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We know that the morning of your wedding is going to be a whirlwind of activity and excitement.
Brother David Sunshine (pretty sure that’s his given name) posted on the Surly Bikes blog an article about his survival kit. Most of the items talked about in this post we won’t be stocking in the Bike Touring News store, but we have an affiliate relationship with Campmor.
There is a good local source for knives and other useful items, and they sell flashlights, too.
I have a few friends who carry a snack sized bag of Doritos or Fritos in their emergency kits.
We also know you might be so strung out by wedding planning that you’ll forget to think of something vital.

And it has a metal clip to secure it to the pocket of a bike bag for quick access, or to attach it to the brim of a baseball cap so I can use it as a headlamp. If you click on the banner you will go to their site and if you buy something from them we will make a few pennies which will all go towards keeping Bike Touring News afloat! They are in a waterproof, airproof sack and are extremely flammable and work great for tinder in an emergency situation.
As such, we’ve put together a handy checklist which you can use as your Bridal Survival Kit. And the specifics will change for each person depending on where they are going; a trip around the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound is different than riding the length of the Baja. Rest assured that no emergency will be too big with a whole arsenal of bridal weaponry at your disposal.

OK, I admit that if faced with the situation, I’m not sure I would have the wits or the skill to use the flashlight to temporarily blind and disorient an assailant long enough for me to get away or to punch him out. Don’t forget to take the stickers off your shoes and scuff the soles as well, though! If you couldn’t start a fire with only one match and without paper, it could be embarrassing. What I did not know until I read this is that inner tubes will light on fire pretty easily.

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