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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but not all of us love the holiday because of a past relationship, because you are single or because you just don’t believe it’s a holiday.
Special PricingCore Medical is pleased to provide special pricing to members of the following groups. We supply medical equipment, training and supplies to doctors, dentists, schools, churches, museums, corporations and individuals. Having immediate access to an emergency drug kit is a requirement when using local anesthesia, and is absolutely critical to survival in a life or death medical emergency. During a medical emergency the last thing needed is to be fumbling with tiny glass ampules, loading syringes and guessing at the dosage levels. The CLAM (Compact Layout Auto-Injectable Medications) Kit is available by prescription only. This item is available only to doctors, dentists or by prescription.  To order please call (212) 873-0105. If you want to buy a Bible, I plan on offering Bibles for sale in the future for half price. If you buy them from my wish list on Amazon, the books are automatically sent to my post office box in Louisiana.
Having the emergency drugs immediately available and up to date, should beyour highest priority.

Only CLAM Emergency Drug Kits are arranged in pre-loaded delivery devices. All CLAM medications are pre-loaded and ready to use. In Tegucigalpa, August is a wonderful month: cool mornings, warm afternoons, and occasional showers. Free is good in some circumstances, but if I sell them, it will lend dignity to the purchase.
I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I’ve learned over time that it doesn’t hurt to show yourself a little love. One volunteer, Ada, told me she shared her sole Bible with her extended family as well as several friends at church. I like Dios Habla Hoy, God Speaks Today, as this version is accepted by Catholics and evangelicals alike. It's great fun showing my boys and girls how to type, use a mouse, and even, find images of soccer stars online. The point is well made about appreciating our books and Bibles and the sheer volume of material blessings in which we share. If you order in some other manner, I prefer you send them to my church address, Vineyard Church of New Orleans, 4340 Sal Lentini Parkway, Kenner, Louisiana 70064.
However, quality Bibles are better than paperback so that people don't have to replace them as often.

Therefore, I’ve put together a little Anti-Valentine’s Day survival kit to make the day a little more fun! In the United States, I suspect most evangelical households have at least a half dozen Bibles at any given time. Either way, I will have them shipped from New Orleans as I know a wonderful company that has been giving us very generous discounts on shipping.
Dress up, pamper yourself, learn something new about yourself, eat your favourite foods and just go out and have fun! Even the natives abandoned the area in the heat, using south Louisiana as fall hunting grounds.
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