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Born and raised in Manhattan, Anne Thompson grew up going to the Thalia and The New Yorker and wound up at grad Cinema Studies at NYU. Indeed, zombies would probably overtake vampires as the horror-movie monster of choice, if they were just a little sexier.
But the thing that makes zombie movies so easy to crank out – the limited need for special effects – is also what defines their limitations. Everything else is filigree – and Romero’s latest, “Survival of the Dead,” has plenty of that. They’re among the last surviving humans on the East Coast, when they manage to escape from the mainland to an island of the coast of North Carolina – or maybe it’s Delaware. The island has been mostly cleared of zombies – but has become a battleground for two competing land barons.
Muldoon, meanwhile, is keeping the last few zombies alive – but chained up – as he searches for a way to socialize them. By now you should have probably noticed a ton of Top Lists for 2009 on site written by the staff members of our site. In my opinion I think My Bloody Valentine should be on here instead of Paranormal Activity.
Just echoing what many have already said here…2009 was indeed a phenomenal year for horror. Only two id take out is paranormal activity,maybe cause i was a bit high in that movie,but i thought of it more as a comedy…hilarious actually the wife jus gets smacked outa nowhere haha!!! This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Con las Listas de puedes crear tu propio top y leer y votar los del resto de usuarios.
In 20minutos we respect the intellectual property and hope that the users also do the same.
We as viewers have our pick of current survival films (think "Gravity," "12 Years a Slave" or this weekend's "Hunger Games: Catching Fire"), but what are some classics of the genre worth revisiting?
She worked at United Artists and Film Comment before heading west as that magazine's west coast editor. To the already overworked 3D, comic-book movies, remakes, sequels and films about a scrappy band of underdogs, let’s add: zombie movies. You invented the modern zombie film – the modern horror film, for that matter – in 1968 with “Night of the Living Dead.” These days, barely a month goes by without at least one horror movie sprung from the mold you created.
It’s hard to imagine all those teen-age girl choosing sides between Team Jacob and Team Edward and mooning over Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner if they were playing zombies – gnawing flesh, slowly rotting – instead of a vampire or a werewolf. But plot is never the point in one of these affairs, a fact that Romero tries vainly to overcome. Crocket, the leader of a group of soldiers turned rogue commando unit – from “Diary of the Dead,” Romero’s last opus.
Patrick O’Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) is the loser, banished to the mainland by his arch-rival Seamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick), scheming to get back to take over the island for himself. In other words, he wants them to learn to stop killing humans and start eating animals instead. The zombies exist to mostly be splattered in wilder, more graphic ways – and to occasionally turn an unfortunate human into a zombie buffet.
To give you an objective overview of what the top films of 2009 really were I have taken all the Top Lists written by the staff and compiled them into one master list. As much as it is a remake it was well done with a focus on building a great story and not garnering mass appeal at the box office. Unfortunately for her the creepy man who works at the Mansion is much more than just creepy and there are no children that need sitting… it all ends badly!
It makes its way onto the Top 10 not from staff votes but from the guest and member votes and I agree with them.
Babysitter Wanted teaches the important lesson of why there are much safer ways to get money than babysitting in an old isolated farm-house far from the safety of the city. It tells the story of a town of crooked cops, two serial killing partners and a team of FBI agents out to get them.
The Children is a creepy christmas tale of a family that heads to the woods to celebrate and discovers their children have more in mind then unwrapping presents.
Especially not when they are a bunch of flesh-eating zombies looking to put all the men in the doghouse… or their bellies!

Directed by Park Chan Wook the genius behind the Oldboy series of movies its a vampire tale that every fan of Park’s should watch! Seems I am not alone as the combined votes of our staff and members put End of the Line in the #14 spot on the Top 25 Horror Films of 2009. A love story told between two teens it is shot in a very atmospheric way and is both creepy and endearing. I love zombie movies and watch them all but admittedly most are for entertainment value and not scares.
It got mixed reviews from some horror fans but critics and the rest of the fans thought the film was genius. Grace is a disturbing film that is sure to make all expectant parents quicker and stare at those pregnant bumps with terrified eyes. Its the North American answer to Shaun of the Dead while still very much being its own movie. PoppaScotch who was one fo the judges on this list put it best when he said Lars Von Trier is either a genius film maker or an absolute madmen. I figured for sure that films with more notice like Zombieland or even Martyrs would have made it to #1 but it seems our staff have alot of love for this low budget Canadian zombie film about a DJ on the air during a disturbing and violent outbreak of a zombie like infection. First a thank you to all the staff who contributed their votes for Top film of 2009 and also a thank you to the 20 some odd members of our community who also took time to contribute votes to this list making it truly a Top Horror Films list by fans… and for fans. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges. In fact, I’m finding it difficult to come up with 25 decent horror films in either of the following 4 years (even though 2013 still has some life left).
Notify appropriate means that you have to give us specific identification of the material subject to copyright, link to the list in which is locate, contact information including address, phone number and email address and a statement confirming, under penalty of perjury, that the claimant is the owner of the material or is authorized to act on behalf of the owner. She wrote for the LA Weekly, Sight and Sound, Empire, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly before serving as West Coast Editor of Premiere. In a zombie movie, after you’ve been scared by one popping up out of nowhere (repeated endlessly) and confronted the dilemma of suddenly facing a swarm of them when you’re low on ammunition, you’ve pretty much used up the zombie-movie bag of tricks. Played by Alan Van Sprang, he’s ruggedly one–dimensional, a barely written place-filler meant to stand-in for all human beings. O’Flynn teams up with Crocket and his group to take on Muldoon and his men – and to reunite with his daughter (Kathleen Munroe).
This may qualify as the strangest, most subversive pitch for vegetarianism ever attempted in horror films. Carriers is a character film that focus on the humanity of its characters and the story more than action as a brother and two girls try to escape and survive a plague that has turned the United states into a wasteland of suffering. Dead Girl will draw you in and spit you out with its intense writing and extreme brutality. You will never guess the ending and the last 5minutes will definitely knock the wind out of you. Its dark, is gorey, its violent and it mixed sci-fi, nature and horror all in a nice little bundle that is sure to make you think twice about going to the woods anytime soon. Beware religious whack jobs in uniforms sporting knives looking to bring about the end of days! Although it did not make my Top 10 list I can see why it made so many staff members top 10’s and made it into the Top 25. The movie is so good I am actually interested in seeing how the remake Matt Reeves who directed Cloverfield is working on turns out.
REC is both entertaining and scary and will make you think twice about staying in an apartment complex in Spain.
I saw it based on recommendations from those who had seen it and I was far from disappointed. The rules, the action, the romance and the laughs makes Zombieland easily one of the best films to hit the horror genre in 2009. Considered by some to be over rated and by others to be one of the most terrifying theater experiences in years.
Antichrist tells the story of a couple who head to the woods to fix their relationship after a tragic loss and nature takes its course exploding into a truly mad film. A mix of tales that tell their own story while still being interlinked its creepy, gruesome and lots of laughs. Pontypool is a smart zombie movie that plays out like a stage play and focuses on the characters more then the action.
Without a doubt because of how we did this list you will be able to find a film on this list that you can truly love!

