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Aimed at both students and professionals, the discs excel in revealing the fundamental principles behind animation, making it suitable for animators working in any field, including classical, digital, games, stop-motion and online animation. During the course of the videos, Williams frequently reaches for a marker pen and illustrates his points with drawings. Although the training is not available as separate DVDs, it is comparatively priced when compared with other training products on a per-disc basis. If you’re resolute about improving your animations, The Animator’s Survival Kit: Animated is an inspiration.
If you want to learn technique from the man who directed Roger Rabbit, the Pink Panther and a lot of other famous as well as forgotten stars, his book and DVD set should be near your computer or drawing table. I lent my set to Kevin Coffey, a close friend who has been animating since the mid-1960s as a little kid. Compiling more than 10 hours work of material on those 16 DVD’s something like 31,000 drawings have been turned into over 400 examples of new animation, all pencil drawings which punctuate the words of wisdom. Remember… when disaster strikes, control is everything but when you are missing your basic essentials to survive, you not only put yourself at risk but whoever you have in your company, their lives become endangered as well.
With the sheer amount of gear available it can be a nightmare trying to decide what you need and where to get the best price , even the most savvy googler’s can get a bit cross-eyed in the process. Any kit can range from a simple, lightweight, tactical evasion kit to a 50 pound fully complete bug out bag system that can have you camping out, living off the land for months on end. Embarking on a hiking or camping adventure requires not only knowledge about various surviving techniques, but also proper equipment and supplies that can successfully help you go through difficult situations. This 72 Hour Kit is currently ranked as one of the best kits on the market, providing both campers and hikers with all supplies needed to face even the most challenging situations.
Featuring a first-aid pack, a folding stove, a 36-hour emergency candle and various food supplies, this kit has been specifically engineered to offer safety, first-aid assistance, water, food and warmth during any hiking or camping experience you are planning. Priced at $339.95, the Bug Out Bag is quite similar to the Ready America 70385 Grab `N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack, although it offers enough supplies only for two people instead of four. FOX Tactical Rio Grande Pack (75 liter)The pack features FOX’s Tactical Rio Grande Pack, which has been specifically implemented for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge of survival even in those situations when such a possibility seems in-existent. The Tactical Rio Grande Backpack has a capacity of 75 liters (or 2536 ounces), including built-in ventilation channels that will facilitate proper airflow and give you a cooling sensation at the same time. This kit includes a Whitetail – First-Aid Kit from the Sportsman series, which includes several supplies for treating common injuries, such as fish hook removal, stopping severe bleeding, penetration wounds from arrows or bullets and much more. The first-aid kit is equipped with plenty of tools that will ensure you of quality medical assistance when you need it most: butterfly bandages, irrigation syringe, antiseptic wipes, wraps and bandages, topical adhesives, precision forceps and many others.
The Rio Pack integrates Coghlan’s camping gear that will contribute to your safety in any situation.
Coghlan’s Magnesium Fire Starter can be used over two or three hundred times for starting a fire, which is critical when you do not have matches or other supplies that can be used for this purpose.
To wrap up the list of features, this emergency kit includes several SOS Food Lab 2400 calorie bars that will help you maintain high energy levels when you are out of food supplies, specifically due to the high amount of calories they contain. Coghlan’s 36-hour emergency candle provides enough light in extreme situations for up to 1.5 days. This Emergency Kit has been very positively responded to from several customers who have bought it. Apparently, the completeness of this kit was one of the most noticeable advantages for many customers, especially due to the fact that most supplies are manufactured by reputable brands, such as FOX and Adventure Medical Kits. To conclude the above, this bug out bag is certainly a product that can be helpful in any emergency situation, offering a wide array of supplies that can make survival simpler. Beyond plenty of food and water supplies, this emergency kit features a folding stove, camp heat, magnesium fire starter, waterproof matches and a 36-hour candle that will contribute to food preparation and lightning, keeping you safe, warm and properly hydrated during the entire time.
At only $339.95, this kit is a higher price point than the Ready America 70385 Grab `N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack, but just because the backpack is substantially more spacious, and most supplies are manufactured by reliable brands.
