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If you are at all concerned with the purported coming apocalypse or just in need of a secret hideaway, perhaps a secret underground lair is what you need.
If your interested in a container for a project like this or something similar, contact AZ Containers at 877-292-6937 to see how the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or workspace with windows, they’ll have your solution on it’s way to you fast. We aim to provide our customers with a personal, fast and efficient service, which will offer a hassle free solution to any storage problem. From the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or work space with windows, we'll have your solution on its way to you fast.
If you are looking to move or visit Costa Rica- check out  TicoTimes – the top website and directory for all things Costa Rica! The problem is that all of the people you will have to deal with in CR, Mexico and the Caribbean are, for the most part, about as responsive and business oriented as a friggin house plant. Most of us gringos just can’t deal with this type of mentality and simply give up in frustration. Trust me on this: You will need the patience of Job to get anything to happen in Costa Rica with these guys. I disagree completely about them being doped up- I don’t know who you have dealt with, and about the screw-ups. Regarding email communication: I have friends who I communicate with via email, FB, Twitter who I have met in Venezula, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, that we have no problem in communication, I just translate using Google Translator, and try to translate back at them.
I am interested… but since must also buy land find the cost of both prohibitive… any suggestions?
Work of many people on this issue of plastic, there are several plastic materials recycling organic-based view. Could anybody please put me in touch with somebody that specialises in turning these containers into beautiful homes. We have covered doomsday bunkers before, from the stylish t0 those that are now eco-hostels, but these refuges have been in development since the 1960s. This month all of the units sold out and it looks like the waiting list is also filling up. To be fair, despite his paranoia, Hall has gone to great lengths to ensure the bunker can survive any and all disasters.
The walls are 9 feet thick and built to withstand nuclear attacks and shock waves traveling more than 2,000 mph. So are you upset you didn’t get one in time or is there no way you’d want to spend the rest of your life underground? Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Pallets are specifically designed for transport and delivery – so cost is negligible when carrying shipments of food, medicine and other types of aid to refugees.
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I wish we had more hills around here where I live, the hills have to be bulldozed or back hoed to occur.
During the Siege of Vicksburg during the Civil War, several thousand people burrowed into the loess hills to avoid the cannon fire. The only thing I would not like about these types of homes is the lack of light from windows at waste level – it would seem a bit claustrophobic to me.
Just watch the earth loads upslope if you are located on hillsides, rain soaked earth becomes really heavy and your home can become a tomb pretty quickly. Being a fellow north central Floridian, l understand your snake fear but really only like a few snakes are really harmful here.
I’ve heard of stuff like that whats in the article, but with conex shipping containers instead of wood. A friend of mine built an underground garage out of 2 shipping containers, that he cut one side off of each and welded together. The set-up works extremely well for a garage, stays cool on the hottest summer days and warm on the coldest winter ones, anyone standing outside can’t hear whats going on inside when the doors are closed, and it’s massive inside! Also, this is a bit long but a very interesting article to read that was written during the Great Depression. It would not do any good inside the pit, but, out walking around not only could you kill them, you could eat them if you really had to.

