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But it seems we have the opposite problem this week, with a struggle to work out what to comment on instead. We were pretty well on the money with our thoughts last week that gold in NZ dollars looked ready to break out above the 50 day moving average. The other thing we notice from the chart is that since the price bottomed out at New Year, we have seen a series of higher highs and higher lows over the past 2 months. If we now look at a 3 year chart instead you can see that dips below the 200 day moving average have usually been just a very brief spike down. Well, contrast this with the highs of late 2011, which came in on the back of a record high NZD:USD exchange rate.
On the same news program I heard them comment that while the high NZ dollar might be tough on exporters, it was shielding us consumers from the rising oil price.

We wrote most of this email last night but as you may have noticed gold is up again overnight and silver has rallied massively overnight. But regardless, Eric, I expect the silver price will begin to accelerate to the upside once $36 is hurdled. The other article has some more thoughts on why it may be that Warren Buffett is so negative on gold. Two weeks ago we had some thoughts to make on Warren Buffett’s negative comments on gold in our article, Confusing Investing with Wealth Protection: The Risks of Paper Gold. You may have read about the Hunt Brothers and how they cornered the silver market in the 1970?s causing the price to rise astronomically. Check your inbox in the next few hours to get your promo code for a discount of 15% on your next order at The Scholastic Store.

If you’ve ever had any doubts about how gold should be performing then this is worth a read. It was a risk, but they had to find out the TRUTH about HorrorLand, otherwise the kids who were lured there would never make it out alive. Between the pages of this cool survival guide, readers will get closer to discovering whether or not there are werewolves in Wolfsbane Forest, why kids are disappearing, and why there aren't any mirrors at HorrorLand.
One thing is for certain: something very wrong is happening in HorrorLand, and this guide is the only thing that will help you figure out what.

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