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Every house had a Pechka, you can sleep on the side of it, some Pechkas had a double space for more family members to sleep on, depending on how you build it. Pechka was warm all night after just cooking dinner at around 5pm, there was no need at all to burn extra wood after cooking, the whole house was warm until morning.. For some of us winter is already here so there’s little time to prep in case you haven’t already. This week we’ve stumbled upon some great articles on how to be prepared for anything the cold weather might bring: from canning to heating or emergency situations. When the power goes out, the furnace goes down, or there’s no wood for the fire, what will you do to ensure a warm night without fear of freezing to death in your own home? All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property.
If you have any questions about your HVAC system components, or if you'd like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Jerry Kelly, your St.
This "Walipini" (underground or pit greenhouse) is designed specifically for its location in La Paz, Bolivia.
The word ?Walipini" comes from the Aymara Indian language, which is from Bolivia, and means ?place of warmth". Just read on and let us know what you think and how you’ve prepped in the comments section below!

At some point, America became complacent and assumed that there would never be a time when we couldn’t get in the car, drive to the grocery store or restaurant, and find exactly what we wanted in bountiful quantities at cheap prices.
Now things are starting to return to a more sane idea that every family should have their own secure food storage plan. The condenser unit is located outside of your home and is only used during the cooling season. Refrigerant lines are what connect your outdoor condenser unit to the indoor part of your HVAC system. The indoor part of your HVAC system houses the evaporator coil for your air conditioner as well as the burners and heat exchangers for your furnace.
This quick and relatively simple emergency heating solution can make a big difference in the long run.
Pick a room or location in your home or shelter that has the least windows and outside facing walls.
Walsh loves nature and all its wonders and has took up gardening as well as canning whatever thrives in her urban mini-garden, being especially interested in herbs and spices.
Louis area homes, heating and cooling systems fit seamlessly together, allowing for an efficient and effective process for conditioning indoor air. This unit houses the condenser and compressor, and is where heat from your indoor air is transferred to the air outside via refrigerant.

Inside these lines, refrigerant goes from a liquid to a high and low pressure gas, giving it the ability to carry heat out of your home. It's here that heat is created for your home during the heating season and air is cooled and dehumidified during the cooling season. The fan is responsible for forcing air over the evaporator coils during the cooling season (providing cool air for your home) and over the walls of the heat exchanger during the heating season (providing warm air for your home). After air has been heated or cooled, the fan blows the air though your ductwork where it is distributed to different rooms in your house.
The Walipini makes the best of its environment to capture and store sunlight for year round vegetable growth. So what are the different HVAC system components and how do they work together to heat and cool your home?

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