Alot of people have made comments to me that District 9 is scifi and not horror and although I refuse to take it off the site since its such an awesome and gruesome tale I do concede it does not belong on a Top Horror Films for 2009 list.
Atrapados en el interior de un edificio, la pareja de bomberos y el equipo de televisiA?n tendrA?n que enfrentarse a un horror desconocido y letal. En el interior, un puA±ado de oportunistas sin escrA?pulos ha construido una nueva sociedad a la que contemplan desde la altura de un rascacielos. Conducidos por la novia de Jason, Debra, los aterrados jA?venes realizadores se van a la ciudad de Winnebago para intentar volver al A?nico lugar seguro que conocen: sus hogares. Pero la zona de carga de este desafortunado vuelo guarda un secreto horroroso, una valija de metal que alberga un virus mortal que cambia a los seres humanos en "muertos vivos" en solo minutos. She wrote for The Washington Post, The London Observer, Wired, More, and Vanity Fair, and did staff stints at The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Definitely an homage to The Thing it’s easily one of the best indie films made in the last 10 years. The Orphan is a movie that will make sure orphanages around the world are a little fuller for a while.
Shocking and incredibly disturbing it is wrapped in a story that pulls you in deep and then spits you out.
It reminded me of a mix of Evil Dead meets Shaun of the Dead with a bit of Night of the Living Dorks thrown in the mix. The film was filled with homages and easter eggs from his earlier films and was a complete riot with an ending that will please just about anyone.
Without a doubt Trick R Treat is a fantastic film and it seems all the staff of agree as it lands in the #2 spot. Pontypool wont appeal to everyone but for this zombie fan it is one of the best written and most intelligent zombie films since Night of the Living Dead. El grupo busca refugio en un centro comercial abandonado.El mundo exterior se hace cada vez mA?s apocalA­ptico. Se pasa la vida en la taberna local, "The Winchester", con su A­ntimo amigo Ed (Nick Frost), discute con su madre y descuida a su novia, Liz (Kate Ashfield). Si se infringe reiteradamente y lo consideramos oportuno, nos reservamos el derecho a inhabilitar tu cuenta de usuario. This movie redefines the word disturbing but in the same token is a fantastically written story. If you buy any movie off this list make it Trick R Treat and I will be shocked if you don’t love it.
Cuando Liz le deja plantado, Shaun decide, finalmente, poner su vida en orden: tiene que reconquistar el corazA?n de su novia, mejorar las relaciones con su madre y enfrentarse a las responsabilidades de un adulto. Todo de lo que dependen, todo lo que quieren, se ha quebrado por una plaga de muertos vivientes que comienza a extenderse.
En caso de haber una demanda de cualquier tipo contra 20minutos por los contenidos, la responsabilidad por todos los posibles daA±os serA? del usuario infractor.
If there is a demand of any kind against 20minutos for the contents, all responsibility will be yours. She taught film criticism at USC Critical Studies, and continues to host the fall semester of a€?Sneak Previewsa€? for UCLA Extension. Ahora, lo A?nico que importa es esconderse, sobrevivir, tratar desesperadamente de escapar.
Pero, por desgracia, los muertos estA?n volviendo a la vida, y tratan de devorar a los vivos. No te asustes, es lo mismo que dicen Facebook, Twitter y demA?s redes sociales a sus usuarios. All of the best survival films have been included, but if you feel we somehow missed one, feel free to add it to the list yourself.
Aislados de lo que solA­a ser el mundo, los ocupantes del centro comercial deben aprender a co-existir entre sA­ y a utilizar todos los recursos a su alcance para permanecer vivos y, sobre todo, para conservar su humanidad.
La supervivencia de la ciudad depende de un grupo de mercenarios contratados para defender a los vivos.
Whether it be monsters, an apocalypse, or the Earth itself, survival films are all about trying to outlast whatever it is that's trying to kill you.

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