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Well when I tried it I couldn't discover it and it's not in my crafting recipe list that I already discovered in game. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within H1Z1: Just Survive.
As a survivor, your only chance at making it is to scavenge and use everything at your disposal. Using the supplies you recover you'll be able to make critical items like bandages, campfires, and food.
Once basic survival has stabilized, you could turn your attention to large scale items like bases, makeshift weapons, and even explosives. We wanted to provide a quick update to address concerns some of you have brought regarding queue times and server stability for both King of the Kill and Just Survive.

Almost everything found can be used in one way or another, with limited carrying capacity you'll need to decided and prioritize what is most important for your survival. Crafting involves discovering the ingredients required to make the item, and then combining one or multiple ingredients to produce that item.
First, we want to thank each of you for all your patience during the split and appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided. Right now, some of you may be experiencing queues for King of the Kill that are longer than intended. We currently have folks working on this and have some fixes going in our next update to improve it. As the game progress you might need hammers, workbench, an oven to cook etc In addition to surviving and thriving, certain recipes can be used to produce items that can help add immersion and roleplay elements e.g.
This next update for both games will also include fixes which should improve some of the related issues we’ve seen folks talking about such as loot spawning, falling through the map, and general desync.

If a survivor is having a hard time coping with the stress of scraping by day-to-day, maybe he could produce moonshine. If moonshine isn’t enough, maybe he could find something even stronger to take the edge off.

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