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Woodland Ways operates fun, practical and realistic bushcraft & Survival training courses throughout the UK. Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Over the years we have covered a number of topics related to bugging out and bug out bags, such as guns for the bug out bag, bugging out with kids and the bug out trailer. I’ve said it before, hiding and surviving in the wild can be done, but your life will be miserable at best. In home storage, a garden, domestic livestock and communityA are the best and safest means of survival after the balloon goes up.
Having aA well stocked survival retreat should be definitely be plan A, however backing up plan A with a plan B is a good idea. I hope you never have to use it, but if youA have to itA can be grabbed as you head out the door and sure beats leaving with nothing. Direct Components Announces the First & Only Black Tactical Light Leftists Political Violence on the Rise as Election Looms ATK Receives More than $200 Million in Orders for Small-Caliber Ammunition Iron Horseman MC Ambush Cincinnati Police Officers Twisted Radio On The Prepper Podcast Latino Biker Gang Terrorizes Upper Manhattan Neighborhood VaneTec Announces Give-A-Way Winners BATF Let Convicted Felon Lee Franklin Booth Acquire Three Gun Companies?
Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. A good Take Down Bow should only cost you a couple 100 bucks and if you take care of it, you can expect it to last your lifetime.
Legal limitations and laws are much more lax on the Bow & Arrow than they are with guns and bullets. Hopefully this was useful content if you are thinking about getting a Survival Take Down Bow.
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If you have little strength in your hands and wrists you are not likely to be able to pull a crossbow either. You may want to consider going down to your local archery store and find out if there are any clubs in your area that can help you.
Not sure where you are but many gun clubs have archery ranges and we do public sessions several times a year, the local archery shop or hunting goods store can either directly assist or direct you in the right direction and many public schools offer archery to their students as well and those coaches may help. I have been into archery for almost 10 years and have to agree the samick sage is a great buy. While shelters like this are a dark topic many people prefer to avoid, I think there are an increasing number people, like myself, looking to learn more about what it takes to protect ourselves from threats like radiation.
This is an incredible design. It provides ample sleeping and storage space, as well as separate living spaces to help the occupants get some privacy from each other during long stays. It’s also important to point out that this kind of shelter is overkill for the very low levels of radiation we might experience from distant nuclear reactor meltdowns.
So even a typical earthbag dome with 1-foot thick walls would provide far more protection than a normal house.
Professor, you seem to miss the fact that a lot of people are interested in this type of tiny house, maybe not expressly for a fallout shelter, but for living their lives.
The very same factors that make a fall out shelter viable are the same as for eco-housing; Low cost, Ease of build, energy efficient, space efficient, ect. I do it because I hope more people will look deeply into the mirror as I have and begin to question a way of life so reliant on energy. Tiny houses, or more accurately living simply with less (and less reliance on the global economy), is more easily maintained than living large on any non-renewable power source. I am confused couldn’t this dome be used as a tiny home with the added benefits of a shelter as well as the benefits of insulation for heating and cooling. This is a fun, creative, and doable design which can be applied to the unfortunate realities of our times. Placing the entry off-center from the entry hall creates another hallway and your 90*angle.
Earthbag construction is a viable alternative to traditional materials, and it naturally provides protection from radiation. Professor, maybe this doesn’t address your small dwelling green living propaganda for environmental scardy cats, but while nuclear disaster may never happen, its the smaller yet more frequent natural events that this structure could serve as a valuable asset.

