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In what realm four different schools for our five children ever made sense, I will never know. Dorit Sasson has written articles for a variety of journals, magazines, newsletters, and ezines like Reading Today, Essential Teacher, Teacher and Principal Quarterly, the Internet TESL Journal, WAHM Online, and many others. Dorit holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees in English literature from the University of Haifa.
With just a few months left until the end of the school year, you may already be wondering just how it is possible to get to the end without becoming batty. When it comes to canceled lessons and other unpredictable and school-related matters, there is really nothing you and I can do about it. The trick is to continue teaching important educational and subject skills (not just those that are test-related) in a fun and motivating way. Set your intentions for success especially during the last few months of the school year when time and curriculum constraints and high-stakes testing can wear you down. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. My students used this owl template as a table of contents for portfolio contents. They colored and added craft feathers to owl and glued onto the dried portfolio after completion. Students wrote Author's Notes on the back of portfolios that provide a short biography and current picture.
Students can also track their own assessment data on bar graphs, creating a meaningful visual of growth throughout the year. Rather than vent to your friend over the phone about all the craziness, take it to the streets and catch up over a nice walk. She teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) reading and writing courses at CCAC Allegheny Community College, and is the creator of the New Teacher Resource Center. She has taught English language learners in various schools in Israel for the last eleven years and returned to live back in the States in the summer of 2007. With spring and warmer weather still to come, students continue to have their own excuses for not putting 100% effort. It might take you an entire year to develop a classroom management plan that is effective for your class, but again, so what? As Suzanne Lieurance says, “have every thought, statement and action reflect that all day long.
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Keeping students engaged at the end of the year is like running a three-ring circus, leaving teachers tired and exasperated. Reflect on learning: In the beginning of the year, my students completed reading and math attitude surveys, giving me vital information about their background knowledge, strategy application, and confidence level.

My students graph their DIBELS fluency scores, monthly Morrison McCall Spalding spelling tests, and Saxon fact assessment scores. Create end of year journals: Use This Year Was A Hoot! to reflect and record key highlights from the year. Plan cooking projects: Find recipes for a theme-based snack or a craft project to use as a culminating activity. Make review bags: Create review bags that include worksheets, games, and text at students' instructional levels. Provide an end of the year gift: Books make the best gifts and there are always great deals through book orders. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
So here are a 15 tips from my End of the School Year Survival Guide with a few applications from last week. Because you never know when a kid might come downstairs minutes before we have to be out the door and in the car missing all but 2 buttons on his shirt (How has he been wearing that thing?!) or when the front cover of your washing machine might decide to fall off.
Especially on those evenings when one of the kids announces that a project, never before mentioned, is due the next day. Yes, a lady shoo’d me at the end of our crowded street last week, motioning me to back up so she could get through. The last thing you need during end-of-the-year craziness is feelings of self-doubt creeping in because an outfit is tight when it should be loose. No worries that you arrived at carpool early, sat for 25 minutes waiting for school to dismiss, drove up to the cone only to not see your child because he has a standing commitment after school on that day – let it go.
As the old saying goes, “pick your battles wisely.” Fighting the system will only make your job harder but there are plenty of things you can do that aren’t just about surviving in the classroom.
Don’t succumb to the pressures but rather accept them for what they are, realizing that they too, shall pass. Students were so proud to have their very own version just like many authors they studied throughout the year. Tracking growth helps students take ownership in their learning and is a great way to celebrate success.
This customizable journal includes A Note From The Wise Old Owl (write a special note to your class), OWL-Stars (place for class photos), Branching Out (students record what they learned, became, who they met and how they felt), HOO-Ray!
Give students a story problem to solve or a reading response question and allow them to use sidewalk chalk to complete it. I purchased these inexpensive plastic trophies from Party City and used address labels to make these customized awards. This year I made these adorable owl gift bags and added our decoding and comprehension bookmark from Really Good Stuff and an owl lollipop. If your school is already out, maybe some of the tips might help in other stick-a-fork-in-me-I’m-SO-done situations.

Who cares if you cut watermelon for the fun end of the year swim party that is actually this week, not last.  Let it go.
When you feel like everything is closing in, go outside for a moment, notice the flowers blooming, the birds singing, Seems silly, but such sights and sounds offer serenity … and a reminder.
I'm a recovering enabler, procrastinator, controller, grammar hacker and am calendar challenged (among other things). What someone says about you can help you create a totally different and new expectation for yourself – so get a friend to write out a positive statement about you. Students can draw a detailed picture with crayon and then add water color to make a beautiful crayon resist effect.
I award trophies for top reader, most improved reader, good citizenship, perfect attendance and much more.
We just finished Charlotte's Web so my students read a recipe to create these cute pig cupcakes.
During the first week of school, I provide a reunion breakfast for students who completed the summer review bag. In the spirit of the water bottle, and other trash, that fell out of the car earlier that day, Roll With It.
Remember, his brain is as fried as yours and that he’s ready for summer, just like you.
Emotions can run high in a stressful day, just be sure to follow a flub with a genuine mea culpa. He also has published academically on the history of wartime journalism, and particularly on the methods and effectiveness of censorship in wartime. While the class is working, help students individually determine which pieces to include in their portfolios. This is a great incentive to review throughout the summer, plus it provides a wonderful opportunity to catch up with former students.
Plus, even though it might not feel like it in the moment – everything will actually get done. I use a Bashas' brown bag to hold materials because the sturdy handles allow for easy transportation.
When asked what students do when they need help with reading, the student responded, "I use my strategies, obviously!".

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