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Coiling a rope will ensure that it will be immediately to hand and untangled when required.
The Bowline Knot, aka the Boiling Knot, is one of the most used loop knots probably due to it's simplicity and security. The Fisherman's Knot has picked up many different names over the years (Cinch Knot, True Lovers Knot, Clinch Knot, Angler's Knot, Waterman's Knot, English Knot, Halibut Knot, Englishman's Bend). Form an Overhand Knot at the end of a line like shown and pass the working end of a second line through the loop of the knot.

Continue pulling on the standing parts until the two overhand knots are jammed firmly together. It is used to fix together crossed pieces of rigid material and has a wide range of camping and outdoor uses, for example, to fasten tent poles together and kit to luggage racks. The Bowline forms a secure loop in the end of a piece of rope that won't slip or bind under strain, and with no load, can be easily untied. It is very effective with small diameter strings and twines, as well as and especially fishing lines.

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