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If you're fairly new to Pokemon like me, chances are you keep coming across new wild Pokemon and not being sure what "type" they are. Sure, you can generally work it out pretty quickly from the type of attacks they use -- or by catching them and adding them to your Pokedex, of course -- but sometimes you come face to face with another trainer with high-level Pokemon, and you need to know the most efficient means to take them down.
Well, if you happen to have an iOS device in your pocket, all you have to do is hold down your Home button to call up the OS' personal assistant Siri, then ask it what type of Pokemon your opponent is.
Siri's ability to successfully and accurately identify Pokemon based purely on you speaking their names is not built in to iOS; rather, like much of Siri's functionality, the information is pulled in from the Internet. In this image, I first asked Siri "what type of Pokemon is Pikachu?" to which I received the response "the answer is electric" followed by some more detailed information from WolframAlpha -- the "computational knowledge engine" that Siri uses any time you have specialist queries. In the third image, I asked Siri what kind of Pokemon electric-types such as Pikachu would be strong against. I'll be honest; I don't know enough about Pokemon to be able to test how up-to-date Siri and WolframAlpha's Pokemon database is -- but even if it's yet to incorporate some of the more obscure Pokemon from X and Y, it's certainly a helpful resource for how to deal with some of your more common opponents.
Pete Davison, you MUST provide the source for that color sorted Pokemon chart you used for the top image. We talk to the competitive Pokemon community as the game heads to a new platform with a whole bucket full of new rules.
Despite the numerous changes it brings to the series, something seems to be missing in the latest generation of Pokemon. The announcement of a new Five Nights at Freddy's game, Sister Location, is causing series creator Scott Cawthon to undergo an unfair barrage of hate.
We all need a phone its just the way it is.  Here are products that will keep you protected from the harmful radiation cell phone technology puts on our body. The special headset cord is about 3 feet long and uses a clear plastic tube to carry the sound to your ear.
In other circumstances, you may want the phone to be ready to receive calls or text messages… but you don’t want the radiation. The inside of the Phone Purse is just like the Mobile Phone Pod, but with a more stylish and smaller look.
Can be used in jacket, shirt or pants pockets, holsters, bras, purses and other places where you keep your phone.

EMP Faraday Bag EMP Faraday Bags are designed to protect against damaging EMP current, static discharge, microwave transmission, RFID snooping and moisture damage.
Cables can act as an antenna, especially if they pass close to a strong source of radiofrequency radiation. Assuming you have Internet connectivity where you are, after a moment you'll have your answer.
Depending on what you ask, information is grabbed from a variety of different sources, then presented to you in a simple to understand manner.
In the second image, you can see that the information WolframAlpha holds on Pikachu (and indeed other Pokemon) includes its English and Japanese names, its Pokedex number, its type, color, game generation, icon and footprint.
A full featured desktop or wall mount corded telephone (no microwaves) combined with a special ultra low EMF headset. Absolutely no electronics, wires or magnets are near your head (style may vary from image). Shielded on 5 sides to keep the radiation away from your body but still allow the phone to operate while in the case. Compartment measures a generous 10 x 15cm (4×6 inches) which will easily fit most phones and iPods (even Otterbox™ will fit snugly).
Protect your sensitive electronics (laptops, cellphones, iPads etc), precious memories (flash drives, floppy disks, tape recordings, etc) homeopathic remedies and medications, passports, credit cards and other devices from damage and spying. Large 16×18” bag is perfect for your laptop, gaming systems, radios and extra accessories.
One study has suggested that if the cable of a hands free mic passes near the phone’s antenna, it can pick up some radiation and transmit it to your ear. Where to begin, what to do, where to go, super training -- and what you can create with mega evolutions! You get all the benefits of a normal telephone without putting yourself close to the strong magnetic fields associated with the handset, speakerphone, or telephone base.
Cord provides distance from telephone base and traditional handset, convenient mobility, and can be extended up to 9 feet with optional extension cord, sold separately. Cutting edge Silver shielding fabric embedded in the lining provides 99.99% radiation reduction.

In this position, RF signals in or out will be reduced almost to zero, which is enough to stop the phone from ringing in most circumstances unless you have an especially good connection.
As long as the shield is between your body and the phone, the phone can still work and you get less radiation. But think about this: what body parts get the radiation when you put the thing on your pocket, bra, hat, purse, holster or elsewhere on your body? Because its moisture barrier performance exceeds foil laminates for low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), particularly after flexing, whatever you place in the bag and seal properly is going to stay dry also! You can also store chipped cards (like credit cards) in here to prevent unintentional reading.
Now your vital and sometimes private organs are basically in contact with the source of the microwaves, getting the largest dose possible. Laboratory tested, the Pocket Patch deflects up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from the body. Stylish black handset plugs into iPhone 4, 4S, 5 providing clear sound without bending your neck. Made in 2 halves, you simply press it around the hands free wire at any convenient location near the earpiece end. Pocket Patch is a high performance shielding patch that you iron onto your clothing which reflects that radiation away from your body.
Allows you to keep the phone at a distance from your body, reducing radiation by 95% or more.
Manufacturer recommends that you “nest” items inside multiple layers of protection (double bagging) for best results. It is small and lightweight enough to be almost unnoticable, yet powerful enough (50 ohm impedence minimum) to control nasty radiation.

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