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Survival Knife: This is the most useful tool you can possibly have with you and it should be the first thing you consider when putting together a survival kit. First Aid Kit: You never know what is going to happen in a survival situation and you need to have a way to clean up and bandage a wound.
Survival Kit Carrier: You will need a lightweight bag or pack to carry all of the items in your kit. Prepackaged Food: When possible, include some form of quick and easy food such as quality protein bars in your kit. Blankets: Having a good blanket is always nicewhen it is cold out, but it is not the most important thing. The bottom line is that you need to choose items that are easy to carry and extremely useful. I do have MY hospital bag packed, but in preparation for baby’s arrival, I wanted to put together a little something special for my husband. I actually did a bag like this for him last time around and he really appreciated it, so I knew that he’d enjoy having another one.
Unless otherwise stated, all words and photos on this blog are my own and are copyrighted by unOriginal Mom. To save money and keep the same caliber on the R700 you could switch to a Savage or Ruger American Rifle. I have both a Remington 700 and a Colt AR15 but the rifle I grab going out the door is a La Rue PredatAR® 7.62. If you are looking for the most basic and essential need if you were to get lost in the wilderness, why not create a an altoid tin fire starter kit. Altoid cans, with a little craft creativity, can make for a wonderful business card display. A used altoid can is the perfect size to create a pocket-sized travel game set that can include the classics like checkers, chess, tic-tac-toe, backgammon as well as card and dice games (tutorial).
With little effort, you can turn an old altoid can into a mini travel sewing kit (tutorial). If you have a lot of altoid cans, they can make for a wonderful desk or drawer organizer for all those little things that seem to get lost in the far corners. If you happen to have small children that love to draw, an altoid tin makes for a wonderful crayon holder. For those that love to fish, an empty altoid tin can make for a wonderful mini fishing tackle box (tutorial). If you take daily pills or vitamins, a used altoid tin can be upcycled into a convenient pocket pill box.
The takeaway from this is to tailor a survival kit to the specific need or environment that you will be encountering, and to included items that may serve multiple purposes. Seeing that there is no food (or water) listed in the kit, the assumption is that the person will procure their own.

It is good to have a list of essential items that you need to have in your survival kit and then another list of useful items for the rest of the kit. While this is not the most important thing to have in your kit, it could provide sustenance in an emergency. While you can always build a shelter, something as simple as a small tarp can provide you the protection you will need.
Try to find items that have multiple uses and always remember that a quality survival knife is one of the most important items in your survival kit. While I had all kinds of adrenaline pumping through my body, I know that it must have been hard for my husband to stay awake and alert by my side all through the day and night. If you'd like, you may use 1-2 photos (without altering them in any way, including removing the watermark), but you must attribute proper credit and a link back to this site. I know you wont get the same range out of it but most people without training g couldnt make use of all of its range anyway.
It has a sub moa and a .30 cal round so I can shoot deer or pull head shots all day long at 600 yards. The box is sturdy and comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the type that you purchase.
The compact compartment is perfect to put together a mini survival kit with some essential basics that could get you out of a tight spot if you were ever to get lost in the wilderness. The kit includes a lighter, matches, Magnesium strip with steel rod, cotton balls, match striker, charcloth and twine. Simply decorate the can as you would like and fill it with business cards for customers to take. This is great to take on long car trips for the kids, or any vacation when there will be times when you will have a wait. It's great to tuck into a pocket of your luggage so that you always have it with you when you travel, or in your purse or daypack for the emergency sewing needs.
Any small thing such as buttons, pencil lead, twist ties, rubber bands, thumb tacks, staples, paper clips, etc will fit perfectly into these cans, and if you label them on one side, you can easily find them when you need them.
Not only will you have instant entertainment for the kids at restaurants, the container will help to lesson the number of crayons that you find beneath car seats and under couch cushions.
This allows you to be prepared to fish even on those outing where no fishing is planned, and it a great little extra to keep in your backpack or car.
Where you are, where you will be going, climate, terrain, length of mission, purpose, etc., How much equipment you put in your kit depends on how you will carry the kit.
If you have two items that will serve the same function, pick the one you can use for another function. Even though you will have a list of optional gear for your survival kit, make sure that you are not bringing things that you won’t need or things that won’t be useful. Look around, stay a while, and I hope through my unoriginality I can provide some inspiration to you, too!

We believe in charity but a line needs to be drawn when your own families survival comes at stake. The good news is that there are a large variety of ways that these tins can be reused and upcycled.
A good way to display business cards if you are at conventions or other events outside the office. It makes a handy little travel pack so that the kids can become artists whenever the feeling hits them.
You can sculpt the garden as shown in the photo to look at when the stress gets too much, or actually fill the tin with sand and small rocks that you can tend to relieve the stress.
Even if you don't take daily pills, this pill box can still come in handy for aspirin or other over-the-counter pills you might need when on vacation. For the case, you might want to use a Band-Aid box, a first aid case, an ammunition pouch, or another suitable case. The US Army survival kit recommendation is most likely going to be different from a typical civilian survival kit, however it may be helpful to know what they recommend. I hope it goes without saying, but the text of this blog or multiple photos should NOT be copied and re-posted elsewhere without permission. As for some of the other suggestions, I would recommend that the Grey Man approach be considered. Since they are fairly sturdy (at least compared to most packaging these days), they make for great containers to hold a variety of stuff that you can then stick in your pocket or keep in a convenient place until needed.
It's great to tuck into a pocket of your luggage so that you always have it with you when you travel, or in your purse or daypack for the emergency sewing needs. By putting together one, you have your own stress relief method that fits into your pocket. The gear listed below are pricey, but we feel you should never cheap out on gear when it comes to urban survival because the quality of your gear could mean the difference between life and death.
So before you toss your next tin into the trash, consider some of these alternative uses instead.
Even if you don't take daily pills, this pill box can still come in handy for aspirin or other over-the-counter pills you might need when on vacation.
Keep in mind that this kit is a work in progress and we would greatly appreciate any input you could give us.
If you want to contribute to this site and the prepping community at large, offer your feedback below.

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