASPECTS OF DAYZ HAVE NOW CHANGED, HOWEVER SOME OF THIS GUIDES CONTENT STILL STAYS TRUE TO THE GAME. You are one of the few that have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population now infected with the disease. These boxes indicate what you need, for example if you open your inventory, and you see one of these boxes, and inside the box it says "Hungry", you need to go find a can of food, a box of cereal or whatever source of food you can find, and of course eat! Weil das Status-System derzeit noch mit Fehlern behaftet sein kann, ist es moglich, dass er mehr verlangt, als eigentlich fur das Uberleben notwendig ist. Anschlie?end solltet ihr keine Nahrung zu euch nehmen und regelma?ig Kohletabletten sowie Antibiotika zu euch nehmen. Sofortige Heilung ist nur mit einem Epi-Pen moglich, ansonsten musst ihr diesen Zustand aussetzen. Wie lange die Bewusstlosigkeit anhalt, ist unterschiedlich, moglicherweise wacht ihr jedoch gar nicht mehr auf.
Asegúrate que sabes como correr o caminar, agacharse o tumbarse, saltar, preparar un objeto o arma, utilizar un arma u objeto, atacar, hacer zoom, y abrir tu inventario.
Estos supervivientes pueden estar ubicados en poblaciones y ciudades grandes, buscando suministros.
Puede llevarte mucho más tiempo derrotar un enemigo, zombie o humano, con un objeto cuerpo a cuerpo. Empiezas con una linterna y también pueden encontrar bengalas y palos luminosos en poblaciones y ciudades.
So if you see Hungry, followed by a green box, it means you are only STARTING to get hungry, it means you are 30-40 minutes away from yellow hunger, then another 10 minutes (this isnt exact) you will see it orange. The thing energy does is give you blood, when it is above a certain amount it gives you blood, once you are at enough blood it will then use blood to replenish health (you will notice this when things are not blurry any more). So when you get this message, in reality, you are only on ~25% of your total "stomach capacity". If you put your torch into a quick slot (i like to use num-bind 3 due to location to WASD), it will allow you to put it away if you double click it.
I say crouch for good reason, because of how the melee works if standing and aiming down the punches will be aimed up higher then where your cursor is and you will miss most the hits. The best way to know they are dead is is they just lay flat on their back, due to them primarily falling face down if still alive.
Sometimes when you drink something or eat something it has a chance to make you sick or ill.
A melee weapon is basically something you hold in your hands, and whack another player, or zombie of course with.
Fangt ihr an zu zittern (nicht so stark wie bei Schmerzen), solltet ihr euch bewegen und euch anschlie?end mit Feuerholz und Streichholzern an einer Feuerstelle warmen.
Die notigen Medikamente findet ihr vor allem in Krankenhausern und vereinzelt auch in Supermarkten. Schemerzen gehen damit oftmals einher und au?ern sich durch starkes Zittern und gelegentliches Stohnen, was vor allem das Zielen erschwert. Cuando empiezas, estarás en una zona en la que eres vulnerable a los ataques, especialmente de otros jugadores que buscan tus objetos de valor.

El mapa también puede ayudarte a encontrar nuevas zonas o posibles poblaciones y ciudades con suministros. Puede que necesites medicación especial, vendas, o descansar con el fin de eliminar esto efectos de estado negativos.
TEn especial cuidado por la noche, cuando es difícil ver deambular a los muertos vivientes. When it hits red then you will need a can and a half of food to fill your stomach past green (satisfied hunger). Also note, that cereal (the boxes which you can eat from 4 times) also decrease your thirst by 100 (3000 thirst is the max you can have), so they can really hurt you even if you are starving, if you can afford to use them due to no thirst, then use them but otherwise avoid using them until near a water source.
I am not sure if energy makes you loose blood, but I do know if you have max or near max health you gain blood. Once you find out what blood type you are here's a little chart that explains who can take your blood and who you can take blood from. Players can experience powerful events and emotions arising from the ever-evolving emergent gameplay.
With low energy and starving to death, the zombie knocked me out cold.You can never outrun a zombie.
Erst mit Hilfe von Morphin konnt ihr euer Bein vollstandig heilen und seid wieder vollstandig einsatzfahig. You can also see how much you are losing by the animation or blood shooting out of you if you play in third person. The compass is one of the different items in this game from the previous, instead of pressing a keybind to make the compass overlay appear, now you have to put it in your hands and raise it using space to see your heading. After you put it away, wait the half a second then press space to make sure your fists are up.
If you want to see something added to this guide, please tell me and I will be happy to add it! Every decision matters, there are no save games, no extra lives, every mistake can be lethal. Wird Hunger oder Durst gelb angezeigt, ist zwar alles in Ordnung, jedoch solltet ihr euch schnellstens auf die Suche nach Nahrung machen.
Tendrás que encontrar un buen equilibrio entre una buena cantidad de suministros y un bajo riesgo de ser asesinado. If you fail, you lose everything and you need to play again from the beginning with nothing but your wits, and your two hands. Energy also gives you blood, if your very low on blood your vision will become blurry and your screen will be lightly coloured. It was a standard weapon in the DayZ Mod with a few variations and proved popular with Bandits.
Sin embargo, esto significa que tu tampoco puedes verlos – y puede que te topes con un grupo de zombies inesperadamente. This also happens when you are running for too long or too much, double pressing W to sprint will drain energy like crazy and your screen will go blurry in minutes. Sind die Anzeigen rot, verliert euer Charakter Energie, stirbt also langsam und droht, ohnmachtig zu werden. Desweiteren ist ein Blood-Testing-Kit empfehlenswert, um die Blutgruppen kompatiblen Blutgruppen der Spieler festzustellen und keine unnotigen Risiken einzugehen. Also the more Energy you have the less chance of a zombie can knock you over and knock you out cold.For info on Blood, Bleeding and medical aspects, go to the Medical Section. It is fairly accurate up to 400 yards and with a decent scope can be pretty deadly at long ranges.
It’s commonly found in residential areas as military areas are more likely to spawn the M4A1 or the FNX 45.
Just as a side-note, the Mosin is currently the loudest gun on DayZ, it can be heard from long distances, so always be weary when taking shots with it. The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62x39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. Its completely designation, SKS-45, is an initialism for Samozaradnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova, 1945 or SKS 45.
In the early 1950s, the Soviet took the SKS carbine out of front-line service and replaced it with the AK-47; however, the SKS remained in second-line service for decades.

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