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If you're looking for the best survival gizmos and gear on the planet, you've come to the right place. We’ve all done it… bought crappy gear because it was cheap, marketed well, or we got emotional and made an impulse buy. I HATED survival wire saws until I discovered this simple “hack” that transforms this impertinent piece of twisted wire into a rather useful bow saw.
I got this knife maybe half a year ago and I noticed after my second time using it that I had somehow bent the blade slightly to the right, yet I've only used this with wood.
This knife is great it is sharp and the fire starter is perfect it lit a massive bond fire. If you’re looking for a knife that can perform in just about any situation, whether surviving in the wilderness or in the backyard, the Cold Steel SRK survival knife might be the all-around knife for you. We’ll look this knife from just about every angle and talk about who this knife is for and who should look for a different blade. And before we’re all done, we’ll compare the Cold Steel SRK to a few other popular survival and tactical knives from Gerber, SOG and Schrade. So when my SRK landed… I carefully took it out of the box and was immediately impressed by the elegant simplicity of its design, its solid, yet extremely comfortable feel in my hand and the sharpness of the blade.
As you might conclude, I’ve been a lot more careful with this knife since then… and you should be careful, too… this is one sharp knife out of the box!!! Here is a collection of great knives from SOG, Gerber, Schrade compared to the Cold Steel SRK (which is the 6th knife from the left)… so we have the SOG Seal Pup, the Bear Grylls Survival Knife, the Gerber Prodigy, the Gerber LMF II ASEK, the SOG Force, the Cold Steel SRK, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF3) and the SOG Seal Team Elite. The blade of the Cold Steel SRK is full tang construction which means the handle and blade steel are one solid piece of metal from tip to butt and is the strongest blade handle construction technique.
The SRK steel is made of Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel… which is regarded as a very nice steel for a general, all-purpose knife like the SRK because of the steel’s toughness and edge-holding ability. AUS 8A has middle-of-the-road hardness which makes it strong for the rigors of survival and rescue while being resistant to chipping and fracturing. To add to the the corrosion resistance of this knife, Cold Steel coated this knife in what they call Black Tuff-Ex…. The Cold Steel’s choice in point design is a nice solution for a knife designed for rescue and survival situations requiring point strength, piercing ability and acute cutting. Oh, one last thing about the point… Knives with clip points are often easier to put back in their sheaths because of the reduced size and sharper angle of a clip point.
So this steel thickness is pretty beefy, although not the thickest that we’ve seen in this class of survival knives. So… Just for fun, I’m gonna call it Grip-Ex because it’s extra grippy and honestly the grippiest handle of any of the survival knives that we’ve reviewed to date.
On the sides of the handle we have this raised dimple pattern of rubberized nodules that provide great grip in all directions and channel water in wet conditions. On the top and bottom we have rubberized raised lateral grooves that are especially designed to help prevent your hand from sliding forward onto the blade and prevent the knife from sliding out of your hand. At the front of the handle toward the blade we have a nice sized quillon (pronounced “KEY – OWN”), which is designed to prevent your fingers from sliding forward onto the blade and cutting edge. The back of the handle is about straight and the bottom has almost imperceptible cutouts to add to the ergonomics of this fine, yet very simple handle. Hands of all sizes should find this handle very comfortable even when being use for extended periods.
This tapered end helps keeps the knife in your hand also makes it pretty easy to keep this knife from flying away when chopping.
About a half inch from the butt of the knife there is this lanyard hole formed from a snappy, brass-looking grommet that goes the whole way through the handle to the other side. The sheath seems to be made of a very rigid, durable, precision-molded polymer that appears to be two pieces held firmly together with 12 solid metal grommets strategically placed at major stress points around the sheath. The knife locks in the sheath through a simple friction lock that does hold the knife securely in the sheath. However, in our tests, this knife stayed securely in the sheath without the use of the handle strap. The Cold Steel SRK sheath can be set up for left or right hand carry through this simple, durable and removable belt strap system.