As you can see, there are plenty of variables that can make each of these situations unique and so too will be your kits when you prepare them. At survivalist gear head we pride ourselves on giving straight up, no BS information to help you make the right decisions.
Lets just keep this simple, like we said, no situation is the same and we will break down just three scenarios here to the most likely scenarios. So your on a hiking trip and you are completing a night trek with 3 other people, you get separated from your group it is 8:30pm at night and you have to bug out for the night and be away from your group for 24 hours.
You are travelling on a holiday with your teenage son, your car breaks down and you are stranded in the middle of no-where. All situations can be managed by preparation to some degree but relying just on a bag full of gear is only half the battle. This is the first thing to look at when deciding on what should be or shouldn’t be on your kit. To do this, have a good assessment of the all threats present in your local environment (e.g.

Every individual has a list of items that they often carry with them because they are essential for their day to day living.
This is why it is very advisable to look at the day to day items that you carry so that you eliminate those that are no longer relevant or will not be useful so that you can have more space to pack any other necessary ones. Look at the your already packed kit and find out if there is something that you may still need to add to it so that you will be able to address any possible challenge that you come across. Even after you have decided on the type of kit to go for and is carrying it around, review it often. Keeping your body warm during the night in any situation is imperative, when i spent a few nights camping in the snow i realized how important a decent sleeping bag was and it is tormenting when you have to shiver yourself to sleep.
You will need around half a gallon of water per day (included in foods) but without it, you are more likely get dehydrated, start getting headaches and dizziness. Food, not so important depending on your current BMI and fat storage, Gandhi famously starved himself of food for 21 days (sipping water though) and was fine, so this is a bit extreme so you should be fine for a couple of days at least. A basic kit should last for up to 72 hours and they come in different prices and some of them cost $ 349. Just by initially looking through the clear case of this kit, it seems as if the creators of it took the route of selecting a few high quality items instead of a lot of mediocre items.
But sorting through the kit and actually getting hands on, I saw that the gear isn’t as high quality as I first thought.
If you are going to include a flashlight, invest in a better one, and make it truly waterproof. Please consider joining our Crew Leader Membership and our growing community of supporters. At ITS Tactical we’re working hard every day to provide different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life. For less than 14¢ a day you can help contribute directly to our content, and join our growing community of supporters who have directly influenced what we’ve been able to accomplish and where we’re headed. Well you could put a "Leatherman Style" in there with ease or if you get the "Leatherman Style CS" it can be clip or tapped to the outside of the case.Me, I bought one of these cases empty so I can place the items I wanted in it and it works better that way.
The reviews on amazon are not nearly as generous, although few reviewed: (3) 2-1 star, 1-4 stars. A major factor in a lot of the survival kits is the lack of being able to make water clean.
In addition to launching some great new products today, April also marks the 7th year in business for ITS!
Follow a forum or Facebook group long enough and you’ll eventually see a thread dealing with Every Day Carry.
With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve collected 50 of our favorite items from all around the web. Walk cycles, accents, vibrates, anticipation, eases, overlapping action and weight are among the many topics covered. In addition to between 30 and 50 minutes of video footage, each DVD includes up to 30 minutes of animation – running to hundreds of individual animated examples over the course of the box set.
Unless you’re fortunate to have your school or studio purchase it, the box set is not cheap – but it is worth saving up for. I asked Kevin if he was finding the DVD set useful and he replied he was amazed to have all this information at his fingertips. Being able to review William's methods for animating a pretty girl's walk saved A LOT of money and time". At survivalist gearhead, we appreciate that everyone will not have the same situation or prep in mind so this is why we have included additional facts in our reviews and supply detailed information in all sections of our site. Preparing this kit can be as easy as purchasing a pre-made, off the shelf  retail job or one that you spend months and dollars on to get perfect. With a large zippered compartment where most supplies can be stored, this backpack includes two side zippered pouches you can use for smaller essentials to properly organize your supplies. Not only will you be able to take care of any wound or injury that might show up during your expedition, but you will also manage to prevent it from getting worse.
