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A few key items can make all the difference in the stuggle to stay alive, this comprehensive kit provides vital equipment to allow the user to address the priorities for survival. The kit is designed to be kept on your person at all times and is small enough to comfortably fit inside a pocket (length 110mm, width 84mm, depth 27mm) and weighs no more than 280g. Along with your kit, you will also receive instructions on the use of each of the items included. If you have any questions or wish to discuss customising the contents of one of our kits, please contact us directly.
The native North American cube dweller survives in a habitat that rarely requires reliable access to fire. This Survival Drop Point Knife is equipped with a sharp black anodize steel blade with a green nylon cord wrap handle which offers a very stylish curvy design. We wouldn't have survived in Svalbard without getting some generous assistance with our kit.

We even got a special skincare guide from Clinique and Origins advising us on how to keep our skin looking good in extreme weather. Questo sito utilizza i Cookie e le loro preferenze sono state impostate su permetti tutti i Cookie per offrirti la migliore esperienza di uso.
E A TUTTI GLI ISCRITTI ALLA NOSTRA NEWSLETTER REGALIAMO LA SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA A PARTIRE DA OGGI E FINO A TUTTO LUNEDI' 21 APRILE COMPRESO!! ITALIA MILITARE di OMNIA SRL, via Onorio Vannucchi 21 - 59100 Prato P.IVA 02354940971 REA 511526 Reg. However, should he leave the protection of the office and enter into a more hostile environment, fire may quickly become a very valuable ally. Here's what you need to pack to survive the extremes of Svalbard, plus a how-to guide to protecting your skin and dressing warmly. Fjallraven sorted us out with sleeping bags, stylish base layers and Barents Parkas, which we can confirm keep you toasty at -15 degrees Celsius.

It provides warmth, protection, light and companionship - not to mention its great for cooking camping, hiking, hunting and cooking outdoors.
The fire starter is compromise of a Magnesium Rod which you gently shaved to expose the metal rod which strikes the fire. At the slightly less hardcore, but no less important end of things, we looked sharp under our trousers with tiger-print Frank Dandy long johns, and kept our skin nice and protected against the elements with skincare kits from Clinique and Origins, which included Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, SPF 45 Sunscreen and Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment. The striker also offers a plastic mold handle with a lanyard to secure it around your wrist.

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