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Plot: (from IMDb)In this unpredictable and shocking coming-of-age story, three high-school girls on a weekend getaway impulsively take a menacing trespasser captive when he shows up at their remote mountain cabin. Lesbian content: Two of the girls flirt with each other a lot, and it leads to a kiss late in the movie.
The best survival movies (or TV series) list is the result of a poll taken by readers on Modern Survival Blog in which hundreds of you suggested your favorite survival movies or shows. There are lots of movies (and a fair number of past and present TV series) which one might consider to be within a survival genre.
The Colony (TV series) some to do, some not to do, but great for putting you in the mindset of, what would I do?
Dual Survival (I just finished reading two of his books and thought to myself, they should put this guy on one of those survival TV shows.

Cody Lundin may be a master fire starter, but my nephew once built a fire on top of a puddle. Fueled by desperation, alcohol and a childhood story about a mountain murder, Ruth, Deb and Kate endure a long, terrifying night with their captive before it all erupts in a dramatic and deadly end. In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of.
It was at a time when people were building bomb shelters and the cold war was in full swing. My brother kept yelling at him telling him it wasn’t going to work, we laughed, but that little sucker actually got it started and it didn’t go out! This fully revised and updated, illustrated text is essential reading for anyone from trip leaders, guides, and search and rescue groups to EMTs, paramedics, and physicians who must provide immediate care when access to a medical facility is difficult or impossible.

Couple favorites of mine are the blind guy in the mountains of Japan and the hacker kid who was following the reports of the outbreak online for days not knowing it was real and then suddenly got slammed back into reality. Learn how to survey, assess, and stabilize the victim and the medical situation, what questions to ask to gain necessary vital information, how to manage physical symptoms as well as care for wounds and orthopedic injuries and much more.

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