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Carry a small amount of steel wool and a good smoke alarm (nine volt) battery and also some toilet tissue, in case you need a fire. Creating fire is the primal act of an outdoorsman and everyone that ventures beyond the safety of the trailhead should know how to start a fire without matches.
While the chances of carrying steel wool and a nine volt battery in a perhaps fairly low, the skill of making fire, without matches, should be practiced; just in case.
You never know when youa€™ll find yourself in a situation where youa€™ll need a fire, but you dona€™t have matches.
Wea€™ll start with the most primal and move into some just plain nifty ways to make fire that you may not have heard of. Tom Hanksa€™ role in Cast Away notwithstanding, the hand drill method of making fire is the most difficult, most primitive, and the most primal. Make a board from a dry piece of wood with a v shaped notch at the edge and a small depression next to it.
Place a piece of bark or a dry leave under the notch to catch the ember that youa€™ll be creating. Take a dry branch a couple of feet long (this is the spindle) and place it into the aforementioned depression on the fireboard. Using a lens to start a fire is an easy matchless method, just ask any young boy who has melted plastic army men with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. For those of us who dona€™t carry a magnifying glass in our saddlebags; eyeglasses, or binocular lenses will also work. The Day Before the Shooting Begins Wood Ashes are Useful Inspecting the Beehives Before Winter Still Eating Fresh Peppers The Ultimate Survival Tool That Could Save Your Life in the Wild! Friction fire starting techniques are some of the most primitive and difficult ways to start a fire. Step 1 – Cut a v-shaped notch into your fireboard then place a small notch next to for your spindle to rest in.
Step 2 –   Place your spindle in the notch on the fire board and begin to roll the spindle in between your palms working your hands down the spindle while keeping a light pressure.
The two man friction drill is a little easier than the hand drill as two people are able to generate more friction. Step 1 – You will use the same materials as a hand drill but you will also need a rope, shoe lace or even a thin flexible branch from a small tree can work. Step 2 – Once again, when you see smoke remove the drill and knock the ember from the fire board into your tinder bundle and blow to life.
The fire plow is another primitive fire starting method that uses a fire board and spindle.
Step 1 – Notch your fire board and place an indentation next to the notch to place the spindle, sames as a hand drill.
Step 3 – As you begin to see smoke tap your fire board until all of you embers are on your piece of bark. Step 1 – Gather up a tinder pile and begin to focus the magnifying glass by tilting it until you direct the suns light into the smallest beam possible.
This method is not nearly as effective as using a magnifying glass but in a true survival situation it does work. Step 1 – Strike your piece of steal against your flint to generate a spark directly into your tinder bundle.

Using a magnesium stick is hands down the most effective way to start a fire in the wilderness.
Step 1 – Use your knife to shave off a few small pieces of magnesium into your tinder bundle. All the ways to start a fire without a match I taught in this class will work with a little practice and the right tools. In case this ever happens to you, it is valuable to be able to make a fire without matches. Once you have your parts assembled, preferably through collecting them yourself, place a tinder bundle underneath your notch, place your foot on the end of the board, insert the spindle into the rope and wrap once, and place the handhold on top of the spindle.
When your hard work has produced a glowing coal in the tinder bundle, carefully pick up the bundle so it is in front of your face, and blow softly. If youa€™ve got dry wood, and an abundance of determination, you too can make fire in this manner.
The tinder nest can be anything that catches fire easily such as lint, grass, or shredded bark.
You can light a€?almost anythinga€? with the new school ferrocerium tools available while there are very few things that will readily accept a spark from the old school, but traditional, flint and steel.
Simply angle the lens towards the sun in order to focus the beam into as small an area as possible.
All you need to do is form the ice into a lens shape and then use it as you would when starting a fire with any other lens. Use a knife to shape the ice into a lens shape that is thicker in the middle and narrower near the edges. After you get the rough shape of a lens, finish the shaping of it by polishing it with your hands.
I can still remember the first time we went camping and our father amazed us with his ability to start a fire without matches. The type of wood you use and tinder when using this process will determine a warm night by the fire or shivering in the cold. Some good examples include: dry tall grass, cotton tails, cedar tree shavings or dried leaves. Wrap the rope around your drill and have one person apply downward pressure on the drill with a rock or another piece of wood. A socket is simply a piece of wood with an indentation for the top of the spindle to rotate in.
You will need a sunny day, so you must plan appropriately and start your fire when you may not need it. This works best if you have a piece of char cloth but if you don’t you will need some very dry and fine tinder.
You will have to repeat this several times until you get a large enough spark to create an ember in your tinder pile. Take your knife or a rock and strke it down the side of the fire steel to create a spark into your tinder pile. While it is always convenient to have matches or a lighter with you when you need to make a fire, this will not always be the case. If nothing else, being able to make a fire without matches will help you feel more self-sufficient and comfortable in the woods.

You should be hunched over your bow, kneeling, with your same-side knee (right knee for right-handed people) back.
The friction between the spindle and board will create heat, which will in turn make a coal out of the dust coming off the board, which will go through the notch in the board to your tinder bundle. Experiment with different materials in different conditions, and you should feel confident doing it in no time. In this quick and simple video, you can learn how to use the parabolic lens from that dead flashlight to start a fire in the wild.
The steel wool will short circuit the battery and turn red hot, thus causing the toilet tissue (or other dry tinder) to ignite.
Of course with this method youa€™ll need both a sunny day, below freezing temperatures and crystal clear water.
This will take a while and tooth paste will polish more quickly, but doesna€™t sound nearly as nifty! When you see smoke take your fire board and tap it on to the bark and transfer the ember to the tinder bundle while gently blow into a flame. Just like the magnifying glass, use the bottom of the can to create the smallest beam of light possible directing the suns energy onto your tinder. As always, when you have a large enough ember blow it into a flame and apply to your kindling. Some of the sparks will hit the magnesium igniting a 5000 degree inferno which will get your tinder lit. You may be without matches because of an emergency, or in the case of a long-term survival situation, because you have gone through your supply. Experiment with different speeds and pressure on the board; the powder coming off should ideally be black and powdery.
Continue to do this steadily until your tinder bundle ignites, and build up your fire slowly with twigs and branches of increasing size.
If you can make a bow drill fire, you will feel considerably better anytime you are in the woods, emergency situation or not.
Hopefully youa€™ll never need to use them but regardless ita€™s damn cool to know that you can start a fire wherever and whenever you want. This is a fun method to play with but ita€™s much easier to remember to bring along a lighter.
Help save our forests and use responsibility and make sure to never leave a fire until its fully extinguished. If the handhold, and not the board-end of the spindle starts to smoke, you can lubricate it with oils off your body or a nearby plant. The friction of a spindle into a fireboard will produce a coal when the surface temperature reaches 800 degrees fahrenheit.
The thicker the spindle the less speed you will be able to spin it at which means not enough friction and a cold night.

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