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Each new biome brings new obstacles and puzzles, we currently have 5 biomes and 5 in development.
Game Info Quote: Three friends goes to a halloween party at the school, and then some weird things start to happen.
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This title appeared on a multitude of systems including ZX Spectrum, C64 and the Amstrad CPC, in many magazines it was voted with high scores and even a game of the year. However, apart from Dead Space 3 which was given away in a separate competition, all the other games are being given away FREE. They each have different skills, weapons, movement speeds and upgrade patterns to suit there control device.
We've seen alot of rumours from different places that it could well be some form of a Roguelike RPG.

Karate" DLC characters are now playable from the start, for a total roster of 36 characters! Now, I realize that we looked at some of the things that game developers are doing to scare the bejeezus out of us these days and gore titles and other such nonsense.
Namely to do with how to deal with clan situations, like team killing for example or how to deal with hackers and med cool down time. All you have to do is join our twitter page on the far right and retweet this article link.
But we haven’t actually gone into a list of solid survival horror titles from the beginning of the genre until now.
Where have all the survival horror games gone?A large part of us agrees with Mikami--games like Dead Space 3 and Resident Evil 5 & 6 have taken the survival horror genre, loaded it up with as many guns as it can carry, and told it to start shooting. I did also put forward the idea for longer loot stay, in other words instead of everything dissapearing in 10mins it would be 30 or more.
So I figured since a lot of us are looking forward to games like Silent Hills and The Evil Within, it might be cool to walk down the scarier side of memory lane. Sure the shocks and scares are still present, but much of the psychological menace has drained away from them.
Anyway, check out the video and the ideas other members have put forward, it's worth a watch. Albion was a single player role-playing video game developed and published by Blue Byte Software for MS-DOS in 1995. It had a similar top down view, although graphically very different and something else which stood out as in Albion the character's shuttle malfunctions, forcing him to make a crash landing.
You need to create those moments where the last bullet really counts, where you genuinely have to choose between fight and flight… but without making the game prohibitively tough. Hopefully it's like that, however we could also be looking at a Squad based Rogue Like game.

There then followed a decade of classic, chilling games like Alone in the Dark, Dark Seed, I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill.
You can catch all the highlights in CVG's excellent history of horror.However, following the release of Silent Hill 2 (2001) there was a dramatic decline in true survival horror games. Instead of following the templates of previous Resi games, number four underwent a serious redesign--at the hands of Mikami--to become more action game than horror. Silent Hill 2 (a game this writer sees as the greatest survival horror ever made) enjoyed the happy coincidence that the PS2 needed to shroud the town in fog because of memory limitations, and that lower resolution textures guaranteed terrifyingly ambiguous monsters. Since the dawn of HD, there has been little reason to restrict the vision of our gaming protagonists because developers can show things off in crisp 1080p. Even Alan Wake, which gave us some creepy forest environments and ghostly town-settings, couldn't resist the opportunity to show off via strange set-pieces like its 'rock concert'.Marketing is another reason why--on console at least--horror has fallen from favour. It’s tough to demonstrate how terrifying a game is in a 20 second TV commercial, or even a three-minute demo at E3. You’ll never wrestle attention away from Nathan Drake blowing up half of Shambala with a dark room that may--or may not--have something sinister crawling across it.
And as for a protagonist who has murdered his wife and made demons manifest through his sexual frustrations and desires?
If James Sunderland and the rest of Silent Hill 2 was pitched to a board now, it’d be laughed out of the office.

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