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Product Description“The Ultimate Outdoors Book” with 31 chapters of well researched camping and survival techniques.
Summary: Unknowingly many individuals can land in a situation where there is wilderness and a cold climate as a topping. Staying calm and not being panicked is the best way to find a survival route for you when stuck in wilderness in a cold climate. Collect dry grass, cloth or paper lint, rags soaked in gasoline, dry barks, branches and twigs and try to spark a fire. Building a shelter is a great way to remain safe and insulated when trying to survive in wilderness during cold conditions. If you are well prepared for your outing, then your backpack must comprise of essential protection elements and equipment that will help you to survive in an emergency and critical situation. When camping, strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water to fill the entire tent with ambient light. Well known outdoor expert Dave Canterbury offers basic techniques and essential information for primitive wilderness survival in this new heavy duty pocket guide series.

This guide covers everything from fire making to first aid, building shelters, winter travel and much more.“Camping & Wilderness Survival actually lives up to the hype of its subtitle. In order to stay protected from the chilling cold and snow, an insulated shelter is a great solution. You backpack must consist of the essential elements like knife, match sticks, lighter, compass, flash lights, sun glasses, mirror, magnifying lens, waterproof articles, whistles, tarp and flares. Not interested in modge podging the outside, but like the idea, especially having one for the car for trash bags! Perfect for carrying in an overnight pack or brushing up on skills before an outing or expedition.
The Ultimate Outdoors Book is the fullest and finest work in the field since Horace Kephart’s timeless Camping and Woodcraft was published almost a century ago. By gaining know-how to find or build these will not only help you to survive in such climatic conditions but also be of some help to others who are stranded along with you.
Find as many dry barks, think branches, dry twigs and leaves and vines or weeds to tie them all up in order to form a small Y shaped shelter.

Keeping these articles handy in your back pack will surely help you to survive in wilderness during cold. This waterproof and rip-proof guide are lightweight and has everything you need to keep safe in an first aid medical emergency. Look for dry wood and dry leaves as they burn for a longer time and keep the surroundings hot. Look for fallen trees or natural caves for your shelter as these are stable and firmly placed on to the ground. Oxygen, tinder, spark and fuel are the four most significant factors when trying to start a fire.
Fuel is quite an essential element here; however, if unavailable you may use the flint and steel method to ignite fire.

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