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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Urban Survival Kit Four is a large three day emergency kit packed with emergency food, emergency water, survival gear, first aid, and sanitary provisions for families living in an urban or city environment.
Adventure Medical Kits combine high-end supplies with excellent cases and come in great for safety when doing activities like hiking, canoeing, camping, biking, climbing etc. The Adventure Plus Multitool, $24.95, keeps seven adventure essentials handy inside in one clevarly designed case. For $10 this Survival Kit In A Sardine Can allows you to go fishing with the hook and line, find your way home with a compass, boil water in a can for your tea and sugar, and survive in the wilderness with the first aid supplies. The Ready Kit Plus is a great thing to have on a family road trip, daredevil camping trip, and off course your home. Du maste aktivera javascript for att ska fungera korrekt och for att kunna lyssna pa ljud. A gift to the National Air and Space Museum is a gift to the nation, the world, and the future.
Following a catastrophic disaster in your area, you could find yourself without many of the modern day luxuries you likely take for granted everyday. ER™ Home Survival Kits are designed to contain everything your family needs to survive for 3 days in case you need to quickly evacuate your home following a disaster. Snap-on Toilet Seat and Lid - Molded toilet seat and lid that snaps on to 5-gallon container (as shown in photo).
This four person survival kit is especially useful for those that may be without power, need to stay warm, stay informed, clear obstructions, provide first aid, open additional sources of emergency food or water, and stay dry and clean.
It is highly recommended that additional sources of emergency water be stored in the home, office, car, or boat. If you have food allergies to any of the listed ingredients you should not consume these food rations under any circumstances.
Adventure Medical Kits like the new Sportsman Series Wilderness Medicine Medical Kits include five different kits depending on how many features you think might come in handy while doing what you doing. It includes a LED flashlight, liquid-filled, freeze-resistant floating-dial compass, five-power magnifier, digital thermometer, signal mirror, safety whistle, and a dry match-storage compartment.
Other items included are duct tape, matches, whistle, signal mirror, razor blade, fire starter cube, chewing gum, salt and a safety pin.
If you are ever in an emergency, like for example, your car dies in the middle of nowhere, this water and oil resistant MagFire Firestarter, $24.90, will make sure you keep yourself warm. They contain sleeping pills, aspirin and other pain relief medication, eyewash, and bandages. If this product proves deficient in workmanship or material, please return to Powermax, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 Toll-Free: (888)832-3557 for a free replacement. The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes. Electricity may be out for weeks leaving you in the dark and causing water treatment plants to stop working. The Sportsman Series Sportsman Kit, a mid-size kit that's small enough to take with you into the field or on your boat includes emergency supplies for gunshot wounds, stopping bleeding, removing fish hooks and much more. We look forward to sharing with you soon!Ace Hardware in Nebraska advises Zombie Apocalypse preparationSTAY ALIVE AND SAVE YOUR SPECIES.
Yes you could assemble your own kit, but this one comes in a highly visible orange backpack, that, hypothetically offcourse, the helictoper search team will be able to see easily. Take the time to start preparing your zombie survival kit NOW!Remember: Traveling light is essential for your journey.

