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If Zombieland taught us one thing, it’s that a zombie apocalypse with Woody Harrelson at our side would be pretty sweet.
What's New, NowToday in Gear: April 25, 2016A no-nonsense flannel, a no-nonsense watch that you'll wear on every adventure, a doorbell that doesn't put up with any nonsense at all and much more.
Exploring Chile's Northern DesertAdventures in the AtacamaSurrounded by the Andes and billed as the driest place on Earth, the Atacama desert is one of the most extreme corners of the globe. More: On The EdgeBowline to Clove Hitch12 Knots Every Outdoorsman Should KnowOne knot can be the difference between a secure boat, a safe climb, or just the opposite. Preparing a solid Family Emergency Plan will ensure you can contact family members in an emergency situation. Reviews and How-to's for selecting the best flashlight to have on hand at home, in the car, and on your person.
For combat, the Yukon Nvmt Night Vision Scope offers many of the advantages of high end systems for only $350 or less. Also highly recommend the Remington 700, (.308) in the long range bolt gun category for about the same money. Im not knocking the Mini-14, I contemplated picking one up before my final decision of my AR.
You guys live in the States Up here in Canada the control level on guns makes acquiring one seriously difficult.
Does anyone know where a trailer can be gotten like the one pictured above , in the section on solar electricity. I'm a survivalist at heart and have looked into many ways to gear up, and this article has real good advise on how to get prepared on a low budget.Good common sense is always a good start, keep it simple.
Everyone should have a minimum of 10,000 rounds of pistol and rifle ammo of the caliber of your go to handgun and rifle. My idea since im a minimum wage chump who cant afford any of these cool guns altho i do have a 5 shot taurus revolver is trust in god with it and if i have to use it i will scavenge the enemys weapons maybe they will have 2 thousand dollar guns. Here's a few suggestions for a more gentle low cost approach: If you don't like guns, buy body armor.
Shotgun is ok for Uk, just apply via post and let them inspect your gun cabinet and your ok.
Once or twice a week I check the local second hand shop on my way home, picked up a nearly new pair of Herman Survivors for $10.00. The banks have screwed you and me and now you need to go back to basics although here we cant have guns,the storm has been brewing years now and no doubt the elite will think he's free(bankers etc),but 1 day food will run out for him and others and his massive cash pile will no longer help him and my friends people who have done the deed to help himself will no doubt be the hunted too as he has livestock.The ammunition will last a while but he will be hunted by many.Have they got elite tickets?(underground bases) who know's but we are gonna see some turbulent times ahead,I'd say tins are the way to go and lots of them,personally I believe all of this is planned 6 bill peeps on the planet is far too many,did you know Telsa had a free energy for all in the late 1800's?

For on the go, nothing beats a simple 'Hobo Stove.' For 'home' heating, go with a family sized rocket stove - about the size of a pony keg. This do-it-yourself guide is an invaluable resource for designing, building, and maintaining water tanks, cisterns, and ponds, and sustainably managing groundwater storage. To properly view this site, please use a different browser, such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari or (at your own risk) IE8+. The mags for the mini are ridiculously expensive and extra mags is not something you want to skimp on. Early days of System Collapse are going to be marked by anarchic, hostile close encounters - marauding urbanites and the like - and for this a .357 would probably be better than an AR or sniper rifle. If you are home or on the run if the fabric of society melts down you need to have man's best friend already raised and trained.
I tell my friends to have enough food,water, and ammo to keep their heads down while the "alphas" and the unprepared are running around the first week or two, killing each other over the last twinkie at the grocery store. But I can tell you that I can reach out and touch your gold front tooth from 40 yards with no problem at all. Not only military organization for combat may be needed, but also economic organization and Government organization. By the time you finish reading this book, you will know how to provide for your emergency water needs. It will assist you with handling your independent water system, fire protection setup, and disaster preparedness plan, while keeping costs low and incorporating ecologically sound designs.
Although we won’t be facing the undead, there will be times on the trail when things take a turn for the worse. Plus worst case scenario something breaks on your rifle, I bet finding parts for my AR will be much easier. Later on, after people have chosen up sides and things settle into protracted conflict, longer barrels and heavier stuff will come more into play. I was attracted to it because I believe in the concept of preparedness and self sufficiency.
They are a great alarm system plus they are a great protector is you choose the correct breed and take good care of them.
In any case I think it is smart to think now about how you want to do these things and put that into your gear as well, rather then when under stress.
Back in the day when I was jumping out of Airplanes and invading other countries living amongst Spartan Warriors I had the ability to use and obtain whatever I deemed necessary to get the job done. Packing right ensures the best chance of survival — otherwise, you face the zombies elements alone.

Mine would comfortably sleep two six footers, and had an icebox, fold out table, and little gas stove in the hatchback chuckwagon feature on back. The farmers use the cash paid up front to fund the growing season expenses, then deliver the weekly box of produce in season. Pistols, Carbines, Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Anti-tank and Mortars and many assortments of Grenades, claymores and mines. Combat: organize as an army with the usual ranking, but appoint the top commanders by a form of democracy.
This prevents top infiltration, and a mandate for the top commander(s) whatever their rank might be. So abrupt that the guys with the little trailer and the solar panels and the weapons cache won't have time to 'but out'.
Sustained firing on both I've owned, 20-odd years apart, surffered in accuracy and in the last one - maintenance problems.
And sheltering in place, as the likely option is ok until your neighbors realize that YOU still have some firewood and a couple of chickens. Farmers, forced to hire citizens by anti-immigrant legislation, found US citizens physically unable to do the work. That's when you're former friends (and less prepared family for that matter) begin to infringe on your stash. If he doesn't "get it", you can remind him of the citizens right to defend and also do the arresting themselves.
A strong,co-operative person, well known to the farmer, familiar with farm work, will be warmly received in times of trouble.
Handguns are ok for backup, but if you have a handgun and I have a rifle, and we are 25 yards apart or greater, you are most likely done for.
A slug will finish an opponent quickly, an the hydrostatic shock will stop them instantaneously.
The fact that this topic seems to be overlooked (i admit I only skimmed the above article) should be reason for pause.

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