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You are the crew of a merchant ship, passing by a small set of islands, a storm has been raging for hours when suddenlya terrifying lightning bolt strikes your ship! You and your crew must survive on the island until another merchant ship passes by, butwho knows how long that will take.
A minecraft map maker with a true passion for survival map islands has created a minecraft survival island map that has earned its name. There are many challenges, challenges galore, including challenges that involve secret space meteorites. My Java isn't working so I probably wont have the other two maps I've been working on up until tomorrow or later next week. Ashien de originele maker is gestopt met de map en het updaten er van, veel van de download links zijn ook broken.

Maybe there is a washed up chest from other ships which have had similar problems on the island. If that’s not the sort of challenge that interests you, you might be a little dead on the inside. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It’s better than the old survival island because it enables greater options in your survival life, like visiting a custom made hell plane. You drifted four days on but three planks and two sticks, when off in the distance you see your Salvation! Please don't plagiarize, I worked hard on this map and it would suck if the credit went falsely to you.

Open a LAN connection or just upload it to your server and play with all your friends!NOTE* ALL challenges apply to all, not ONE of many.
2 players=20 blocks out in all directions)I am currentl;y working on TWO more maps to be published. Unfortunetly, they were deleted not 10 minutes after completion(recycling bin and EVERYTHING).

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