While the two cans of Camp Heat that can burn four hours, the emergency candle will last up to 36 hours, which can simplify food preparation significantly whilst offering you a better vision in darkness. Emergency water packets are also available in the Two Person 2012 Emergency 72 Hour Bug Out Bag if no water is around, as well as GSI Outdoors’ Dukjug with a capacity of up to 1 liter. Most buyers reported that this emergency pack was ideal for several situations like hiking or camping, including disaster preparedness, keeping them perfectly safe for a couple of days. It is a desert style environment in the middle of summer and you have to leave your car to get to safety.
Knowing what to do in each situation can be the difference between surviving for a night or for however long you need to.
Some of the items that you may still add (if you had not yet included them) are flashlight, knife, tactical pen, rain gear, fire starting kit, compass, whistle, camera, etc.

This will help you to ensure that everything inside is still relevant to your needs and if some of them are not, then there is no need to continue carrying them.
When I stumbled across it, I found it odd that it was so inexpensive for being so full featured. It was loud and clear and even worked after being submerged in water — I just had to shake out the excess water.
I toyed with the idea of using the container to boil water but I’m not sure if this plastic is BPA free and warping the kit may destroy the integrity of its waterproofing.
If the latch is flimsy, it’s all too easy for the contents to fall out and water to get in.
Instead of simply asking for your support with donations, we’ve developed a membership to allow our readers to support what we do and allow us to give you back something in return. When we were teenagers in Wisconsin, we'd go out and "get lost" in the woods and we'd really catch eating fish with our survival fishing gear. He said the disc presentation follows the book closely and will make an excellent reference tool.
He said he nailed the walks on his first attempts, and being able to review the basics as Williams lays them out in both his book and in animated form on DVD will be a Godsend to animators everywhere.
These will ensure you of enough food and water supplies for two people during 72 hours, so you will be able to survive in every situation.
After considering these, make a realistic assessment of the probability of these challenges occurring as well as the potential impact that they will have on you. When you have a closer look at some of the items, you may discover that there are some that you no longer use but are still carrying them.
Also, reviewing it will also help you find out if there is something that you may need but is not in the kit. Some other factors that should also be considered include the price, compatibility, as well as the storage of the kit. Since it met our research criteria we went ahead and ordered it off of Amazon, but is it truly a pocket sized survival kit? You would have to find some trash scrap metal to boil with, but as far as this kit goes, there’s nothing. Now there are other uses, like a waterproof cell phone or digital camera case but with the chintzy feeling clasp, I don’t think I would feel very safe putting my iPhone in it while on a float trip. An orange kit would be easy to find in an emergency and could double as a signaling device (of sorts). Of course, that was in the 50's and I think these back waters are either poluted beyond redemption or have no fish left. Opinions and Critique within the Survival Gear Reviews and Questions forums, part of the Survival Gear Reviews, Questions, Sell, Swap category; Hi, I have had this kit for over a year and have put quite a bit of thought into it.
Each disc includes lots of animated sequences (over 400 of them in the set) and you can stop and single frame your way through each example if that will help you see what he is talking about. Says Coffey- "It will save you time and money, and it will inspire you to stretch as an animator. An item in the kit may become irrelevant in situations such as when a possible threat has changed or you have already overcome it, or you may need more gear if incase you are facing a new threat.
If you absolutely had to spend less than $15 on a pocket sized survival kit, either one of the sardine can kits would be a better buy. I lean a bit more in the way of self protection, One small and one large fixed blade for both combat and bushcraft ( BK-7 ) And a quality folder as well. And supplemented by the truck gun (fight to your longarm) This is always on me, separate from all else including the kit detailed in this thread.
If you take your career seriously and really want to learn or improve your character animation skills further, this DVD set could be a good investment.
It is similar to the book much of the time, but it contains lots more information and embellishments and Williams delightful personality. If i were to somehow get separated from my truck and GHB I will have this kit to fall back on.
It is strictly a survival kit geared towards the basics of Shelter, Fire, Water, Signalling, Food procurement and basic wound care.
The kit is housed in a Maxpedition Fatboy pouch, which is a durable and high quality product.
Carry as much food, ammunition, medical and weapons as I can for as far as I can get in the truck. I am trying to decide weather we should stay together or go in two separate vehicles to increase our load capacity.

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