This strap system is easily removed and repositioned by removing these two standard cross head screws. It’s got this nice Velcro and snap, system that allows you to attach the sheath to just about any belt without removing it.
A leg lanyard or strap can easily be added to keep this sheath tight against your leg using either the bottom grommet holes or one of the long strap cutouts. We beat this knife up pretty good and even threw it (which always beats up a knife)… but the edge remained sharp and the knife showed surprisingly little wear. Owners comment on this knife’s ability to take serious punishment and perform a variety of utility tasks well and generally rate this knife at over 4 out of 5 stars. We found a few comments about issues with the sheath and mentions about it not having a butt end pommel. Owners usually rave about the toughness of the steel, edge holding, the versatile sheath and its value for the money. We rate the Cold Steel SRK at 4.5 out of 5 stars for its versatility as a utility survival, tactical and rescue knife. We took off a half of a star because, for a rescue knife, it would have been nice for this knife to have a butt-end pommel… and for tactical and military use, we think Cold Steel could have pretty easily made this sheath a lot closer to MOLLE compatible. But if you want a more tactical or survival knife that comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath, take a look at my reviews of the SOG Seal Team Elite, the Gerber LMF II, Gerber LHR or the SOG Seal Pup. If you want a kick-butt, all-around utility, fixed-blade knife that is built to last, and an online price of around $79 sounds good to you, we highly recommend the Cold Steel SRK Survival and Rescue Knife.
Hi Daniel – The Cold Steel would definitely be the one to choose if bushcrafting is a priority. I would however recommend the new Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro over the Original… if you can get one in Argentina. El SRk es un excelente producto costo beneficio, el Falkniven es un cuchillo que se cuece aparte, pero hay que asumir el costo, y al final de cuentas para lo que yo lo necesito…, me da el mismo servicio. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife – sharp and light weight knife for use Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is useful for protecting yourself from any kind of danger.
Survival knives - There is no doubt to one fact; a survival knife is the most valuable tool in an outdoor enthusiast’s backpack.
The following reviews of the survival knives from reputed companies would answer your question; what are the features which set apart some from the others?
An all-time favorite among military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts alike, KA-BAR USMC Utility Knife is considered to be an icon among survival knives in general. A search for survival knives which combines cost-effectiveness and utilitarian value would definitely take you to Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife. If a knife which combines attractive design and utmost utilitarian value is what you want, this is the perfect choice.
Ease of sharpening, thickness and length of the blade too are other features which deserve utmost attention when shopping for them. An understanding of what to look for in a tool is a must if a person wants to get the most out of it.
Wiping it with vegetable oil too is recommended if you want your knife to have a long life.
It is always recommended that you should keep a good penknife along with its longer counterpart. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. Intricately designed by Gerber and Bear, it’s loaded with innovations that won’t be found in any other fixed blade knife. Although you can’t see the knife steel in the handle of the SRK, I have verified that the knife is full tang with Cold Steel. The Cold Steel SRK has a fine edge meaning no serrations – for the full length of the edge. AUS 8A is fairly easy to sharpen, has  very nice edge retention and can be sharpened to a VERY sharp edge. I recommend simply wiping your knife down occasionally with a little bit of mineral oil on a soft rag paying particular attention to wiping down the edge. A clip point has the spine side of the blade “clipped” off to form a tip that is sharper and more suitable for piercing and tasks like skinning or carving that require more blade point accuracy.

However, the belt carry strap system can easily be removed and through some creativity and the addition of a strap or two could be attached to a MOLLE vest or pack. Because of the nearly straight handle, the center of gravity being slightly more toward the tip and the clip point blade, this knife threw really well compared to most of the other knives we have dared to toss at our target. Owners seem to run the gamut from military, campers, hunters, survival dudes, weekend warriors and women who just wanted a tough knife that was comfortable to hold and could perform a wide range of household tasks.
That is why i wonder if you have any intrest to make a review on the fallkniven a1 and the a2. I got it for about $40 at a gun show, and it’s been my go to hunting knife since then.
Blize Tec Survival Knife is considered as one of the knives which can give you plenty of best features within a very reasonable price. It holds the power to hurt you or make you feel brighter when you have to use it to defend yourself. But, to be able to determine what you need most, you should be able to know what to look for in a survival knife. This implies that the steel of the knife is there without anything to separate to the end of the handle. But, an idea of what all comes to play in its construction would go a long way in helping you decide which manufacturer to opt for. If you are someone willing to spend for protection from elements, stainless steel is generally recommended. There are instances of people injuring themselves seriously trying to catch a knife; to prevent it from falling. Like everything in the Survival Series, it also includes Bear’s Priorities of Survival pocket guide.
Fit and finish, steel choice, excellent sheath design, grip and the fact that this knife can be had for around $79 online. If I want a knife with a hammer for a butt I have my Catteragus Quartermaster knife, but the SRK feels perfect in my hand and has replaced that knife in the woods. People always say, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting one from among the vast options available. If you wish to get the most out of this model, you have to go for the one with its sheath made of leather. Being the most dangerous part of a knife, you are required to keep it covered when not using.
Do a research online at regular intervals and stay updated with the latest developments in the field. My point of this comment is that, in all of my camping & backpacking experience over the years, I have continually come back to the SRK for my traveling companion.
The blade is designed in such a way that sharpening it is just the matter of a few minutes.
With fancy knife points, you are going to have a tough time stabbing an animal through a thick coat of fir.
If you're a prepper looking to load up your bug out bag with the greatest survival tools, this knife is surely one of the most important!Drop-point 5" carbon steel blade Sawtooth back edge Large fingerguard Ribbed leather handle Steel buttcap Leather sheath with tie-down and sharpening stone.
Though it is a heavier knife than some, I appreciate the weight & heft for some of the fire prep tasks due to its weighty cutting ability. But, there are certain features which make certain types of these tools stand apart from the others. The knife features a Scandinavian grind and you are sure to love to have this among your priced possessions. Whatever is the task you want to perform; either it is cutting, penetration, chopping or anything, SOG SEAL Team Knife is the best tool you can have. I still have my original (a little worse for wear), I was happy to find this brand new one.

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