I for one am glad that Micheal has the mustard to post everything on small shelters whether it’s for survival or not.
Comments are encouraged but please keep it constructive and do not make any direct attacks on other commenters. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. Our main camps teaching the survival training courses are located in Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire.
No matter what the a€?expertsa€? tell you living long-term off the land a€“ under primitive conditions, isna€™t easy. And they were born to the life and had communityA a€“ what makes you think you willA do better? Please don’t make bugging outA and taking-to-the-woodsA idea your first line of defense against disaster. It’s not easy, but far more achievableA and realistic than taking-to-the-woods with a bug out bag.
Your retreat can, become the target of well armed, disciplined and trainedA looters and you may have no other choice but toA grab your survival pack and head for the hills. In my opinion that is where the bug out bag idea should be considered, and I suggest you have a bag packed and ready to go.
I personally think that anyone who has an interest in primitive survival skills or modern urban survival should seriously consider purchasing a good Bow & Arrow and become proficient in using it. Most new carbon fiber arrows (ultra light weight) have a tip that accepts different screw in arrow tips. You don’t have to mess with paperwork and permits even though in the right hands the Bow & Arrow is equally as deadly.
You never know when you might need the convenience of a weapon that is silent & deadly.
Owen Geiger, expert earthbag designer and builder, recently posted the design of this Triple Dome Survival Shelter on his Earthbag House Plans website. It could also provide a safe place to sleep once radiation levels had lowered to levels that allowed visits outside.
Gamma radiation can’t turn corners, so adding a turn in a hallway can help protect the interior of structure. We know that conventional construction methods provide very little protection, and we know that the more mass we put between us and fallout the better. This would be a very cost effective small domicile, easy on the budget in building and for maintaining. Besides being good environmental policy (which includes human life) it’s a good long-term business strategy. I mean if someone is against fall out shelters just call it a home and brag about how smart you are to live in such a environmentally friendly home that is inexpensive to heat and cool.
Of course it wouldn’t be a proper fallout shelter if it had windows, but it would still be safer than a conventional house. Tell him that it is safer against natural disasters and more economical for all the same reasons as an earth home. I understand that many of his designs are knock down versions of what they could really be, he is giving us the basic,all we need to do is add what is needed for our own needs.
In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.
Learn everything from basic survival (shelter construction, fire-by-friction, water collection), to refined and advanced skills such as traps and snares, bow making, stone tools, hide tanning, animal tracking, and more.
Once you hone your shooting skills, you should be able to retrieve your arrows after shooting….and reuse them over and over again. I have an extensive selection of tips to choose from: small game stunner tips, broad head razor large game tips, standard practice tips, hook tip and line for bow fishing, etc… I’ve killed both squirrel and deer using my Take Down Bow with different arrow tips. They can also be lashed to a longer shaft and used as a larger spear for big game such as wild pig.

99% of being able to effectively use the Bow & Arrow is the skill itself – not the equipment.
If your hands are weask stick with a compound with a 80% or more let off that way you just need the enitial strengh then have the let off to aim. I come from a long line of teepee circles on our farm and know basics of what rocks work well, size, shape etc. You wont notice it when its strung but you will befor you put the string on but this can be fixed by getting some moleskin from your local pro shop and cutting it to fit inbetween the riser and the limbs.
A simple modification in this design could be to thicken the entryway wall strait across from the door to block the radiation coming in from the doorway. But it looks like there is less than 3-feet of earth at the very peak, which is considered the minimum thickness of compacted earth for a fallout shelter.
The chances of a global nuclear war are low while the possibility of isolated incidents has risen.
A small heating unit would be all that would be needed for such a dwelling, and air conditioning would probably not even be an issue. As far as being screwed in the event of nuclear war is concerned I would advise that you go to the National Civil Defence website. Unfortunately, most of my nickles wouldn’t contain much silver due to the switch from the gold standard. There are many ways to filter in natural light but would need to be addressed for the dual purpose of a shelter.
For example, my wife and I sized down to a mere 365 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment, so where I decide to build a 350 sq ft cob house or even go to an underground home of say 600 sq ft, when plan right you will have plenty of room for supplies and yourself as well..
Our instructors have decades of experience and have appeared in hit TV shows, best-selling novels, international magazines, and have devoted their lives to teaching YOU how to SURVIVE! With a little practice, you can easily make your own arrows using wooden dowels or even natural found wood and plant shafts.
Although with a traditional bow you can add a clicker which will help you learn to aim while your drawing so there is no real strain. So washing away fallout before entering the main shelter can keep everyone more insulated from radiation. If this is the mentality that I continue to find on this website, then I will look elsewhere for my tiny house wisdom.
So knowing how to take temporary shelter gives us options we didn’t think we have before. Perhaps Tiny House Design should stop all its efforts until it checks in with the Professor first, for that authoritative nod of approval.
The space between the kitchen and bedroom looks good for food and supplies so it needs to be accessible from the kitchen.
If I thought all was going to fail, I would build a 2000 sq ft place so I can add others to start a commune and trading post for rebuilding years later when it was safe to come back out and to survive the nightmare that would follow for many years if all did fail.. I practice flint knapping regularly so that if I was ever in a situation when I need to make my own arrow points I would know how. Imagine a spear with 3 Arrows lashed to the end and each of the arrows had a razor broadhead on the tip – you can’t even buy a spear that effective. Even if your bow is damaged or broken in a survival situation or stolen in a bug out situation, you can make a bow as long as you have a nice strong piece of cordage.
I’m sure there are some more multi-use features but these are the few I could easily think of. I would love to hear any ideas you have on the subject of Multi-Use with a Bow and Arrow Kit.

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