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Craft the Uncraftable Mod allows you to craft things you couldn’t craft before, like ice, or grass. The yellow Ink Sacks are made by putting an Ink Sack Pack in the middle of a crafting table and surrounding them with gold ingots.
It may make things look wierd for you, but it is fine for us because we are using it for a special designed map and stuff! The texture pack brings an entirely new feel to your Minecraft game, added new textures for your blocks, turning your simple swords into brilliant light sabers, converting the armor types to more fashionable Star Wars armor, and more! Auf einen Rechner mit weniger als 4 GByte Arbeitsspeicher sollten Sie das "Photo Realism Pack" deshalb besser nicht loslassen. Eine detaillierte Anleitung sowie Screenshots zu den fünf Texture Packs im Download finden Sie in unserer Fotostrecke.

The Star Wars texture pack changes the color and pattern of the blocks that make up your world.
Your stone sword has been replaced by a green lightsaber, iron by a blue, and if you’re feeling like a villain, the gold sword has been edited to appear as a red lightsaber. Crafted with 4 Gold ingots and a Dropper, or found naturally throughout the world, this block drops, spawns, or creates almost anything in Minecraft.
For when you’re lucky enough to find it, diamond can be used to make the rare purple lightsaber.Even your standard armor has been changed. For example, you could mine one, and it could drop a diamond, or, it could spawn a creeper! Now you can dress yourself in iron armor and appear to be wearing the classic white armor of the stormtroopers.

If you’re looking for a small tweak to the game, or just another use for all that unwanted gold, then the Lucky Blocks Mod is for you! The pumpkin block has been changed to a clone trooper helmet (creating a jack o lantern will make the helmet appear lit). If you wear the pumpkin, the HUD will change to a sci-fi like helmet, as if you’re actually playing a clone trooper!So if you’re looking for a texture pack that can redefine your Minecraft experience, the Star Wars texture pack will do just that.

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