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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. You'll want to place large items and items you wont need ready access to at the bottom of your kit.
If you are forgoing the reflective triangles you should at least get the $2 roll of reflective tape. In the wake of James Kim's death and what happened to his family I decided that I would make emergency kits for both of the vehicles in my family.
Good suggestion, I would advise people to check with local laws before putting loaded weapons in their vehicles. Accually, a .22 pistol is capable of killing any north american mammal with correct shot placement. Storing the compass in close proximity to steel objects for any length of time is a bad idea. If one had one of those compact Brita filter pitchers (~$11), they could produce easily enough fresh water from yuck water.
Obviously have some water at hand as well in case you get stranded no where near any water. I'm thinking of a porta jump emergency battery charger- very small and neat, anyone used one? Sugars and salt would be great, but in survival, protein and water is what you need to live. A suggestion about batteries: get battery-operated devices that all use the same size, store them without batteries, and just keep a big package of batteries in the kit . While many offer opinions about survival kits to be kept in your vehicle, tailored towards keeping you, the human, going… here is a twist on that thought while considering keeping your CAR going.
A survival kit to help keep your car keep going (except after an EMP event), may include some of the following 25 items stored in your vehicle (in no particular order). Go to your local auto store and say to yourself what could my car need to keep it going and get me to safety if there are no parts and equipment there for me to purchase. Couldnt stress enough how a small can of Inox lubricant stored in a car is, nothing worse than seized nuts or things rusting away! Another thing is a good quality foot pump or cycling T-pump can be substituted for an electric pump, takes a little longer however they’re usually bomb proof and work as long as you work and parts can be sourced and stored if anything fails.
Check out the travel section at your local store for affordable travel-sized lotions, toothpaste, tissues, and more!
The great thing about using a clear bag is that you can see all of the items in it and easily grab what you need. For another on-the-go kit idea, check out Creating The Ultimate Travel Activity Kit for Kids. Please note: This and other Daily Mom articles may include sponsored advertisements, reviewed products and services, affiliate links and other forms of sponsorship.
Ariel is a recently turned stay-at-home momma of three little ones to her high school sweetheart.

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Be GREENShopping More NaturallyThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom's of Maine for IZEA. The kits for sale in stores were filled with poor quality items that I couldn't trust in a serious situation, so I made my own.
Object s like a steel vehicle body or the entrenching tool or multi tool will weaken the magnetic field in the compass needle, making it less and less accurate over time, until it no longer points anywhere near North. Every 6 months, just take out the old package and put in a fresh one -- use the old ones in the house or other non-critical location. Can't stress enough the need for lots of firewood when stranded and the jumper cables and car battery make great firestarter sparks. The list is intended to give you ideas while at the same time knowing that there is no perfect list. Think of additional things that would help keep your kiddo occupied in a pinch or items to bring you a little bit of peace in a moment of chaos (like your favorite sweet treat). These are nice because you can take the lid off and have easy access to everything in your mom survival kit. When she isn’t busy playing with her young kiddos (or running around frantically), you can find her writing on her personal blog, Dreams To Do.
Seems to me that something with more sugar would be good as it provides more energy and is easier. Too often your poor car gets bad fuel and the fuel filter clogs up and your vehicle stalls or stops dead.
Power steering fluid, brake fluid, automatic transmission or clutch fluid, stop leak, fuel stabilizer, etc. Many pin size holes in hoses or elsewhere can be temporarily patched long enough to get where you are going. If one of your windows is knocked out for any numerous reasons, you can use plastic and tape to keep the outside air and elements such as rain or snow out of your car and still see out. At night you must be able to see to do any repairs, a bright dependable flashlight is a must. This sounds crazy, but after a national crisis you may not want everyone to know you have an operating car that is parked somewhere. Putting out a fire rapidly anywhere in your car can save your car, and what could be your only form of transportation. Owner’s manuals offer little information, but using a book written by mechanics can make diagnosing and fixing a problem long distances from any help much more possible.

Even if you don’t know how to replace it yourself, a mechanic could, and having one with you could save many hours or days for a mechanic to get or order what you need.
Your toddler trips on the sidewalk, skinning their knee, but you can’t find a bandaid. Take a minute to think back to moments like this: What are the things you needed? Start making a list and gathering items to create a kit that you can either throw in your purse or diaper bag or even just leave in the trunk of the car. We like this Sterilite Small Showoffs Container because it has a handy carrying handle, too. Ariel is a lover of inspirational words, photography, coffee, reality TV, and of course, her family.
I often had situations where I couldn't jump start another car because the battery had been completely drained trying to use the starter to move the car out of the road.
Cars, especially older cars, will burn some oil due to natural engine wear, and eventually will require a top-off. Those doughnut tires are okay to get you short distance at reduced speeds, but having an actual standard size tire or tires ready to go is so much better. A good tire wrench (a 4-way) and or a torque wrench to make sure the lug nuts are not too tight is invaluable (lug nuts that are too tight or uneven will warp the brake rotors). There are so many people that still run out of windshield cleaner miles from nowhere and have to drive under vision impairment because of bugs, mud, whatever.
During the daytime and at night, any light reflecting off your car’s shining ares can be seen for many miles.
Try to get a fix-it book that is specifically for you model, make, and year of your car if you can.
Most modern cell phones and cell networks can triangulate your position, this is very handy in an emergency. Your vehicle’s electronic parts such as the starter, fuel pump, and others must have workable fuses to operate.
Sometimes you can pump up a slow leaking tire and still get where you are going before it becomes too serious to drive on. Being able to safely raise up your vehicle on possibly uneven surfaces will also be appreciated. Throw in at least a couple of extra lug nuts in case some of them get stripped when you are taking them off. Even one gallon of gasoline can take your car the distance it would take you 6 or more hours to walk, so extra gasoline is a consideration to add to your kit. They have a small capacity, suffer from self-discharge and therefore have a very short shelf-life.
In the UK, own-brand alkaline batteries from supermarkets and DIY stores offer the best value at ~50% of the price of the premium brands.

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