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Get the Code Amber News Service (CANS) - The Web's Amber widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! It comes down to cost of course, and we would need a air filter for radiation and other things. Thanks, it will be weird to sell my 3 story house and move in to a cave but wont hesitate when that day comes. Actually, it would be easier in the end to put an old Winnebago in the ground and reinforce the outer sides and top. 3-keep it to yourself , dont tell anyone, lest the time comes when all your hard work was in fact for someone with a gun and a map. My idea was to get many army bunks to house more people, I'd bury all food, safely in sealed containers. I thought about the shelter option myself but there are a few things that have kept me from making the leap.

The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. To buy factory standard and keep it that way can be dull and not grasping the potential a shelter can have. If this were my project, I'd want to know exactly how much money I can budget and then move forward.
But before I spent a cent I would want to figure out how to reinforce & finish the interior and its cost. Can you not simply build the shelter near the house you are in and have a way to get there undetected?
In the event of a catastrophic pole shift or earthquakes caused by same the shelter would be crushed. If flooding became an issue and the structure was not watertight (most are not) it is essentialy useless.

You eventually have to come out, if air is toxic or radiation hazard exists all you've done is prolong the inevitable.
Its a 4 min download and 256 pages, but about half way through the report it tell you all the information you want to know.
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