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To see what skin I'm currently working on, click the Skin Pack that says (IN PROGRESS) next to its name. I wanted to make this project in order to help calm the demand for these skins available for PC. This is a great survival island seed creating a small island with one tree, sand and lots of ore underground.
SnarkyClark discovered this seed which generates a snow biome covering an area more than 2,400 blocks wide and 2,100 blocks high, making it perfect for creating a winter themed world. This seed contains a massive mountain range at (x=90, z=200) with lava lakes, waterfalls and overhangs.

This seed spawns you on a small island to the left of a huge mushroom biome at (x=70, z=280). Xaiinuk discovered this seed which generates a collection of floating islands and overhangs at (x=140, z=300). One day before the first anniversary of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition being available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The skin that says (IN PROGRESS) next to its name in that pack is the one currently under construction!
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It also won't be possible to create the headgear (elf hats, for example) that extend high off the skin's head. I will do my best to recreate these skins in the way that they're wearable, but I won't be able to recreate the custom animations.

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