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Share60 Pin103 +13 Tweet23 StumbleShares 189Regardless of our coping mechanisms, this business of being prepared is hard work and stressful because no matter how much time and money we throw at prepping, it is impossible to anticipate every possible thing that could potentially happen.  Sure, we can and should do a risk analysis but as recent years have proven, there is always an element of the unexpected to contend with.
The coping mechanisms we have in place to deal with stress can vary, with some of us doing a better job than others.  Regardless, we all attempt do our best as we rumble and bumble our way through the process. For example, if someone is yelling at you, you might be mindful of your body at that moment and notice an increased heartbeat, a panicky feeling in your chest, a hot flush in your face, or something like that.
For example, if you are given a large project at the last minute, you might notice your breathing getting shallow and your chest tightening, or your jaw clenching … you can then see that you’re extremely anxious about this, maybe resentful that you’re being asked to do this on a short deadline. For example, maybe someone has said something mean to you … you might be angry because (ideally) they shouldn’t treat you that way. Letting go of the ideal means embracing the reality that there’s a wide range of behaviors that people will have, and that’s a part of life.
When my child breaks a dish, for example, I can get angry (“They shouldn’t break dishes!”) and yell (not skillful), or I can let go of that ideal and the resultant anger, and see if the child is OK, and then calmly and compassionately talk about how to avoid that in the future. It might seem overly simplistic to say that this survival kit of dealing with life will help us be prepared for any situation. Call me overly touch-feely, but in my view, we all need a bit of soft gentleness in our lives.  I also believe that the seven skills in the “survival kit of life” are important if we are going to make it through with our sense of humanity and sanity intact. These skills matter and could possibly make a huge difference in dealing with the challenging and uncertain times ahead of us. If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for me daily at Top Prepper Websites!  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather: These well-priced gloves provide complete heat and burn protection. Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite: Don’t let the $20 price lead you to think this wireless flood light is wimpy. Quikclot Sport Brand Advanced Clotting Sponge: A must for any first aid or emergency kit, Quikclot Sport stops moderate to severe bleeding until further medical help is available. Israeli Battle Dressing, 6-inch Compression Bandage: This is another inexpensive, yet critical item for your first aid kit. Lavender Essential Oil:  I prefer essential oils from Spark Naturals (use discount code BACKDOOR for 10% off) but the NOW essential oils from Amazon are budget priced and work great in a diffuser. For over 25 years Emergency Essentials has been providing the highest quality preparedness products at great prices.  Plus, each month they feature sales that quite honestly are fantastic.
Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices.
As I read this I kept thinking of Bruce Lee, the Kung Fu tv series and the movie Karate Kid.

As preppers, we know about getting our stores together and strengthening our bodies as well as our abodes. MIKESHOUTS IS…Bringing together the best in tech and lifestyle, feeding style-conscious individuals who are hungry for gadgets and technological developments with a dash of style.
You never know when an emergency may strike, so keep you and your friends prepared with a DIY bridesmaid survival kit.
Complete with a high quality backpack, this popular Survival Kit includes a wide variety of products to ensure your safety across a number of different emergencies. Because you never truly know when an emergency will occur, or a disaster will strike, being properly prepared can be a great asset in assuring your survival. This hallmark Survival Kit includes all of the basic necessities you would need without many of the modern conveniences we have become so heavily reliant on. If you would like to learn more about this Guardian Survival Kit or any of our other products, our staff is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM at 1-800-693-0279. You can then examine those responses — anxiety, resentfulness — and decide how to act, rather than being controlled by them. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or not — if you want things to be different than reality, you’ll be angry or resentful or frustrated.
Responding calmly and compassionately means we’re going to be able to deal with anything that is in front of us, whether it’s a crisis or a loss or an angry loved one. Combat medics, trauma doctors, and emergency responders all recommend this Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD) for the treatment of gunshot wounds, puncture wounds, deep cuts, and other traumatic hemorrhagic injuries.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. It is versatile, lightweight and easy to transport making it a great item to have on hand when preparing for an emergency.
Built by Guardian Survival Gear with help from experts in the preparedness industry, this kit derives its popularity from its comprehensiveness and low cost. This is the foundation — without practicing mindfulness, you won’t be able to do the other skills regularly enough for them to be useful.
As you start to notice your mind’s responses to external events, you can begin to guide your response. When you have a difficult feeling, like anxiety, anger, resentfulness, fear (including procrastination) … there’s something you’re attached to that’s causing the feeling.
It’s impossible not to ever hold onto certain ideals … but if you see that the ideal is causing you pain, you can be compassionate with yourself and let go of the ideal. We make situations worse when we replay the past in our heads (“How can they have done that?”) or think of all the things that might go wrong in the future.

Reality can suck, if we want it to be different … or we can accept reality for what it is, and be grateful for it. But there’s nothing wrong with simplifying things, if only to help us focus our efforts on what’s most important.
Be sure to select the Value pack Skillet with Silicone Handle which is less money and a better deal.
This is among the most basic and cost effective kits we have to offer and has been made to serve one person. Regardless of the particular scenario that you encounter, the dynamic variety of products included allows you to feel safe and secure. Be sure to view our other basic kits like the 2 Person Guardian Survival Kit or the 10 Person Guardian Survival Kit. You can practice mindfulness simply by meditating — focus on your breath for a few minutes every morning, to start with. Sure, people should treat you nicely, but that’s an ideal that’s not always going to be true. It means you let go of the ideals causing the painful feelings, and then figure out how to respond without the anger, frustration, anxiety, resentment. This takes practice, because it’s hard to be grateful when you feel you’re being treated badly, or you’ve lost a job, or you’ve lost a loved one, or you’re battling illness. Each of its contents are individually packaged in waterproof bags to ensure they are usable through all conditions and the backpack makes it easy to transport. As you get better at mindfulness, you will get better at noticing what’s going on inside you as external events happen. If you’re angry or resentful, there’s an ideal situation you would like, and are holding onto, that doesn’t match up with reality. Responding to a person or situation in anger or resentment (for example) doesn’t usually result in a skillful response. We can meet the present moment with calmness and compassion, if we can stay in the present.
If you can let go of the ideal and let the painful feelings go, you can respond more skillfully.
That means being mindful of when our mind is stuck in the past or speculating about the future, and returning to the present as much as we can.

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