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February 24, 2013 by The Survival Mom 2 Comments I discovered Land – A Stranded Novel by Theresa Shaver last month.
Land follows the story of a group of Canadian high school students stranded in Disneyland following an EMP.
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I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years. I’ve read all 3 books and am looking forward to the last one to see how it all works out! Recently, they put much of their years of experience into an e-book that you can download and begin using in less than five minutes!  If you have a family member who is just now thinking about food storage, this book is a great guide for beginners, too.  The price of $17 includes free updates for life and a lot more. Where can I be directed on this site (or another) to really figure out the 6-month food storage? I was ready to order a Berkey tonight but read numerous reviews on Amazon that were not very favorable. A major component of being well prepared for whatever life may bring is building a repertoire of skills and a bank of knowledge. 26 Basic Life Skills is the first book in a new series (Survival Skills for All Ages) that covers important skills to survive and thrive in life. Beginning with 26 Basic Life Skills and then continuing through the additional books in the series, each skill is covered first from the point of view of every day life, then from how it might be different in an emergency.
Situational awareness and staying fit are both discussed a lot in prepping, but not necessarily in practical terms for regular people. Rather than just talking about the need to move and be healthy, the focus on physical fitness from a survival stand point is on activities that can help you get fit and be better prepared for emergencies at the same time. Other basics discussed in this chapter are learning to trust your instincts and knowing who to trust. As much as we all want to believe we never have to worry about safe drinking water, the news periodically proves that is not true.
Once you have the meal planned and understand basic sanitation and food safety, it’s time to actually prepare the food. The life skills in this section can not only be useful in everyday, non-emergency life, but should be used in everyday life.
In this section, chapters 17-20 detail basic and not-so-basic skills that help insure safety and good health. Calling 911 seems so basic that including instructions for it must be a joke, but consider this: What do you tell (and not tell) the operator when they pick up?
Many home remedies, and a lot of basic first aid, are so simple even preschoolers can handle them. Sewing can be as simple as re-attaching a button or fixing a tear, or as complex as a beaded, multi-tiered custom wedding gown, but it all starts from a few basic skills. Safe knife use may not seem like an important skill in daily life if whittling and outdoor use are the only things that come to mind. These 26 basic life skills aren’t complicated or exotic, but they are important in everyday life and emergencies.
Jeff, be sure to go back to the 26 Basic Life skills article and enter the giveaway using the form that appears at the bottom. Already want this to add to my growing collection of self sufficient books….will put it right next to my copy of The Survival Mom!
Living in modern society, we have become increasingly disassociated from the earth, from the essence of ourselves, and the need is awakened in us to return to the wilderness–physically and emotionally. The set includes: Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Farmer Boy, On the Banks of Plum Creek, By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years, and The First Four Years.
Pa Ingalls decides to sell the little log house, and the family sets out for Indian country!
While Laura Ingalls grows up in a little house on the western prairie, Almanzo Wilder is living on a big farm in New York State. The first two books (previously reviewed) of No Normal Day follow normal couple, Jack and Beth, after an EMP turns their world upside down.
Fifteen years later, the world is still slowly re-establishing itself. In West, survivors are fending for themselves, building small, tight-knit communities but change is constant. Jeff and Kevin have tended to keep to themselves, not getting involved in any trouble they see along the way whether it’s stray animals or people. These two highly enjoyable stories placed interesting personal stories within the setting of a society recovering from an EMP. I definitely recommend these to anyone who likes dystopian novels that aren’t focused just on how bad life could be. Sarah Anne Carter is a freelance writer, stay-at-home mother, military “brat” and military wife. Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios. The only problem is that now I’m terrified to let my 17 year old son go on his school band trip to Disneyland in May!
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If you’re on a journey to enrich your own life and become better prepared, check out this new book series by Liz Long, a long-time contributor to The Survival Mom blog. Some, such as trusting your instincts, are really the same in every day life as well as in an emergency.
Even something like having your heating system go out can either be the result of your furnace being broken or a complete power outage, leaving you with no on-grid way to stay warm and no way to use any other electrical device or appliance. These resources include online articles, books, related Scouting badges (BSA and GSUSA), and videos that provide more detailed information and fun activities to reinforce the topic. Situational awareness is about more than recognizing someone trying to steal your purse or break into your compound. Activities like hiking, biking, and backpacking are all fun, enhance fitness, and are good for emergency preparedness.
What I was impressed with was how thoroughly each skill is covered, with examples from Liz’s own experiences and family life. This task doesn’t sound like much fun until you realize that whoever plans the meals knows that they will like (or at least not hate) what’s for dinner! Kids may not be planning meals for the whole family but there is no reason they can’t plan their own lunches.
Can they rattle off a list of who is allergic to what and how they respond (rash, anaphylaxis, etc.)? Do they know where to find this information in case of emergency? Do they know where to find critical medical items including epi-pens and insulin? Aloe vera for a burn, cayenne pepper for a heart attack, Epsom salts for sore muscles: These are just a few of the many easy, proven home remedies everyone should know.
Sewing, swimming, safe knife use, and surviving without any heat in the house are clear examples of this.
When you consider how much we use knives in the kitchen, it doesn’t take long to see how important it is in daily life. I recommend 26 Basic Life Skills: Survival Skills as a manual that can guide you and your family toward better preparedness. Your comment counts as an entry, but you need to check that off as one of your entries on the official form. Go back to the article, scroll to the bottom, and use the entry form that pops up below the article. In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. In those same woods, Laura lives with Pa and Ma, and her sisters, Mary and Baby Carrie, in a snug little house built of logs.
They travel from Wisconsin to Kansas, and there, finally, Pa builds their little house on the prairie. Almanzo and his brother and sisters work at their chores from dawn to supper most days — no matter what the weather.
When Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and baby Grace join him, they become the first settlers in the town of De Smet. Most of the students are taller than she is, and she must sleep away from home for the first time.
Explore the mysterious world of herbs with this magical, herbal workbook: Make your own healing potions, secret remedies, magical salves, enchanted syrups and special healing remedies. They have done some preparing but don’t have anything like a Faraday cage or HAM radio. The original founders of Unity have died, leaving four young residents wondering about the old cabin they left in Colorado. After Jeff’s wife died, the two decided to travel the country on a wagon, delivering mail to people around the country. He still has a few final letters to deliver, and Emily needs to decide if she is staying on the road with him and Kevin or relatively safe in Unity. There are tips on survival scattered throughout the books and while it shows some of the despair of life without power, it also shows successes and hope.
Fair warning: there are enough typos sprinkled through the books to bother a grammar junkie, but not enough to stop me from recommending it. While she was often prepared for the little things that came up in life, she is learning how to prepare her family for new challenges so they can face an uncertain future with confidence.
In the second novel in the series, Sea, a second group chooses to head for the coast and find a boat to take them north to their home, and a third group believes that if they stay put, authorities are sure to help them. The money spent on the e-binder was an excellent investment, plus another $7at the big box store to get a cute pink binder.
It’s about being aware of what is going on around you, in general, and noticing things that are out of the ordinary. An oft-forgotten part of food safety becomes very important in an emergency situation: Recognizing and disposing of spoiled food. Even kindergardners can choose from a list of choices to build their own menu and look at the school menu to decide what days they really want to buy lunch.
Remember, the complex gowns of the late 1800s were all created with, at most, a very basic machine. Sometimes farm life is difficult, even dangerous, but Laura and her family are kept busy and are happy with the promise of their new life on the prairie. There is still time for fun, though, especially with the horses, which Almanzo loves more than anything.

Then, just before the wheat is ready to harvest, a strange glittering cloud fills the sky, blocking out the sun.
And Pa begins work on the first building in what will soon be a brand-new town on the shores of Silver Lake.
Laura spends many hours each day sewing shirts to help send Mary to a college for the blind. But each year seems to bring unexpected disasters — storms, sickness, fire, and unpaid debts.
Richardson continues her No Normal Day series with this in mind by exploring two personal tales in books three and four. After they gather together family and friends, new and old, they work together to found the new town of Unity. Feeling restless, the two young couples prepare themselves as best they can for the long journey from Texas. Even leaving in early spring, they have no idea if they will reach the Colorado cabin before winter sets in and their odds of survival plummet with the temperatures. One of the most interesting scenes is in book four when Jeff, Kevin and Emily stumble upon a government compound in Roswell, N.M.
Better than a bunch of bearded men in camo with big dogs wandering around poking their noses into the buckets of food. If I tried to store 6-months of food we (family of 4) could by no means eat the food (on a rotation) before most expiration dates are met. A few, such as staying warm when your heating system goes out, can be an emergency in and of themselves. Be aware of your surroundings (situational awareness). Practice problem solving and plan ahead. Can they use basic hand tools such as a whisk or an egg beater, or kitchen appliances such as a slow cooker or food processor? For that matter, they don’t know if the cabin is still livable, vacant, or even standing. They offer no guarantees that they can actually deliver letters, but they will try their hardest to find the addressee.
The people in the compound are surviving quite well and doing research, but they still aren’t sharing their resources with the rest of mankind, even after 15 years.
It seems I would need to have 3-months in freeze dried and keep a rolling, stocked pantry for other items. I have used a whisk for decades, but I still learned something new while writing this book  from a video that demonstrates how using a side-to-side motion is more efficient than a circular one. Included are instructions for creating fire and tools of wood, stone, and bone, as well as fiber adhesives, projectiles, art, and music.
All night long, the wind howls lonesomely, but Pa plays the fiddle and sings, keeping the family safe and cozy. Laura and Almanzo are courting, and even though she’s not yet sixteen, she knows that this is a time for new beginnings.
Always, though, there is love, especially for the newest member of the family — baby Rose.
Fortunately, we haven’t had to face the worse scenarios yet, however all our strength could very likely be tested in the future. For some of the authors, like, George, Speere and Paulsen, have a whole line of books are wonderful to read, though I can’t list them all. For the many people who rely on electric appliances, this is a good refresher on basic hand tools in the kitchen.
I have saved tons of money using the weekly sales cheat sheets without having to get the papers myself.
My family loves chili and rice, so I have plenty of canned chili as well as ingredients to make homemade and, probably 300 lbs. Ever since the sea took his mothera€™s life and spared his own, he has lived with deep fear. And even though his father is the Great Chief of Hikuerua€“and island whose seafaring people worship couragea€“he is terrified, and so scorned. Generally speaking, ingredients will have a longer shelf life than typical grocery store foods. If they\’re packaged in cardboard or plastic bags, repackage in food-grade plastic containers, jars, mylar bags or buckets.
For breakfast, plan on hot cereals, homemade bread with peanut butter, healthy muffins and fruit. If We Survive by Andrew Klavan: High schooler Will Peterson and three friends journeyed to Central America to help rebuild a school.
In a poor, secluded mountain village, they won the hearts of the local people with their energy and kindness. Now, guns and terror are everywherea€”and Americans are being targeted as the first to die.
Over 30 miles from the nearest town, and several miles away from their nearest neighbor, Nell and Eva struggle to survive as society begins to decay and collapse around them. 500+ Free Camping & Dutch Oven Recipes 10 Basic Safety Tips for Women Create a Family Ememgency BinderSubscribe Today!No spam ever!

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