In order to make our recommendations, we have carefully chosen and researched each product listed. BackpackFirst, you’ll need a reliable and sturdy backpack to keep all your survival gear in. You’ll probably want to find a hiking or military backpack as you will be traveling and will need something comfortable to wear the entire day.
Here are some recommendations:Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack Tactical Combat Rucksack Backpack 30L This pack is on the smaller side so it would be perfect for someone that is of small to medium frame.
Designed for unbelievable comfort, the bag “has advanced materials and a distinctive design which makes the larger Arro both sleek and functional. Dependable Hiking (or Combat) BootsThere are a lot great options for hiking boots out there.
One of the most important ways to achieve comfortable boots is to make sure their already broken in!
A pair of long pantsPreferably NOT blue jeans.Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Convertible Pant Our favorite choice.
JacketCondor Alpha Tactical Fleece Jacket The microfiber fleece is nearly waterproof and even though it is really lightweight, it will keep you warm. If you’re mostly on the run and not at home, you will find use for a hat much more than you think.
That is why a watch is essential and you need something a lot more reliable than your iPhone.
For something so important as what a watch provides, it would be ridiculous not to have it as part of your survival kit, especially since it will conveniently be on your wrist.11. Canteen, 1 Quart Plastic Body All Plastic Canteen 1 Quart with Cap, Lightweight Durable Construction, Rugged Cover with Alice Keeper Clips, Screw Top with Tether, Storage Pocket on Canteen Cover 12. When the apocalypse comes and things are chaotic, imagine how hard it would be to find clean water. Sewing and Repair KitSewing and Repair Kit This may be one of the most overlooked items for survival kits.
You need to be able to repair your essential items — something as tiny as a needle can come a LONG way. Wind and Waterproof Matches UCO Stormproof Matches-Twin Pack (50 Matches) Windproof, Waterproof, Stormproof UCO is pleased to introduce the ultimate Stormproof Match. BandanaPaisley Cotton Bandana A bandana is one of those things that is useful for a thousand things. It could be used as a neck gaiter for cold weather, pot holder, collecting wild edibles, washcloth, sweatband, gun wipe cloth, toilet paper, napkin, and soooo much more! Hygiene KitAt first, we weren’t going to list the obvious everyday items that a human needs, but we decided that in order to make this a true survival kit that people can rely on, we are adding what most people would probably forget. Hygiene kits will vary upon each person, but we highly recommend including at least the following:1. Pads or tampons (women)You may very well find you might want to add additional items, but just ask yourself if it’s essential. For people in North America, we recommend the one below: 2013 North America Pocket Road Atlas The 2013 full-color North America Pocket Edition Road Atlas offers an Interstate Highway Map and detailed coverage of all fifty states, Canada, and Mexico.
Priced around $20.Cammenga Model 27CS Olive Drab Lensatic Compass The phosphorescent lensatic compass has been used as an economical alternative to the tritium model for decades. It is the same compass CAMMENGA has been supplying to the US military except that the self-luminous tritium has been replaced with phosphoresc. The major difference between this signal mirror and so many on the market today is that this signal mirror is made of high quality glass.

You don’t want something too bulky or heavy as you will be hauling it in your bag everywhere you go.
Polarized sunglasses block unwanted glare from pavement, water, ice and other reflective surfaces. Priced around $28.Rescue Laser Light The RLL012-01 Rescue Laser Light is a hand-held day and nighttime laser signaling device that provides a convenient, effective way to signal a rescue party. It’s waterproof, rugged design combines the safety of a laser signaling device with the convenience of a flashlight. Survival Kit TinAluminum Survival Kit Box You’ll need to store some things that need to stay water proof or safe. Because this box is made of heavy duty aluminum with a leak resistant inside rubber seal and positive locking roller clasps, your items will stay clean and dry, even in extremely harsh conditions.
Carabiner Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner Carabiners are built to connect things together and can be used for many things. It can be used for holding you up while you’re climbing, clipping things to your bag, tieing items down in or on a vehicle, holding heavy items, and so much more.
This high quality and tiny kit is perfect for any emergency situation when you have to improvise in the wild. Personal Mess KitPrimus LiTech Trek Kettle It’s easy to forget something so simple, yet necessary to have for yourself.
We recommend this particular kit because it is compact, lightweight, can be used to cook with, and it can also serve as your personal bowl or plate if you’re with a group.
RationsER Emergency Ration 2400+ Calorie, 5-Year Emergency Food Bar for Survival Kits and Disaster Preparedness Instead of listing a gourmet menu for you to choose from, we just want to recommend an emergency ration in case you are in desperate need for food. With a guaranteed 5-year shelf life, these make a perfect emergency food bar for survival and disaster preparation. Each pack contains six individual ready-to-eat 410 calorie rations and requires no preparation. KnifeHaving a personal knife like the ones below may not be the best zombie protection, but it is essential for all kinds of daily use. As a personal use knife, it might be best to stick with something that isn’t too large or heavy. This very sharp sexy knife has a durable sheath and comes with many different straps so you can attach it to pretty much anything. The knife is a steal at $23.Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath Overall length of knife is 12 inches.
I like the touch of folded knives because of how easy it is to transport it with the need of a pouch. At a very decent and manageable size, this knife is very ideal for your basic survival needs. After surviving one of the most extensive test and evaluation programs ever undertaken by the U.S. It is easy to waste ammunition with the semiautomatic, but if discipline can be maintained, you will not find a better weapon.

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