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Results of the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest 2015, sponsored by CollectA: See the winning dioramas here.
These look kinda cute, and its good to see that the variety is very mixed, with some pretty obscure animals in there. For us Preppers, I very highly recommend you get yourself a front row seat for Dr Sarita Robinson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).Dr Robinson studies human behaviour in response to life-threatening situations and has been involved with research into survival psychology since 1999. In last years show and all shows before, you could just sit down, listen and even ask questions at the end.

However, there is an additional charge to secure your seat because Ray is such a hugely respected bushcraft icon the organisers want to ensure that they can actually fit the numbers into the tipi and you will not be allowed in without a pre-booked ticket. As for appearance, they look sort of like Dino Magic figures, except you don't put them together nd they are mostly monochromatic. These have hit the racks with a resounding fizzle so I doubt they'll be around for another series.
I really appreciate that--I am guessing that if these get to Canada it's going to take a long while!

In this particular case, the Elasmosaurus and Mosasaurus are a completely even match, and so a truce was called, and the pair settled down to enjoy a Saturday night takeaway together instead. Being a big kid, I thought I'd take a look at these and was surprised that some of the figures are actually quite nice, certainly better than the European Return of the Dinosaurs figures which were quite cartoony.

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