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Image Credit What do you do when you own a group of Swiss Mountain Goats but there isn’t anywhere for them to climb?
Image Credit Flickr User geoftheref If you go down to Koekohe beach in New Zealand you can be sure of a big surprise. If you listen carefully just above this unassuming grate you can hear the ripple and splash of flowing water.
It’s always interesting to see something which never quite made it to our screens and this is certainly no exception. Is is critical to remember that any zombies encountered during relocation are NOT family or friends but REANIMATED CORPSES INFECTED WITH A DEADLY CONTAGION. Apply pressure to the wound with padding found in the supplied BITE KIT until proper medical supervision can be accessed.

IF THE WOUNDED INDIVIDUAL EXPIRES after being bitten, VACATE THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY or execute the guidelines found in next section. Engage this step only if in an unsecured location, and ONLY if you have positively identified a zombie using the Zombie Classification Cards (supplied). Incineration releases airborne toxins which spread infection to the uninterred deceased or, in areas of heavy humidity or precipitation, the recently interred deceased. This guide takes your child through all the steps of creating a successful science fair project, from choosing a project and conducting research, to writing up a report and making a display. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
The citizen's first duty is to vacate the area and proceed immediately to an authorized Rescue Station.

Mark area surround the remains with an appropriate length of CAUTION: ZOMBIE OUTBREAK ZONE tape (supplied). Contagion is transmitted via a bite, and ANY interaction with a zombie results in repeated attempts to bite. In case you didn’t get the hint, this is a rhetorical question because I really don’t want to know the answer.

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