I have been able to capture up to 1″ wide snakes, including the venomous ones with five gallon buckets and a shovel, but, in a SHTF situation I would want to make sure I did not get bit. What you really have to worry about in GA and FL, imho, are the poisonous spiders, followed by the mosquitoes. This way, I need not risk a ong trip in a 4 wheeled vehicle, after shtf, and also need not own an expensive, low mileage 4wd vehicle. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
VivosA survival shelter and resort is being planned in a former limestone mine in Atchison, Kansas. A San Diego man is building what is believed to be the world's largest subterranean doomsday resorta€”with amenities such as a wine bar, golf course, spa and dance floor for those waiting out the end of the world. Construction for the 2 million-square-foot bunker is underway in the limestone caves of Atchison, Kan., where an apocalypse-adverse family in a 20-foot RV can seek shelter for a $20,000 fee (plus the cost of food).
The massive complex will sit 130 feet underground and will be sealed with two-foot-thick steel and concrete doors. Vicino said the Kansas shelter, which has RV 1,500 spots, is already at 10 percent capacity.
And although Vicino said he doesn't know when or if doomsday will come, he said it's important to watch for warning signs of a looming disaster.
Looking like a rock crawler that collided with an up-armored Humvee with a little Lamborghini LM-002 thrown in for the cool factor, the Combat Guard looks like it’s ready to take on all threats, dead or undead. Although at first it may seem like a daunting task, it may be easier than you think to make your own underground secret shelter. Cut a 40 inch diameter hole through the top of your container at the location you choose for the entrance.
Select and mount a door to cover the opening to your secret underground shelter, which should also incorporate a rope ladder to allow safe access into the shelter. More importantly, there are no hidden costs when purchasing  or leasing storage containers from us. As usual, it’s the cost of moving and buying homes in Costa Rica is not as cheap as it used to be, until Jimmy Lee (an expat) who designs and delivers Shipping Container Homes for about $17,000.
My husband and I were really up for moving to Panama and the container project there fell through. I have traveled quite alot in Mexico, Central and South America and the key is to stop thinking like a gringo, and immerse yourself into another culture. I have also found I need patience to deal with my neighbors next door to me, and some of my family members. In February, for example, Imperial College London and bioceramic drug polymer biodegradable plastic from sugar derived from the decay of lignocellulosic biomass.
Maybe it is because of rising water levels, a nuclear disaster, The Rapture or a possible 2012 doomsday scenario, but all apartments in the  Survival Condo, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo in Kansas, are SOLD OUT.
But why are so many people keen to buy one – especially as they are $2 million apiece for a 1,820-square-foot unit.
The 14-story shelter includes a silo cap with bullet-proof windows for observing the apocalyptic wasteland, enough food to feed 70 people indefinitely, and supplies of purified water. If you’re lucky enough to survive the apocalypse, rest assured that there is also plenty to do (apart from go outside). With one and a half year of pallet production in the US alone, 33 million refugees can live in a Pallet House.
Set the top layer of dirt or sod aside so that you can lay it across the roof of your structure, helping it blend in. In one redneck pic is saw, I guy just buried an old school bus, built shelves in there and stocked it with preps. The edge of it has been dug out making a sloping hill out of the rest of it.l think it would be awesome to put a house hidden in the dugout with a tunnel connecting house and hillside to put preps in. The acting is truly seamless & flows so well, you do not realize that there are no big named stars except Brad Pitt who is a supporting character. I would probably weld two more prongs for a total of five so skinny snakes would not get away from between the prongs. Vicino, who described the project as an "underground cruise ship," said he plans to open the resort before the apocalypse so that guests can enjoy the amenities.

I know, some people suggest a bicycle is the best way to go but those people will be zombies by the time the outbreak makes it to my town anyhow so I have zero shits to give about what they say anyhow.
Naturally, it has four wheel drive and a big 300 horsepower General Motors Diesel engine, but it’s also fully armored against small arms fire, landmines, and IEDs and can carry up to eight soldiers in relative comfort. But I’m of the opinion that any vehicle that can take on the living and their weaponry will have a pretty good chance to defend against the undead and their teeth. Once constructed, don’t forget to stock it with all the amenities you would like as well as the creature comforts to which you have become accustomed. This should be at least 9 feet wide and deep, and a few feet longer than the length of your chosen container.
It would be advisable to weld or otherwise permanently seal the doors on the end on the container to prevent moisture from entering the container. Using a large angle grinder mark and remove this circle to allow access to the container from above.
Secure in place to the surface of the shipping container with concrete, sealing the drainage pipe and shipping container together.
You will need to dispose of the remaining earth excavated from the hole the container now occupies. Furnish the shelter with objects required to make your stay in the shelter more comfortable. There is also an existing plant more corn starch and plastics based on paper, including household goods and food packaging, bioplastics toys, plastic dynamic Cereplast. Survival Condo comes equipped with a fitness center, movie theater, bar, pool, and classrooms. Building a pallet house from reclaimed pallets is an inexpensive way to build your off grid home or cabin.
The rest are not gonna hurt ya and will actually benefit you by keeping mice and other small rodents away. Make sure you store any dry goods in plastic containers and maybe those little moisture absorbtion packets to prevent clumping and mold.
Its not very plush, but I imagine it would work great for storage or as an emergency shelter… If I had room for one I would build it! Also my grandma said there was always dirt in everything that they couldn’t keep it out. These days in some areas their biggist worry would be our own government raiding them for having the milk.
For further protection, it also has an electronic countermeasures system called Bright Arrow that can be used to deflect or destroy guided weapons fired at the Combat Guard before they reach their target.
They are very sturdily built and can be placed underground, just below the surface with little preparation.
These should include food and water, as well as basic plumbing to allow for hygiene requirements to be met.
Metabolix also several lines of plastic products from corn, in cooperation with partner companies. There is nothing glorious about living in a hole in the ground for a bit, but it works when necessary. And hey if it’s gonna be buried, maybe put some dirt in the corner and grow mushrooms.
They used newspapers on the wall and I think she said they put up flour sacks on the ceiling.
The goodies are stashed in buried drums, arranged in a big circle, each one is out of sight of the next and also out of sight of the dugout. The root cause of that may be more directed at who YOU are, rather than who they REALLY are, i.e.
Given all that we will need to know after shtf, a lot of microfiched survival info, a magnifyer and a light source will keep me occupied, out of sight, while the rest of the population kill themselves, dies of disease, etc.

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